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Dieting Versus Lifestyle Changes Towards a Better & Fitter You in 2021

Dieting Versus Lifestyle Changes Towards a Better & Fitter You in 2021

Many people struggle with their weight, and this issue tends to become worse as people age. Most overweight individuals will attempt to go on a strict diet for a length of time. They do this hoping to discard those excess stubborn pounds and get rid of troublesome fat rolls and bulges. Learn the difference between dieting versus lifestyle changes towards a better and fitter you in 2021. No matter your age, whether you are 30, 40, 50 or older.

There are more fiction beliefs regarding weight loss and aging. An experienced anti-aging specialist in Raleigh, NC, offers some expert advice regarding dieting versus lifestyle changes that are proven effective weight loss strategies. Read on for insider tips on how to lose weight and keep it off at any age.

Fiction: Diets Must Be Strict & Rigid for Weight Loss Success

Fact: Strict Diets Often Hinder Long-Term Weight Loss Goals

There is a huge difference between fad dieting versus lifestyle changes that will continue to benefit the person into the future. Fad diets are often designed to keep all unhealthy substances out of the body to prompt the body’s natural weight loss mechanisms. All too often, these diets severely limit calories, and force the dieter to avoid most enjoyable foods and beverages.

This kind of dieting puts an enormous toll on the body. Rather than gradually decreasing unhealthy foods and drinks, the complete deprivation of a forbidden food substance activates the body to initiate intense cravings that are usually so uncomfortable that most give into the sensation by indulging in the long-neglected menu item.

Quite often, the person will overeat this forbidden food even more than before the diet started. This usually results in a rapid weight gain pattern that swiftly packs those shed pounds back on the body again in short order.

Fiction: Eating Healthy Means Giving Up Taste & Feeling Hungry

Fact: Healthy Diets Can Taste Delicious & Fill Hunger Pangs

A healthy diet should taste fresh and delicious. Accomplish this just by adding wholesome fresh vegetables and fruits that are in season. Most people do not even realize that prepared and preserved foods need excess amounts of added sugars, salts and other flavorings just to make them almost palatable. The fact is that vegetables and fruits at the peak of freshness naturally taste good without any additives at all.

A lifestyle dietary change to incorporate more fresh and wholesome foods into daily meals can be far more effective in shedding pounds and keeping them off than yo-yo bouts of extreme dieting do. Simply increasing your proportions of veggies and fruits and cutting back on high carbohydrate and sugary food choices goes a long way towards keeping hunger pangs at bay.

Fiction: I Should Eat the Same Amount of Food No Matter My Age

Fact: Your Diet & Proportions Should Change with Age & Lifestyle

Children still growing need more food during those critical growth years. Young adults who are active will need a higher calorie count per day than a less active senior citizen. Your diet content and meal proportions should change with age and lifestyle events to remain at your healthiest weight. Working w/an anti-aging doctor can help ensure that your diet plan is right for you now and the future.

Fiction: If I Follow a Strict Diet When Older I Don’t Have to Exercise

Fact: Older Adults Need Regular Exercise in Addition to Dietary Changes

As we age, our hormones will shift and this can impact how we look and feel overall. Neglecting to exercise on a regular basis may speed up the aging process often by way of muscle mass loss. This is often not caught early on because most people are too fixated on their scale weight. Which can easily be missed as muscle weighs more.

Many older adults are increasing their risk for bone loss if not paying attention to their age and making the appropriate healthy lifestyle changes along the way. Older adults often need extra vitamins and minerals to keep from losing healthy bone density. Because if they do not receive what  their body needs it increases a person’s risk for broken bones during a fall.

Take Time to Consult with an Anti-Aging & Wellness Doctor to Discuss Your Dieting Versus Lifestyle Changes 

The best strategy to ensure continued good health as you age is to consult with an anti-aging doctor. Your doctor can then assist you with your weight loss and healthy eating goals. The doctor can run certain diagnostic tests to determine if a loss of hormones is at fault. Hormone optimization is an important healthy lifestyle change that can be a part of effective weight loss strategies that work.

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Understanding the Advantages of Undergoing Doctor Assisted Weight Loss

Obesity is one of the top precursors to other serious health conditions. There are some individuals who will benefit greatly from undergoing an effective and safe doctor assisted weight loss program a compassionate doctor in Raleigh offers. Doing so can help increase a person’s chances of finally shedding those lingering stubborn fat stores and improve their overall health status in the process.

Why Dieting Alone Won’t Keep the Weight Off Long-Term

Many overweight individuals try to eat right and exercise in the hopes of losing their extra weight. Unfortunately, there are underlying factors that predispose someone to gaining extra fat stores that often evade diagnosis.

These issues must be addressed before beginning a weight loss regimen. Additionally, these underlying mental, emotional and physical problems often keep the person from achieving their weight loss and better health goals.

Hidden Health Factors that May Deter Weight Loss Efforts

Health experts know that there are hidden health factors that often deter any weight loss efforts. If we think of our body as a well running machine, small unknown component problems can result in machine dysfunction. It will eventually breakdown if not addressed early enough.

Some of the most common underlying factors known to deter weight loss in susceptible people include:

  • Endocrine diseases – diabetes, thyroid problems, adrenal malfunction & others
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Heart disease
  • Brain function issues
  • GI disturbances
  • Auto immune conditions – lupus, MS, rheumatoid arthritis among others
  • Depression, anxiety & other mental/emotional health issues
  • Systemic infections

Above are just a few of  many variables that may cause the body to increase or retain its fat stores. These patients are good candidates for an in-depth doctor assisted weight loss plan. It will address these hidden obstacles before the patient undergoes any weight loss regimen.

The Limitations of Intense Dieting & Exercise Routines

Fad diets, strenuous exercise regiments and various over-the-counter diet pills are usually first tried when someone desires to lose weight. All of these weight loss methods have serious limitations and can even be dangerous to the person’s health. This is why doctor assisted weight loss is recommended.

While following a strict diet and increasing your exercise sessions can work to lose excess weight in a short period of time, the individual usually fails to keep that weight off long-term for a number of reasons.

Dangers of Unsupervised Fad Diets on Overall Health

Anyone who is considering starting one of these fast weight loss diets should be aware of the potential dangers beforehand.

Most diets like this are extremely hard on the body and its various system functions. Typically, the dieter will lose muscle tissue rather than the fat tissue. And this then causes the body to crave foods high in fats, sugars and carbohydrates.

A high protein diet can be effective in losing weight fast. But the person dieting will usually cave-in to the resulting food cravings these diets generally trigger. This causes the lost weight to come back swiftly often even greater than before.

Adverse Risks of Using Over-the-Counter Diet Pills

Usually, obesity and society’s tendency to shame individuals who are not the ideal body shape or size leads many to taking unregulated diet pills and supplements. These over-the-counter medications are potentially dangerous. This is because of the increase in dehydration as body fluid is expelled due to the medication action.

Another scary risk of taking non-prescription diet aids is that there are few regulations and quality control measures that keep the public safe. Some diet drinks and/or pills contain high quantities of caffeine that can overwork the heart as it furiously tries to keep up with the fast flowing blood demands.

Often, unregulated nutritional supplements and dietary aids contain filler ingredients that may be harmful to health. Even without adding fillers, the dosage of the pill ingredients could differ in strength drastically from one batch lot to another.

Pharmacists and other healthcare providers warn that even natural ingredients can cause life threatening interactions when mixed with other drugs or substances.

How System & Hormonal Optimization Work in Weight Loss

Any unknown health condition can prevent a successful weight loss program. However, individuals desiring to lose weight can find a knowledgeable physician practice, in the Raleigh, NC region. A doctor that delivers both system and hormonal imbalances before the patient begins a safe, doctor assisted weight loss regimen.

Treating the underlying health conditions can go a long way in getting back to a healthy weight that is more likely to be maintained with leading a healthier lifestyle.

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Fatigue is one of the most common complaints we hear from our new patients.  It affects all aspects of our lives’ sex, work, and play. If left untreated, it can increase the chance of cancer, diabetes, heart attack, strokes, suicide, depression, and accidents just to name a few.

When one is chronically fatigued, cholesterol increases, blood pressure increases, fat increases (especially belly fat), triglyceride increases, and systemic inflammation, atherosclerosis, and premature aging.  It’s frequently noted that American presidents age rapidly while in office.  This can and does result in premature aging.

We have advanced testing that can help us define the cause and aid with a treatment protocol to address this.  From these results combined with a doctor willing to listen and understand your issues we can often help.  Contact us today to start your individualized treatment plan to help turn things around.

Doctor Assisted Weight Loss

Doctor Assisted Weight Loss

Our doctor assisted weight loss focuses is on System Optimization so that you can lose weight AND be at your best.  Anti Aging & Functional Medicine does NOT focus on the traditional method of “calories in/calories out”.

A History of Weight Loss and Learning

Dr. Zacco comes from a family that obesity knows all too well. His mother was on “To Tell The Truth”, a nationally syndicated game show in the 1970’s as the first person in the United States to have her mouth wired shut to lose weight. “She had tried every weight loss plan available that eventually failed so she was willing to try anything by then,” Dr. Zacco explains.  After years of yo yo dieting, Dr. Zacco’s sister has also lost 120 lbs and has successfully kept it off, with doctor assisted weight loss.


Dr. Zacco noticed that when many of his patients followed the System Optimization program, excessive weight would be lost. Their cravings would diminish and energy increases enough to start an exercise program outlined for them.

At Anti Aging and Functional Medicine, we believe strongly in a lifestyle that promotes a more healthy weight and a fuller life by renewing your energy level. Optimizing your body (hormones, brain, gut, immune system, nervous system, cardiovascular system) restores your energy and desire to exercise daily and eat more nutritionally. Many times we have metabolic anomalies that stack the deck against us making it nearly impossible to lose weight. Things like adrenal fatigue, under functioning thyroid gland, gastrointestinal (GI) disturbances, hormonal imbalances, etc. are not discovered or treated prior to dieting.  This results in inability to lose weight or gaining back the weight lost known in yo yo dieting.  If your cravings are diminished, chances are you will be more successful in your dieting endeavors. These issues need to be addressed to make the doctor assisted weight loss endeavor easier and long lasting.

Dr. Zacco explains. “If any weight loss program doesn’t address the underlying psycho-social, spiritual, and physical issue(s) prior to starting the diet, it is destined to eventually fail. “These issues were never addressed with my mom so they all eventually failed her.  No matter how hard she tried, they always failed,” Dr. Zacco recalls. “There is no magic pill. We need to address the underlying metabolic anomaly or psychological impedance to weight loss. If we address metabolic anomalies originating from the gut, brain, endocrine system, then we stack the deck in favor of the patient trying to lose weight,” Dr. Zacco simplifies with a smile.

Dr. Zacco recalls, “I had a patient that had a fungal infection in his gastrointestinal tract that caused him cravings for sweets and to over eat. A second patient ate because she had underlying anxiety as she had a progesterone deficiency. I had another patient with a previously unknown infection in his gut, both bacteria and fungi that caused an irresistible and nearly constant craving. He would have such strong cravings, he would eat ice cream before bed and then awake every night about 3:00am to eat more ice cream. The underlying conditions need to be discovered first and then treated properly so that the cravings don’t derail weight loss or even reverse it.”

All too frequently we lose weight, just to gain it back plus some when the cravings return and are overwhelmingly powerful. It is NOT that you lack will power and it is NOT simply “calories in/calories out” calculation. You must first treat the underlying cause.

After spending 60-90 minutes with you on your first appointment, Dr. Zacco will thoroughly evaluate you using blood tests, saliva tests, specialty metabolic urine tests, specialty stool tests, and others to evaluate your unique metabolic profile. On subsequent visits, Dr. Zacco will focus on correcting the metabolic anomalies and addressing the physiologic road blocks to your weight loss. Together the patient and Dr. Zacco will create an individualized weight loss strategy for your comprehensive doctor assisted weight loss program. You don’t have to repeatedly fail with the cards stacked against you! Let us level the playing field.


For more information about Doctor Assisted Weight Loss, contact us today!