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Hair Transplantation

Hair Transplantation

Anti Aging & Functional Medicine consolidated with AZ Hair Restoration in 2009.  The name was changed to Anti Aging & Functional Medicine to reflect the added services made available to our patients.  Our goal continues to be providing you with the best results in North Carolina since 1997.

Our success is based on treating you like a VIP with individual needs. After our free consultation, Dr. Zacco and you will outline an individualized hair restoration plan specifically to meet your goal.

We provide only the latest and proven techniques in hair transplantation techniques to suit your specific needs.  As with any skin procedure, there is some degree of discomfort. We make every effort to minimize the level of discomfort. We use our Ouchless Injection Technique and Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas). Almost all patients inform us afterward that they experienced much less discomfort than anticipated. After the procedure, there will be minimal discomfort.

Founder and owner since 1996, Dr. Arthur Zacco is present every step of the way from the free consultation to the completion of your hair restoration process. Dr. Zacco is an experienced hair transplant physician and is Board Certified. He is in good standing with the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS), The American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine (A4M), The American Association of Integrative Medicine, and the North Carolina Medical Society.

A unique approach

One size does not fit all!!!  We have a unique approach, that minimizes the number of hair transplantation’s that you will require to reach your goal.  We now perform Linear Multiple Follicular Unit (Linear MFU) grafting combined with Follicular Unit (FU) grafting to give you both the density and the natural appearance as to prevent needless excessive hair transplantation sessions.  At Anti Aging & Functional Medicine, we no longer perform exclusively FU and single hair grafting due to our great success and patient satisfaction. 

Utilization of our Linear MFU, in addition to FU and single hair grafting, each hair transplantation results in better density and less follicular transection.  This results in less tissue wasting due to less follicular transsection, thus preserving your donor area.  This ultimately results in fewer days away from work and less expense to you.  This technique of combining Linear MFU’s with FU’s is helpful to those with limited or large areas of hair loss.

FUE Treatment Raleigh, NC

FUE method is another method made available at Anti Aging & Functional Medicine.  It definitely has significant advantages and disadvantages listed below.  The biggest advantage is that one can wear hair cut very short without the scars being noticeable, such as military personnel.  However, the disadvantage of the FUE method is there is more hair follicle transsection than with any other method.  This translates into more wasted/destroyed tissue.  Secondly, unfortunately, hair transplant technicians are performing his procedure instead of physicians.  The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery has written a position statement regarding and against this:  Non Physicians Performing FUE Procedures.  Dr. Zacco performs and directly oversees all FUE procedures performed at Anti Aging & Functional Medicine.

Hair Transplantation Raleigh, NC

Hair transplantation has long been recognized as a transformative solution for those experiencing hair loss. At Anti Aging & Functional Medicine, we have taken this procedure to new heights by incorporating the latest and proven techniques to deliver exceptional results tailored to your unique needs.

We understand that any skin procedure can come with some level of discomfort. However, our team is committed to ensuring a comfortable experience throughout your hair transplantation journey. We employ an innovative approach called the Ouch less Injection Technique, combined with Nitrous Oxide (commonly known as laughing gas), to minimize any potential discomfort.

The feedback from our patients speaks volumes – time and time again, they inform us that the discomfort they anticipated was far less than expected. This reassurance is incredibly important in gaining peace of mind before undergoing such a significant transformation.