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Our mission at Anti Aging & Functional Medicine is to help patients achieve youthful, clearer skin and improved vascular health through our sclerotherapy services. Led by Dr. Arthur Zacco, our experienced team specializes in personalized vein treatments tailored to each patient’s unique needs. Explore below to learn more about Sclerotherapy and its transformative effects on spider veins.

What is Sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy is a non-surgical procedure designed to reduce the appearance of spider veins. Spider veins can be effectively treated on the extremities, face, and body, while varicose veins are more challenging to treat and usually only occur on the legs. During a personalized consultation with Dr. Arthur Zacco, Patients undergo a comprehensive assessment to ascertain the suitability of Sclerotherapy for their unique needs. The procedure involves precise injections of a sclerosant solution, called glycerin, directly into the targeted veins. As a consequence, the veins collapse and are gradually absorbed by the body, leading to a rejuvenated appearance and enhanced circulation in the treated region.

Sclerotherapy Procedure Expectations

Your doctor cleanses the treatment area with alcohol and applies a local anesthetic or uses a treatment solution that contains an anesthetic, such as lidocaine. Dr. Arthur Zacco inserts a fine needle of injectable glycerin into your problem spider vein. He does this while using Zeiss Loupes with powerful magnification for precision. The quantity of these injections depends on the number and size of veins treated, with most people averaging four syringes per treatment. When you arrive, Dr. Arthur Zacco will give you an estimate ranging from 2-12 syringes per treatment.

Sclerotherapy Side Effects & Risks

Sclerotherapy is not a surgical treatment; no incision is required, so it is generally considered safe and effective. However, you should wait to undergo this procedure if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Otherwise, like with any medical treatment, some risks exist. Temporary side effects may include bruising, redness, small sores on the skin, and darkened skin. In rare instances, individuals may encounter allergic responses or complications such as infection or the formation of blood clots. However, this has never occurred in any of Dr Arthur Zacco’s patients.

Nonetheless, employing appropriate techniques and adhering to aftercare instructions can mitigate these risks. Dr. Arthur Zacco prioritizes patient safety and closely monitors for adverse reactions during and after treatment. Most people only need about 30 minutes for treatment, and there is minimal to no downtime.

Sclerotherapy Aftercare and Recovery

Following sclerotherapy treatment, patients are advised to follow specific aftercare instructions to promote optimal healing and results. This may include wearing compression stockings to support the treated veins and reduce swelling, avoiding strenuous activities or prolonged standing for a few days, and keeping the treated area clean. Additionally, patients should refrain from exposing the treated area to direct sunlight to prevent pigmentation changes. Dr. Arthur Zacco provides detailed aftercare guidelines tailored to each patient’s needs to ensure a smooth recovery. You can expect to see improvement in your spider veins in three to six weeks. Your treated veins will not return, but you can develop new ones. According to leading studies, the overall success rate of eliminating treated veins is 80 percent.  Therefore, some cases may require an additional treatment. 

Vein Clinic Raleigh, NC

At Anti Aging & Functional Medicine in Raleigh, North Carolina, we take pride in being a premier vein clinic offering comprehensive sclerotherapy services. Our state-of-the-art facility, combined with our team’s expertise and commitment to patient care, makes us the top choice for individuals seeking effective vein treatments in the Raleigh area. If you’re troubled by spider veins, Dr. Arthur Zacco and our dedicated team are here to help you achieve smoother, clearer skin while showing off your legs. Dr Arthur Zacco also treats spider veins of the nose, face, and almost anywhere else they are problematic.

Talk to Dr. Arthur Zacco at Anti Aging & Functional Medicine about your treatment options if you have unsightly veins. Sclerotherapy can give you greater confidence and comfort with as few as one treatment. Schedule your treatment at Anti Aging & Functional Medicine in Raleigh, NC.

Sclerotherapy Before And After Photos

Sclerotherapy Raleigh NC: Commonly Asked Questions

According to recent data from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average cost of spider vein treatment, including Sclerotherapy, is approximately $428. Notably, this figure represents only a portion of the overall expenses associated with the procedure. Additional costs, such as anesthesia, operating room facilities, and other related fees, are not accounted for in this average and may vary depending on individual circumstances. It is advisable to consult a qualified medical professional for a precise estimate. Furthermore, treatment costs can fluctuate based on many factors, such as the number of required treatments and the chosen treatment method. Therefore, it’s crucial to have a detailed discussion with your Anti-Aging medical provider to understand the potential costs involved. At Anti Aging & Functional Medicine, Sclerotherapy is available at $150 for the initial two syringes or $275 for the initial four syringes. Additional syringes can be obtained at $100 per syringe.

Sclerotherapy is not covered by insurance. 

After Sclerosing, it is important to avoid strenuous activities, prolonged standing or sitting, baths or saunas, exposure to direct sunlight, and tanning for 8 weeks. Dr. Arthur Zacco will provide specific aftercare instructions tailored to your needs to promote optimal healing and results.

Veins treated with Sclerotherapy typically begin to fade within a few days to a month after the procedure. However, some veins may require multiple treatments or several months to achieve optimal results. Dr. Arthur Zacco will assess your progress during follow-up appointments and recommend additional treatments if necessary.

Most patients experience minimal discomfort during Sclerotherapy. You may feel slightly stinging or burning at the injection site, but discomfort is usually brief and well-tolerated. Dr. Arthur Zacco may use a local anesthetic to minimize discomfort during the procedure.

Sclerotherapy is a long-lasting treatment for spider veins. While individual results may vary, many patients experience significant improvement in the appearance of treated veins that can last for a lifetime. However, new veins may develop over time, requiring additional treatments as needed.

Elevating your legs after Sclerotherapy can help reduce swelling and promote circulation. Dr. Arthur Zacco may recommend keeping your legs elevated for short periods of time throughout the day, especially during the first few days after treatment. Be sure to follow any specific aftercare instructions provided by Dr. Zacco.

Dr. Arthur Zacco does not necessarily recommend wearing compression stockings after Sclerotherapy. However, this depends on your individual needs. Compression stockings may help support the treated veins and reduce swelling. Follow Dr. Zacco’s recommendations to achieve the best possible outcome.