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Some Individuals Are More Prone to Develop Osteoporosis • Treatments to Stop Bone Loss

Some Are More Prone to Develop Osteoporosis

The senior population has an increased risk of developing a common bone density loss condition known as osteoporosis. This is a bone density loss that is connected to aging in general. Many may recognize the term “brittle bones” which is a phrase frequently associated with the loss of healthy bone density over time.

A popular anti-aging doctor from Raleigh, North Carolina discusses treatments for bone loss. As he explains, these natural and proven remedies can help slow and may even prevent osteoporosis. 

Understanding Bone Density Loss & Aging

Some Individuals Are More Prone to Develop Osteoporosis • Treatments to Stop Bone Loss

Bone density loss and aging appear to go hand-in-hand, however, there are some reliable anti-aging bone loss treatments that may help according to a top anti-aging specialist familiar with aging and osteoporosis.

It is never too early or too late to start dependable anti-aging related steps. Because doing so will help to minimize the negative impact that bridle bones may cause. Osteoporosis for older adults with a strong family or personal history of this devastating health condition should certainly consider these treatments.

What Is Osteoporosis & What Factors Increase Risk of Bone Density Loss?

A cross section of healthy bone tissue in younger adults reveal a honeycomb type of pattern. This looks like air bubbles interspersed evenly rather like a natural sponge. As humans age, the spongy bone center begins to lose healthy bone mass and density. Certainly this leaves the bone more brittle and prone to breaking.

The onset of osteoporosis is often called “the silent disease”. This is because there are few initial symptoms. Losing bone density greatly weakens bones. Of course osteoporosis causes bones to become broken or fractured much more easily. It can cause loss of vertebral density too.

Some common risk factors for osteoporosis or bone density loss include:

  • Age – Increases Risks
  • Sex – Appears to Occur More Often in Women
  • Family History of Osteoporosis or Broken Bones
  • Early Menopause
  • Personal History of Broken Bones After Age 50
  • Smokers – Due to Decreased Absorption of Calcium & Vitamin D
  • On Extended Bed Rest and/or Lack of Regular Exercise
  • Smaller Body Frames
  • Certain Medications – for Cancer, Diabetes, Asthma, Arthritis & Others
  • Poor Nutrition Status
  • Being Overweight

Debunking Some Myths Related to Osteoporosis or Bone Density Loss

Indeed, are many myths that are related to osteoporosis or bone density loss. Many of these myths could keep people from taking precautions to prevent or slow this progressive health condition.

Untrue myths related to osteoporosis include:

  • It Can’t Happen to Men
  • There Are No Effective Treatments Available
  • Nutrition Doesn’t Matter After a Certain Age
  • Younger People Can’t Develop Osteoporosis
  • There Are Miracle Supplements or Cures
  • You Do Not Need to Worry Unless You Break a Bone

Although women are more likely to be diagnosed with osteoporosis than men. However, both share equal risks. Even young people who are severely malnourished or take certain medications have an increased risk of bone density loss do develop this bone condition.

Exercise, especially weight-bearing ones, are important at any age. Getting the proper nutrients through eating a healthy diet is better than relying only on certain supplements or vitamins.

Cancer, asthma, diabetes, heart disease and other health problems can increase risks of losing healthy bone density. It is dangerous to not take action to prevent bone density loss until a break occurs.

Effective Anti-Aging Bone Loss Treatments

A Raleigh based anti-aging specialist offers some effective anti-aging bone loss treatments. Additionally, he can perform accurate diagnostic tests to assess current and potential future bone loss issues.

Furthermore, there are treatments men and women alike can get to help lesson or even prevent bone loss and they include: 

  • Screening for Osteoporosis
  • Hormone Optimization
  • Doctor Assisted Weight Loss
  • Quitting Smoking
  • Chelation Therapy
  • Dietary Changes
  • IV Nutrition & Vitamin/Mineral Replacement Therapy
  • Regular Exercise Plans & More

In conclusion, it is important to take steps today to decrease, prevent and even reverse symptoms of bone density loss. Therefore, consider osteoporosis treatments. Contact Anti-Aging & Functional Medicine at (919) 615-0577 in Raleigh, NC, for details.

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