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Anti Aging

At Anti Aging & Functional Medicine of Raleigh, we help individuals understand and reclaim their lost energy and vigor. Anti-Aging and Functional Medicine works to improve memory and sharpen thinking, decrease body fat and transition your mind, health and body. Using an integrative medicine approach we seek to understand your unique needs. Read more >>



Today, more than ever before, there are aesthetic treatments to help you look youthful. Staying confident in your skin is a common outcome from aesthetics. How you look can ultimately make a huge difference compared to your physical age.  Not to mention help how you feel. Read more >>

Hair Transplantation

Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation also known as hair replacement are a safe and proven approach to get back your natural hair.  Those who have a full head of hair will never fully understand the social anxiety and lower self-confidence that many men and women feel when they lose their hair.  Read more >>

DR. Assisted Weight Loss

Doctor Assisted Weight Loss

Get started with doctor assisted weight loss through Dr. Zacco’s Weight Loss System and Optimization goes a long way in getting results and improving the long term benefits of diet alone.  Of course watching what you eat and exercise are truly important. But having a doctor who is your advocate and takes the time to understand your unique needs is key to overall health, looking and feeling better, and sustained weight loss. Read more >>

Medical Testing

Medical Testing Services

At Anti Aging & Functional Medicine we go beyond traditional health care insurance driven protocols for medical testing services. Proper testing leads to proper treatment.  Traditional medicines reliance on insurance often limits the types of testing to an approved list. This significantly narrows and handicaps the providers options and insight. You deserve more! Read more >>

Ancillary Services

Ancillary Medical Services

Anti Aging and Functional Medicine offers several ancillary medical services. In today’s healthcare environment, it is sometimes challenging to get the healthcare that you deserve.  With an average of 80 minutes per visit, Dr. Zacco combines the best of traditional and non traditional medicine to provide VIP healthcare for all of our patients.  Read more >>


Dr. Arthur Zacco

How to Age Better & In a Healthier Manner Through the Years

How to Age Better & In a Healthier Manner Through the Years Everyone must get older, as this is just a natural part of life in general. A respected anti-aging doctor from Raleigh offers these commonsense tips and guidelines to accomplish this healthier lifestyle and aging goal no matter your current age now. Our bodies […]

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