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The goal of everyone at Anti Aging & Functional Medicine in Raleigh and Apex, North Carolina is to help our patients look more youthful and feel more energetic. Among the services we provide is sclerotherapy for injectable treatment of spider veins and varicose veins.

What is sclerotherapy and why is it done?

Sclerotherapy treats varicose and spider veins through injection of glycerin directly into the problem vessels. The injectable glycerin irritates the vein walls and causes them to collapse and seal. This stops blood from flowing into that vessel, also making it less visible. Blood reroutes elsewhere, improving your circulation as a result. Although you achieve noticeable results very soon after your procedure, many veins require multiple 

treatments. Treated veins fade in a few weeks to a month. Ultimately, you achieve a more attractive appearance in the treatment areas and potentially benefit through improvement of other symptoms, such as aching, swelling, night cramping and burning.

Risks of Sclerotherapy

Sclerotherapy is not a surgical treatment. It does not require extensive preparation or recovery time. However, you should wait to undergo this procedure if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Otherwise, like with any medical treatment, some risks exist. Few of these risks are serious.

Temporary side effects of your treatment for spider veins include bruising, redness, small sores on the skin and darkened skin. You also risk development of multiple tiny red blood vessels as part of healing. Most of these effects go away in only several days to weeks.

Other complications requiring treatment are less common. These are inflammation, deep vein thrombosis, tiny air bubbles in the bloodstream and allergic reaction.

Overall, sclerotherapy is not a complex procedure. It takes place in the office at Anti Aging & Functional Medicine under local anesthesia. Most people only need about 30 minutes to an hour for treatment.

About the Procedure

For your procedure, you recline on your back with your legs raised slightly. Your doctor cleanses the treatment area with alcohol and applies a local anesthetic or uses a treatment solution that contains lidocaine. He inserts a fine needle of injectable glycerin into your problem varicose or spider vein. The vessel reacts to the liquid by swelling shut. Blood flow stops in that vessel.

After removing the needle, compression and massage keep blood from flowing back into the injected vein. This also helps the solution disperse as it should. The quantity of these injections you need depends on your treatment area’s size and the number of veins.

After your procedure, you can get up and walk around normally. This is actually important for healing and to prevent blood clots. You will wear compression bandages or stockings for a few weeks to maintain compression where you received treatment.

Most people go back to their regular routine on the day of their procedure. But you should try to have someone else on hand to drive you home after your injections. Most people also must avoid strenuous activity, such as exercise, for a few weeks. Keep your treated area out of the sun, as the injections coupled with the inflammation they cause sometimes leads to dark spots after sun exposure.

Enjoy Your More Youthful Looking Appearance after Sclerotherapy

After your vein treatment, you can expect to see improvement in your spider veins or varicose veins in three to six weeks. Some veins areas require up to four months or several treatments for optimum results. Your problem veins will not come back, but you can still develop new ones. The overall success rate is 80 percent for elimination of treated veins, according to leading studies.

If you have unsightly or uncomfortable veins, talk to Dr. Arthur Zacco at Anti Aging & Functional Medicine about your treatment options. With as few as one treatment, you can enjoy greater confidence and comfort, thanks to sclerotherapy. Schedule your consultation at Anti Aging & Functional Medicine in Raleigh or Apex, NC.