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Hair Transplantation Methods: Comparison

Many patients who come to see our practice are thoroughly confused about the types and methods for hair transplantation or restoration.  We have found it best to fully educated our customers so they know what is best for them and their unique hair needs. Here we will discuss the comparison of hair transplantation methods.

The comparison of the FUE and FU Strip Method and MFU is sometimes complicated so during your free consultation, Dr. Zacco will create an individualized plan for you and explain your options.  Together, Dr. Zacco and you will decide on a plan that is right for you.

A comparison of Hair Transplantation methods.

The chart below is a comparison of hair transplantation methods FUE, Strip Method, and MFU:

After a thorough evaluation, Dr. Arthur Zacco will answer all your questions and make sure that you have a complete understanding of your options.

Hair transplantation information can be confusing and even overwhelming to most patients so please take advantage of our free consultation so Dr. Arthur Zacco and staff can help you make the decision that is right for you.


Face to face consultations with our physician, Dr. Arthur Zacco or online consultations are also available.

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In our practice, we have encountered numerous patients who arrive feeling utterly bewildered by the vast array of hair transplantation or restoration options available to them. Recognizing their confusion as a barrier to making informed decisions, we firmly believe in thoroughly educating our customers regarding the various types and methods for hair transplantation. By doing so, we empower them to discern what best suits their unique hair needs. Here, let us delve into a comprehensive comparison of distinct hair transplantation methods that can help individuals navigate this complex landscape.

One of the most widely recognized techniques is Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), which involves removing a strip of scalp from the donor area and subsequently dissecting it into individual follicular units before transplanting them onto balding areas. FUT yields remarkable results due to its ability to preserve ample grafts for large-scale transplants; however, it does leave behind an inconspicuous linear scar that may trouble those with shorter hairstyles.

Conversely, Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) represents another prominent option in hair transplantation methodology. This approach entails extracting individual follicular units directly from the donor area using specialized instruments before carefully implanting them onto recipient sites on the scalp. Notably advantageous for those seeking less invasive procedures and minimal scarring, FUE offers quicker recovery times compared to FUT while maintaining excellent natural-looking outcomes.