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Chelation Therapy

Effective & Innovative Anti-Aging Chelation Therapy in Raleigh, North Carolina

For many decades, IV Chelation has been the gold standard for treating heavy metal exposure and toxicity. IV chelation has proven to be a relatively safe treatment saving many lives and decreasing the debilitating effects of heavy metal toxicity and overexposure. In brief, this treatment is performed through a specialized IV infusion. Patients receive a solution of several types of minerals and vitamins. Additionally, within the solution, a specific amino acid known as EDTA is added.

What is EDTA Used in Chelation IV or Oral Therapy?

EDTA is known to attract various heavy metals that include cadmium, arsenic, nickle and lead among others. The amino acid then attaches to these metallic elements and works by stimulating these toxins to be naturally eliminated through the body’s elimination systems via urination and/or through bowel movements.

This innovative IV solution, commonly called chelation therapy, is simply a medical chemical process whereby certain minerals and other nutrients bind to toxic heavy metals in an effort to rid the body of these harmful toxins. Metal toxicity causes great harm to vulnerable organs and various body systems over time with increased exposure.

The Dangers of Lead Based Paints Used in Older Buildings

In decades past, lead was often an ingredient in interior paint. While new safety laws and regulations have practically eliminated this potential source of lead poisoning in household paints. However, at the current time old buildings could still have old lead paint in them. And of course that puts small children and other vulnerable people at risk if exposed or eat paint chips containing this toxic substance. Also toxic levels of lead has been found in city drinking water.

Some healthcare practitioners recommend chelation IV therapy for lead toxicity when found in children. Such as Flint, MI. Often cities has been found to have high (unsafe) levels of lead in the drinking water; Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit, Milwaukee, Newark, New York, Pittsburgh, and Washington DC. One NRDC analysis found that between 2018-2020,  56% of the U.S.A population drank from water systems with detectable levels of lead. No detectable levels of lead is safe.

Other Uses for IV Chelation Treatment

This highly effective and widely accepted medical treatment for metal toxicity can also treat other serious health conditions as well. The chelation treatment is an acceptable alternative medicine option for treating heart disease, stroke prevention, lowering high blood pressure and other cardiovascular problems.

Learn More Regarding Chelation Treatment in Raleigh

The process works by targeting calcium deposits that build up inside of arteries as part of the natural aging process. Over time, these calcium, abbreviated Ca on the periodic table for chemical elements, deposits harden and thicken causing the blood vessels to become blocked.

This situation of harden arterial calcification can result in atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease and high blood pressure. Which are precursors to the development of possible debilitating heart attacks and serious life-threatening strokes.

Chelation Targets Arterial Calcification Deposits

By the same chemical action, more medical practitioners today are using chelation treatment. With this treatment, it is possible to get rid of many hard arterial deposits. They can break up and then safely exit the body.

Patients Must Test for Heavy Metal Toxicity 

Recent studies suggest that some patients might benefit from chelation treatment if they show increased levels of heavy metals at toxic levels and/or present with diabetes, increased arterial calcification deposits, have kidney related damage linked to possible heavy metal exposure and other situations.

Those who suffer from some type of heavy metal poisoning benefit greatly from Chelation Therapy. Thus testing patients before treatment can help identify those patients most likely to respond favorably to this alternative medicine treatment.

Doctors Closely Monitor Patients Undergoing Chelation Therapy

Monitoring a patient that undergoes chelation therapy is unquestionably a necessity.

Possible serious chelation side effects include:

Magnesium depletion

Calcium overload

Abnormal heart rhythm

Signs of kidney problems

Other organ failure signs

How Chelation Treatment May Reverse Signs of Aging

Anyone over the age of 60, or those younger with symptoms previously reviewed, should inquire if chelation treatment is right for them. Benefits may help them look and feel younger and healthier in general.

In essence, many consider this treatment a phenomenal anti-aging therapy. One that may help turn-back-the-clock on age related arterial calcification deposits. It can help lesson potential kidney damage, severe cardiovascular events and other health problems that arise with arterial disease.

To learn more about chelation therapy, call to schedule a consultation appointment at Anti Aging & Functional Medicine. Read more helpful anti-aging treatment details, or heavy metal poisoning information, by visiting our blog at online anytime.

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Chelation therapy, commonly known as IV Chelation, has long been revered as the gold standard in addressing heavy metal exposure and toxicity that plagues our modern world. Its efficacy and safety have saved countless lives while alleviating the debilitating consequences of overexposure to toxic metals. This groundbreaking treatment entails a specialized intravenous infusion wherein patients receive a meticulously crafted solution comprising various minerals and vitamins essential for restoring health. However, at the core of this amalgam lies an extraordinary amino acid known as EDTA. Its pivotal role cannot be understated. By harnessing the chelating properties of EDTA, it forms stable complexes with heavy metals present in the body, aiding their removal through excretion mechanisms. As a result, chelation therapy represents an innovative approach that harmonizes science and medicine to mitigate the immense burden imposed by heavy metal toxicity on individuals’ well-being.