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Our Philosophy is to treat every patient as an individual with unique and specialized needs. Our focus is individualized holistic medical care; our goal is to work with you to optimize your well-being, energy levels ultimately helping you feel more youthful and energetic.

Dr. Arthur Zacco was the first board certified doctor for Anti-Aging in Wake County and eastern North Carolina. In 2007, after 17 years as a family practitioner, some patients enlightened Dr. Zacco about anti-aging medicine, and encouraged him to learn more about it.


We provide only the latest and proven techniques in hair transplantation employing the best technique or a mixture of different techniques to suite your specific needs. As with any skin procedure, there is some degree of discomfort. We make every effort to minimize the level of discomfort. We use our Ouchless Injection Technique and Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas). Almost all patients inform us afterward that they experienced much less discomfort than they had anticipated. After the procedure there will be minimal discomfort. Founder and owner since 1996, Dr. Arthur Zacco is present every step of the way from the free consultation to the completion of your hair restoration process. Dr. Zacco is an experienced hair transplant physician and is Board Certified. He is in good standing with the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS),

Hormone Optimization – Particularly how the law of averages can hurt us.  All medical testing is based on statistical averages.  How you fit into those averages is unquestionably of critical importantance.

Testosterone is a main male hormone that impacts a man’s ability to have sex and father a child among other male attributes connected with proper testosterone levels. 

Thyroid hormone is the hormone that controls your body’s metabolism, the process in which your body transforms the food you eat into energy. 

Anti Aging & Functional Medicine consolidated with AZ Hair Restoration in 2009.  The name was changed to Anti Aging & Functional Medicine to reflect the added services made available to our patients.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is an in office procedure usually taking about 2 hours for scalp injections for hair loss treatment.  There is only minimal discomfort with no downtime, and you can drive yourself home. 


Everyone must get older, as this is just a natural part of life in general. A respected anti-aging doctor from Raleigh offers
The senior population has an increased risk of developing a common bone density loss condition known as osteoporosis.
Many younger people are surprised by how sexually active many senior citizens are with their spouses or other significant partner.


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