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Doctor Assisted Weight Loss

Our doctor assisted weight loss focuses on our System Optimization.  You will probably find weight loss much easier once your system is optimized ( thyroid, sleep, nutrition, bio-identical hormones, proper exercise, etc). Anti Aging & Functional Medicine does NOT focus on the traditional method of “calories in/calories out”. Our system optimization weight loss program puts your body in a state ready and optimized for weight loss.

A History of Weight Loss and Learning

Dr. Zacco comes from a family that obesity knows all too well. His mother was on “To Tell The Truth”, a nationally syndicated game show in the 1970’s as the first person in the United States to have her mouth wired shut to lose weight. “She had tried every weight loss plan available that eventually failed so she was willing to try anything by then,” Dr. Zacco explains.  After years of yo yo dieting, Dr. Zacco’s sister has also lost 120 lbs and has successfully kept it off since 2010.


Dr. Zacco noticed that when many of his patients followed the System Optimization program, excessive weight would be lost. Their cravings would diminish and energy increases enough to engage in an exercise program outlined for them. Some lost excessive weight loss without trying!

At Anti Aging and Functional Medicine, we believe strongly in a lifestyle that promotes a more healthy weight and a fuller life by renewing your energy level. Optimizing your body (hormones, gut, immune system, nervous system, cardiovascular system, and respiratory system) restores your energy and desire to exercise daily and eat more nutritionally. Many times we have metabolic anomalies that stack the deck against us making it nearly impossible to lose weight. Many things too often, are not discovered or treated prior dieting such as fatigue, under functioning thyroid gland, gastrointestinal (GI) disturbances, hormonal imbalances, etc. are not discovered or treated prior to dieting.  This results in an inability to lose weight or gaining back the weight lost known in yo yo dieting.  If your cravings are diminished, chances are you will be more successful in your dieting endeavors. These issues need to be addressed to make the doctor assisted weight loss endeavor possible and long lasting.

Dr. Zacco explains. “If any weight loss program doesn’t address the underlying psycho-social, spiritual, and physical issue(s) prior to starting the diet, it is destined to eventually fail. “These issues were never addressed with my mom so they all eventually failed her.  No matter how hard she tried, they always failed,” Dr. Zacco recalls. “There is no magic pill. We need to address the underlying impedance to weight loss. If we address the anomalies, then we stack the deck in favor of the patient trying to lose weight,” Dr. Zacco simplifies with a smile.

 Hormonal deficiency can result in fatigue, muscle wasting, decreased motivation, decreased libido, and slow recovery that makes exercise very difficult  Patients that have a fungal infection in the gastrointestinal tract that cause cravings for sweets and to over eat. Sometimes patients over-eat because of an underlying sleep deprivation anxiety from a progesterone deficiency. I had another patient with a previously unknown infection in his gut, both bacteria and fungi that caused an irresistible and nearly constant craving. He would have such strong cravings, he would eat ice cream before bed and then awake every night about 3:00am to eat more ice cream. The underlying conditions need to be discovered first and then treated properly so that the cravings don’t derail weight loss or even reverse it.”

All too frequently we lose weight, just to gain it back plus some when the cravings return and are overwhelmingly powerful. It is NOT that you lack will power and it is NOT simply “calories in/calories out” calculation. Unfortunately, it is not that simple, the “calories in/ calories out” is just part of the weight loss equation.  

After spending 60-90 minutes with you on your first appointment, Dr. Zacco will thoroughly evaluate you. At his disposal are both traditional and non-traditional; blood tests, saliva tests, specialty metabolic urine tests, specialty stool tests, and others to evaluate your unique metabolic profile. On subsequent visits, Dr. Zacco will focus on correcting the metabolic anomalies and addressing the physiologic road blocks to your weight loss. Together the patient and Dr. Zacco will create an individualized weight loss strategy for your comprehensive doctor assisted weight loss program. You don’t have to repeatedly fail with the cards stacked against you! Let us level the playing field.

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Medical Weight Loss Raleigh NC

At our esteemed institution, we take pride in offering a doctor-assisted weight loss program that goes beyond conventional measures of counting calories. Our approach centers around system optimization, ensuring that all aspects of your body are functioning optimally to facilitate efficient and sustainable weight loss. By addressing crucial factors such as thyroid function, sleep quality, nutrition intake, bio-identical hormone balance, and appropriate exercise protocols, among others, we aim to create an environment within your body where shedding unwanted pounds becomes noticeably more attainable. Unlike traditional methods that focus solely on calories in and calories out, our Anti Aging & Functional Medicine framework emphasizes system optimization as the key pathway towards holistic weight management. With this comprehensive program in place, you can embark on your weight loss journey knowing that your body is primed for success and optimized for transforming into a healthier version of yourself.