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Aging and Sex: Top Reasons for Not Wanting Sex As We Age

Humans are naturally drawn towards love and comfort from another. Sex is usually an important part of a couple’s lives. Some have noticed that they lack that sexual drive and desire that was so strong just a few years ago. How old is too old to have sex? A prominent Raleigh based anti-aging doctor gives some of the top common reasons for not wanting sex as humans age. Then, he shares some effective anti-aging remedies to bring romance back no matter someone’s biological age.

Stress Can Be a Huge Part of Why Someone Loses Their Sexual Libido

People are designed to enjoy sexual union with one another. Also, this doesn’t have to end just because too many years have gone by. Many believe that older individuals do not continue to have sex on a regular basis. However, there are lots of younger individuals who also complain of not having any desire to have sex. Sometimes, the underlying cause is simply too much stress in their lives.

Certain Diseases & Health Conditions Result in a Decrease in Sex

There are many different diseases and health conditions that can result in a decrease in sex. These health ailments include diabetes, thyroid disease, heart problems, stroke symptoms, adrenal gland dysfunction, hormonal imbalances, back problems, and other pain-related conditions and symptoms.

In addition to the mentioned possible causes for a lack of sexual drive, underlying and untreated mental health disorders, mood instability, anxiety, depression, and overwhelming fatigue can also inhibit a person’s ability to engage in sex or even desire to have sex.

In Men, Erectile Dysfunction Can Cause Embarrassment & Loss of Sexual Desire

Men are prone to the development of erectile dysfunction as they get closer and beyond middle age. This can be a result of prostate problems that are a result of several different issues. These include general circulation problems, prostate cancer, benign prostate enlargement, many health conditions and diseases, a side effect from medications, lack of proper sleep, poor diet, and loss of energy among other causes.

In Women, a Hormonal Imbalance or Vaginal Changes May Cause Pain During Sex

Women begin to have decreased levels of the sexual related hormones like estrogen and progesterone. Diabetes, thyroid disease and other health conditions may also be at play. Women who have had children often develop uterine prolapse and vaginal changes that can make having sex uncomfortable and unwanted. Women might notice a dryness and thinning of the vaginal tissues as age progresses.

Being Overweight Can Be a Huge Factor in Ageing and Sex Problems

Both men and women can suffer a decrease in sexual interest and drive due to being overweight. This is especially true if there is a lot of fat gain in the midsection region of the body. This excess weight puts a lot of pressure on the abdominal muscles and can impact internal organs in the area such as the uterus and vagina in women and the scrotum and penis in men.

Effective Anti-Aging Remedies to Bring Romance Back

Fortunately, there are some terrific and highly effective anti-aging remedies that can help bring romance back into your life. A thorough physical can help pinpoint any potential causes of this lack of sexual desire or failure to sustain an erection or enjoy sexual intercourse.

Hormonal optimization is one of the best anti-aging remedies that can dramatically reverse some common aging symptoms and bring back a healthy and stronger sexual desire. Often, an anti-aging doctor will recommend several anti-aging treatments that will complement each other and lead to better overall health and elevated feelings of well-being.

Aging and Sex: Losing Weight Under a Doctor’s Supervision May Be Recommended

Obesity is running rampant in America these days. This is one of the most common causes of sexual dysfunction either due to an actual physical issue due to being less flexible or from being overly embarrassed that can increase inner stress and anxiety making failure to perform sexually an even greater risk.

There are some practical and commonsense treatments under a doctor’s supervision that can help individuals lose weight in a safe, healthy, and effective way. Weight loss often works better when combined with other effective anti-aging remedies like chelation therapy, IV nutrients, diet counseling, and doctor-assisted weight loss treatment.

Your Age Shouldn’t Interfere with Your Sex Life

Take charge of your love life by committing to figuring out what medical treatments are available to treat your specific health problems. Treating those underlying problems can resolve any residual sex-related issues at the same time. It is important to speak with your doctor before engaging in sexual activity. This is especially true if recovering from a heart attack, stroke, or other serious health crisis.

Learn more about aging and sex by contacting Anti-Aging & Functional Medicine.

Doctor Supervised Chelation Therapy in Raleigh: Rid Your Body of Toxic Metals

Heavy metals can be toxic to humans. Also, heavy metal examples include lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic, manganese, thallium and chromium among others. Additionally, people may become exposed to poisonous heavy metals in a number of ways. Once the toxic metals are inside of the body, the individuals can become ill and may develop serious health ailments over time. Also, learn how to rid your body of toxic metal accumulation with doctor supervised chelation therapy in Raleigh or elsewhere.

How Humans Can Become Exposed to Harmful Heavy Metals

Heavy metals that are toxic to people, animals, and the environment are in a wide variety of manufacturing. Many people ingest these toxic metals at their place of employment or from their living environment somehow. Furthermore, heavy metal poisoning gets into our bodies through polluted air that we breathe into the lungs or after drinking from polluted water supplies.

Some heavy metals can penetrate through the skin or mucous membranes or from ingesting lead-based paints and/or eating fish or other seafood contaminated with mercury.

These metals are found near waste dumps that leak toxin into the nearby surrounding soil, rocks, and water supply. Many heavy metals are simply present in nature, and prolonged exposure to the metals can result in a buildup of heavy metal toxins inside the body over a period of time.

The Risks of Lead-Based Paints In Older Schools & Other Buildings

Lead is a common metal found in paints that may still be found in older schools. Also, houses and other older buildings. Lead-based paint is often found in neighborhoods where the population is poorer and forced to live in neglected apartment buildings that landlords fail to maintain.

Peeling paint can chip off, and young children can ingest these paint chips by the natural tendency of kids to put their hands and other items into their mouths. Also, these small children may begin to develop symptoms of a variety of health ailments. 

Older Ceramic Dishes, Cooking Utensils & Food/Beverage Containers May Contain Heavy Metals

Older ceramic dishes that are used as serving dishes, cooking utensils and food and beverage containers may contain toxic levels of heavy metals.  

As certain metal cooking pans become heated in the oven, over a range or in a microwave, those metals may also leak out contaminating the food that is then ingested. Furthermore, many families pass down vintage china that could contain high levels of lead or other heavy metal. Thrifty shoppers purchase older dinnerware sets from yard sales as another method to these toxins.

Older Dental Fillings, Medications & Other Sources of Metal Contamination

Older dental fillings made from metal can leach toxins over time especially as the fillings erode over the years. Additionally, medication and/or the fillers or coatings used in the manufacturing process are another source of possible metal contamination. Undergoing doctor supervised chelation therapy is one effective toxic metal removal treatment according to one top anti-aging doctor in Triangle Area, NC.

Common Symptoms of Heavy Metal Poisoning

There are some telltale symptoms of heavy metal poisoning. Also, these are signs that people and doctors should be on the lookout for diagnostic purposes. At first, symptoms may be mild or not as evident making diagnosis challenging.

These common symptoms include:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Abdominal Pain or Cramping
  • Chills
  • Overwhelming Weakness & Fatigue
  • Tingling Sensation in Hands/Feet or Numbness
  • Shortness of Breath or Other Breathing Issue
  • Lack of Mental Focus
  • Behavioral or Mood Changes
  • Skin Ailments – Jaundice (Yellow Skin Tone) Indicating Kidney/Liver Damage
  • Signs of Organ Failure
  • Problems with Urination
  • Blood Abnormalities
  • Hair Loss or Nail Changes

Risks of Long-Term or Heavy Exposure to Heavy Metals

As evidenced by the broad range of heavy metal toxicity symptoms, it may take years for the more serious health ailments to develop. Also, this would tip-off doctors that heavy metal poisoning is the key issue and root cause of the combined symptoms.

These include Alzheimer’s Disease, heart disease, high blood pressure, autoimmune problems, and many more.

Patients should seriously consider undergoing a toxic metal removal treatment like doctor supervised chelation therapy used by many anti-aging doctors. Lastly, learn more by contacting Anti-Aging & Functional Medicine via

Debunking Common Myths Regarding Hair Loss & the Treatments for Hair Restoration

There have been some ongoing common myths regarding hair loss and the treatments for hair restoration that still have many believers. This is sad, according to Dr. Arthur Zacco in Raleigh, NC, because many of these so-called truths about hair loss are nothing but fallacies. This means that many people who suffer from the emotional turmoil and other impacts about hair loss do not always seek treatment for the problems like beneficial hair restoration treatments that could really work for them.

Debunking Some Common Myths Regarding Hair Loss

It is amazing how many myths start on unproven facts rather than scientific proof. Even still, people are prone to believe them for one reason or another. Let’s cut to the chase and debunk some of the more common hair loss rumors floating around.

1. Only Men Suffer from True Hair Loss

This myth is definitely false. Although more men tend to develop certain hereditary hair loss conditions like male pattern baldness, women too can suffer from hair loss for a number of reasons that should be investigated. Today, hair loss in women can be caused by hormonal imbalances much like their male counterparts. This could be due to pregnancy, eating disorders, dietary deficiencies and other reasons. Fortunately, there is a reputable treatment in the form of hormone optimization therapy and more.

2. The Use of Shampoo Causes Hair Loss Problems

Again, this commonly believed myth is debunked by most hair restoration experts and anti-aging specialists. Unless the shampoo contains a caustic chemical solution like hair removal ingredients found in many topical hair loss agents, shampooing can actually be good for hair growth, as the vigorous scrubbing of the scalp can help stimulate more blood circulation in that area.

The type of hair shampoo should be determined before use to ensure that your hair type matches the product. Otherwise, the hair could be left oilier, dryer than their normal hair textures and so forth.

3. Men Will Be Bald Before Age 50 No Matter What

This myth usually refers to men who have a significant known family history of male pattern baldness. They often believe that there are no effective treatments so why bother? Today, new methods of hair loss treatments, like effective hair transplant surgeries and other helpful treatments, are being discovered all of the time. The facts are that early treatment can delay and even reverse some of this hair loss in certain patients.

4. Men that Wear Hats Will Lose Their Hair

Men are more prone to wearing hats in general as a fashion statement. However, that does not mean that all or any male baldness is caused by wearing a hat. Sometimes, men who are going bald will wear a hat to cover sparse hairs, but the hat is not the causative factor.

5. Vitamins and Diet Have Nothing To Do with Hair Loss

This is obviously a fallacy that has still managed to stick around for generations. While not every expensive vitamin supplement meant for hair growth will necessarily work diet and, in specific, a person’s vitamin and mineral levels can impact hair growth especially if the condition persists for a longer length of time. Anti-aging doctors often use effective dietary changes and IV vitamin/mineral infusions that can correct some types of hair loss.

6. Brushing Hair 100 Times Each Day Makes It Healthier

Although brushing hair with a natural brush with bristles that won’t tear hair shafts can boost scalp stimulation that releases natural scalp oils, brushing this many strokes is not necessary and may damage thin and fragile hair strands.

7. Cutting Hair Ensures Faster Growth

Again, this is untrue. Cutting hair does help make it look better. This is because trims decrease chances for broken hair ends to fray further. However, cutting the hair doesn’t make it grow any faster.

Do Anti-Aging Treatments Like Hair Transplants Work?

There are many terrific anti-aging treatments known to work effectively against common aging ailments when performed by a qualified doctor. A thorough hair and health consultation is first necessary to determine what is causing the hair loss to begin with before treatment should be started.

In recent years, the anti-aging field has become more mainstream. Once considered more as an alternative type of medicine, more doctors are seeing the benefits of some of these amazing therapies and treatments.

Learn more about other myths regarding hair loss. Schedule a consultation to find out more about effective hair restoration treatments like hair transplant surgeries and PRP Therapy, or Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy, for scalp hair loss treatment. Contact Dr. Arthur Zacco at Anti-Aging & Functional Medicine in Raleigh, North Carolina, via online for more informative details.

Raleigh, NC: Anti Aging Treatments Are Improving Hair Transplants Using Platelet Rich Plasma

In Raleigh, NC, anti aging treatments are helping to improve hair growth in individuals who have gotten hair transplant procedures. Platelet rich plasma or PRP is a very popular anti aging treatment. And now many anti aging doctors utilize this treatment when patients receive a hair transplant. They simply inject it into the scalp as a rejuvenating hair loss and thinning remedy.

Most individuals don’t stop to count their years until the day that we begin to notice visible signs of aging. Many males, and some women too, have hair loss related to heredity factors. This can be highly embarrassing and may lower someone’s fragile self-esteem and undermine inner confidence.

Is There Any Reliable Treatment for Hair Loss?

There are a lot of benefits one may associate with aging. Wisdom that comes through many years of experience living. More financial security. Retirement! Time to spend with family & loved ones. Less hustle & bustle and more time to devote to whatever each individual choses. And so much more.

However, typically one’s appearance is not always something that gets better with age. Skin elasticity is lost, and for many people sun damage begins to appear. Males and females alike can actually experience baldness, thinning hair, brittle or damaged hair and loss of too many strands. Fortunately, there are reliable anti aging treatments for hair loss. Dr. Zacco has offices in both Raleigh, NC as well as Apex, NC. Anti Aging & Functional Medicine and also AZ Hair Restoration both offer a plethora of anti aging treatments. Amongst these treatments, hair transplants as well as injections of platelet rich plasma. PRP could likely be the key to help many people with their signs of aging. Yield healthier, thicker hair, and possibly even stimulate new hair growth! Bald patches may begin to fill back in with hair upon receiving anti aging treatments such as PRP.

The Use & Effectiveness of PRP to Stimulate Hair Growth

There is a new trend in hair restoration treatments that relies on tried and true PRP therapy also known as platelet rich plasma. This hair loss solution is safe and effective, and the use of PRP for certain arthritis joint issues and some other common aging problems has been around for decades.

Where Does the Platelet Rich Plasma Come From?

To obtain the platelet rich plasma to be used as a treatment to improve hair growth and halt hair loss and male or female pattern baldness, the patient’s blood will be drawn and spun down with a special lab machine that can separate the components that makeup human blood. So the PRP is safe for use in healthy adults, because it comes from the patient’s own body and should not be rejected.

How Is This Hair Loss Treatment & Restoration Done?

Patients who undergo a hair transplant and/or other hair loss treatments, like scalp injection with platelet rich plasma, often wonder how it is done. This is a minimally invasive anti aging hair loss treatment that can be done in a doctor’s office setting.

Doctors simply inject PRP with a small needle directly into the scalp in the areas where hair loss is occurring. This treatment typically doesn’t require much preparation or downtime before or after the session. However, to avoid site irritation it’s very important patients prepare for their procedure with the following instructions in mind.

Common Patient Instructions Regarding PRP for Hair Loss

Prior to PRP treatment for hair loss, doctors suggest patients should wash their hair with warm, steamy water. This can help stimulate the blood flow to the scalp area. Most treatments take 2 hours or less depending on extent of area being treated.

Patients generally can drive themselves home after the treatment session. Most post-treatment patient instructions will state that patients avoid washing their hair for 48 hours after the session.

In order to achieve the best possible result from PRP treatment follow your doctors instructions.

Why Does PRP Therapy Work for Hair Loss?

The platelets that are usually found in human blood contain properties that promote healing. This is part of what happens when parts of blood cells are released by the body and sent to a specific area of injury or sickness to help fight off infection and promote healing.

This is the theory behind the effectiveness of this anti aging hair loss treatment, and scientists have confirmed that many patients experience a significant increase in hair growth at the area of the scalp that is treated with PRP.

Can PRP Be Used Instead of or Concurrent with Hair Transplant?

Yes, PRP therapy is often used in place of a hair transplant procedure for patients who have minimal hair loss or damage noted. It is also used in conjunction with a hair transplant to increase the beneficial results.

There are a number of effective and safe hair transplant procedure options. Prospective patients should consult with an anti aging doctor regarding the best treatments for hair loss for each unique person.

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