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Thyroid Hormone

The Thyroid glad is located just below the “Adams Apple” the produces thyroid hormones T3 (active hormone) and T4 (inactive hormone). Both hormones function to regulate metabolism and other important functions. Dr. Zacco will extensively evaluate your thyroid hormone function and thyroid antibodies.  The supporting hormone nutrients will also be measured. Sub-optimal function can produce symptoms, such as; fatigue, low libido, ED (erectile dysfunction), decreased motivation, decreased mood, weight gain, and decreased concentration, just to name a few.

It is important to maintain optimal function of your Thyroid.  In order for it to function optimally, the iodine and other nutrients must be sufficiently present. Sadly these nutrients are not routinely checked by most physicians evaluating the thyroid. In 1924 the U.S started iodizing salt to combat iodine deficiency resulting in cretinism (congenital hypothyroidism) and adult hypothyroidism. Today, physicians often advise people to avoid salt. So, once again low iodine is a problem. 

Thyroid Hormone

At Anti Aging & Functional Medicine, these nutrients are routinely checked along with your functions.  For those who have antibodies, we make sure the GI tract is optimized and Leaky Gut is addressed if present.  The human thyroid produces both T3 (active form) and T4 (inactive form).  Most cells of the body can convert T4 to T3 making available the active form.  However, some people with Hypothyroidism are not good at converting T4 to T3 and thus report that they feel much better taking T3.  Interestingly normally the pig produces a much higher ratio of T3/T4.  Desiccated pig thyroid (Armour) has been available for many years and sometimes people with Hypothyroidism feel better taking this higher ratio of T3/T4.

Usually, traditional medicine doesn’t provide T3 and often overlooks or never address nutrients needed for proper function.  We routinely do so.  When the patient has  antibodies that can detrimentally affect the proper function;  these antibodies many times originate in the gut especially when Leaky Gut Syndrome is present.  Therefore, we feel it is helpful to optimize the gut.  At Anti Aging & Functional Medicine, we can check for 38 different nutrients to evaluate nutritional states and proper nutrient supplementation.