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What Exactly Are Ancillary Services & Why Are They Important to Health?

What Exactly Are Ancillary Services & Why Are They Important to Health?

Many healthcare providers, including primary care doctors in Raleigh, NC, rely on efficient ancillary services. These services complement whatever health or medical care that they offer to patients. Some patients are confused by this commonly used healthcare term, and they wonder what these additional services truly are.

Definition of Medical Ancillary Services Explained

Doctors and other healthcare professionals are very busy these days. Smaller physician practices have grown substantially larger over the past few decades. And other types of medical and healthcare related services evolved into specialty operations. Of course they then focus on that specialist’s realm of healthcare.

These evolved specialty healthcare providers deliver useful and specific medical ancillary services. An invaluable resource that a patient might need in the course of their treatment and beyond.

In general, the definition of medical ancillary services includes specialized diagnostic and various supportive therapies and services. These additional resource services are designed to aid physicians, nurses and other healthcare providers when diagnosing and treating their patients.

What Are Some Examples of Common Ancillary Services

These types of services can include physical, occupational and speech therapy groups, psychiatric therapists and psychiatrist clinics. As well as pharmacies, dialysis units, nutritionists, medical supply companies, diagnostic lab services and many others.

Every community has their share of healthcare services will accompanying ancillary diagnostic and supportive services for the benefits of the regions inhabitants. For instance, a small town or rural area might have a small community hospital. This small hospital is able to provide emergency services, lab testing, radiation therapies, dietary support or mental health service facilities.

Larger metropolises, such as Raleigh and other North Carolina cities, will likely have several larger hospitals in the area. And more people need additional ancillary services to serve the healthcare needs of the larger population.

Why Ancillary Medical Services Are Important to Health

Many communities are struggling with high unemployment rates. As well as increased cost-of-living expenses and limited economic assistance to pay for the skyrocketing healthcare costs.

Every healthcare facility and private doctor group must streamline their services to best keep the business side of the healthcare group in the black. This financial planning is important to ensure that hardworking staff members and other financial obligations can receive payment on time.

Healthcare Providers Can Save by Using Support Services

A large number of healthcare providers have teamed up with supportive services. And no offer additional healthcare related treatment services in their surrounding communities. Healthcare providers save a huge amount of money by not needing to pay for the upkeep and storage details of expensive medical equipment and the professional staff that needs to run these types of equipment.

More healthcare providers are utilizing expert ancillary service outlets to give their patients the best healthcare treatment possible at lowered costs.

How Patients Benefit from a Comprehensive Treatment Approach

A medical doctor might send a patient who lives in North Hills to a locally based physical therapy group right in that neighborhood. However others  from smaller North Carolina towns, might be referred to an orthopedic specialist based in the heart of bustling Raleigh. Because it enables the patient to get more advanced diagnostic and treatment services not provided in smaller healthcare facilities.

Patients usually benefit greatly from a more focused and comprehensive treatment approach. Doctors who refer their patients to nearby specialty services do so in part due to savings most patients will receive.

Other important benefits to patients regarding the utilization of supportive therapies. Additional medical services include better overall cohesiveness of care and short wait times. These focused support services may also offer greater treatment options and more convenient appointment scheduling for the involved patients.

Some Final Thoughts Regarding Ancillary Services in NC

Many Raleigh based physicians and other healthcare professionals can offer their patients a wider range of treatment options simply by connecting their patients with the right community support services specific to each unique patient.

A senior citizen living in Stonehenge, part of Midtown Raleigh, might be referred to a number of finer senior retirement communities in this region. This is an example of how an ancillary type service can often keep residents in the areas that they have become accustomed to through the years.

Seniors will also find premier anti-aging treatments, in and around the Raleigh, North Carolina. Combine that with several possible ancillary services to equal impressive overall care without costing a small fortune.

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Fatigue is one of the most common complaints we hear from our new patients.  It affects all aspects of our lives’ sex, work, and play.  The underlying cause of fatigue, if left untreated, it can increase the chance of cancer, diabetes, heart attack, strokes, suicide, depression, and accidents just to name a few.

When one is chronically fatigued, cholesterol increases, blood pressure increases, fat increases (especially belly fat), triglyceride increases, and systemic inflammation, atherosclerosis, and premature aging.  It’s frequently noted that American presidents age  rapidly while in office.  Being chronically fatigued can and does result in premature aging.

We have advanced testing that can help us define the cause and aid with a treatment protocol to address chronic fatigue.  From these results combined with a doctor willing to listen and understand your issues we can often help.  Contact us today to start your individualized treatment plan to help turn things around.

Chelation Therapy

Chelation Therapy

Effective & Innovative Anti-Aging Chelation Therapy in Raleigh, North Carolina

Markedly, for decades using chelation therapy is the goto for treating heavy metal poisoning. In brief, this treatment is performed through a specialized IV infusion. Patient’s receive a natural solution full of several types of minerals and vitamins. Additionally, within the solution, note the inclusion of a specific amino acid known as EDTA.

What is EDTA Used in Chelation IV or Oral Therapy?

EDTA is known to attract various heavy metals that include cadmium, arsenic, nickle and lead among others. The amino acid then attaches to these metallic elements and works by stimulating these toxins to be naturally eliminated through the body’s elimination systems via urination and/or through bowel movements.

This innovative IV solution, commonly called chelation therapy, is simply a medical chemical process whereby certain minerals and other nutrients bind their cells to toxic heavy metals in an effort to rid the body of these harmful toxins. Metal toxicity causes great harm to vulnerable organs and various body systems over time with increased exposure.

The Dangers of Lead Based Paints Used in Older Buildings

In decades past, lead was often an ingredient in interior paint. While new safety laws and regulations have practically eliminated this potential source of lead poisoning in household paints. However, at the current time old buildings could still have old lead paint in them. And of course that puts small children and other vulnerable people at risk if exposed or eat paint chips containing this toxic substance.

Some healthcare practitioners recommend chelation IV therapy for lead toxicity when found in children.

Other Uses for IV Chelation Treatment

This highly effective and widely accepted medical treatment for metal toxicity can also treat other serious health conditions as well. The chelation treatment is an acceptable alternative medicine option for treating heart disease, stroke prevention, lowering high blood pressure and other cardiovascular problems.

Learn More Regarding Chelation Treatment in Raleigh

The process works by targeting calcium deposits that build up inside of arteries as part of the natural aging process. Over time, these calcium, abbreviated Ca on the periodic table for chemical elements, deposits harden and thicken causing the blood vessels to become blocked.

This situation of harden arterial calcification can result in atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease and high blood pressure. Which are precursors to the development of possible debilitating heart attacks and serious life-threatening strokes.

Chelation Targets Arterial Calcification Deposits

By the same chemical action, more medical practitioners today are using chelation treatment. With this treatment, it is possible to get rid of many hard arterial deposits. They can break up and then safely exit the body.

Patients Must Test for Heavy Metal Toxicity 

Recent studies suggest that some patients might benefit from chelation treatment if they show increased levels of heavy metals at toxic levels and/or present with diabetes, increased arterial calcification deposits, have kidney related damage linked to possible heavy metal exposure and other situations.

Those who suffer from some type of heavy metal poisoning benefit greatly from Chelation Therapy. Thus testing patients before treatment can help identify those patients most likely to respond favorably to this alternative medicine treatment.

Doctors Closely Monitor Patients Undergoing Chelation Therapy

Monitoring a patient that undergoes oral or IV chelation therapy is unquestionably a necessity.

Possible serious chelation side effects include:

Magnesium depletion

Calcium overload

Abnormal heart rhythm

Signs of kidney problems

Other organ failure signs


How Chelation Treatment May Reverse Signs of Aging

Anyone over the age of 60, or those younger with symptoms previously reviewed, should inquire if chelation treatment is right for them. Benefits may help them look and feel younger and healthier in general.

In essence, many consider this treatment a phenomenal anti-aging therapy. One that may help turn-back-the-clock on age related arterial calcification deposits. It can help lesson potential kidney damage, severe cardiovascular events and other health problems that arise with age.

To learn more about chelation therapy, call to schedule a consultation appointment at Anti Aging & Functional Medicine. Read more helpful anti-aging treatment details, or heavy metal poisoning information, by visiting our blog at online anytime.

Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies

Often Overlooked Vitamin & Mineral Deficiencies

Many of us experience symptoms that are a result of vitamin and mineral deficiencies such as; fatigue, slow healing, hypothyroidism, decreased stamina, low libido, cardiac arrhythmia’s, hair loss, skin diseases, and the list goes on and on.

Some athletes feel IV nutrient therapy (see Doctor OZ video) allow them a quicker recovery and enhanced stamina.  A nutrient is defined as a substance that provides nourishment for growth and metabolism.

Many mistakenly think that people who live in the USA can’t possibly be vitamin or mineral nutrient deficient.  To the contrary, living in the USA is precisely why we are commonly show signs of vitamin and mineral deficiencies.  Living in an industrialized, technologically advanced, wealthy country makes us susceptible to nutrient deficiencies.

The vast majority of Americans over consume processed, nutrient poor, calorie rich diets that are relatively low in raw vegetables and fruits this contributes to vitamin and mineral deficiencies.  At the same time, most Americans work too hard and endure a daily level of stress and chronic sleep deprivation -a level not experienced in any other country on Earth – EVER.

Added to this unnatural lifestyle never endured by any other humans in the history of human kind; farmers don’t rotate crops as they once did, rather they inadequately fertilize/replenish the soil.  Not to mention the explosion of “created plants” that are Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO).  This possibly produces a world where there are more and more food allergies/intolerance’s and autoimmune diseases such as: Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Scleroderma, Lupus, Ankylosing Spondylitis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), GI Cancer, Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA).

This simmering brew of malfeasance creates a gastrointestinal (GI) tract inflammatory environment that does not absorb nutrients as effectively. Simply taking oral vitamins is many times not enough.  One must fix the gut!

That is why I believe that the land of plenty, has become the land of the malnourished.  The vast majority of new patients that we perform a nutritional comprehensive evaluation reveal not one but several nutrient deficiencies in most new patients.  Of course Dr. Zacco’s patient population is skewed because patients who come to Anti Aging & Functional Medicine have usually seen other physicians for significant fatigue and other constitutional symptoms.

Interestingly most of the time when we meet patients for the first time, they are on oral nutrient supplementation such as multivitamins, yet their initial tests reveal that they have vitamin and mineral deficiencies.  Dr. Zacco’s philosophy is to correct this quickly and permanently by starting intravenous (IV) nutrient supplementation which delivers nutrients directly to the blood stream instead of having to pass through the damaged gut.  At the same time, Dr. Zacco encourages a healthy and healing diet for a permanently healthy gut.

Thyroid Hormone

Thyroid Hormone

Dr. Zacco will extensively evaluate your thyroid hormone function and antibodies.  The supporting thyroid hormone nutrients will also be measured; Iodine, Selenium, Zinc, etc.. Sub-optimal thyroid function can produce symptoms, such as; fatigue, low libido, ED (erectile dysfunction), decreased motivation, decreased mood, and weight gain, just to name a few.

It is important to maintain optimal function of your Thyroid.  In order for your thyroid to function optimally, the iodine and other nutrients must be sufficiently present. Sadly these nutrients are not routinely checked.

At Anti Aging & Functional Medicine, these nutrients are routinely checked along with your thyroid function.  For those who have thyroid antibodies, we make sure the GI tract is optimized and Leaky Gut is addressed if present.  The human thyroid produces both T3 (Active form) and T4 (inactive form).  Most cells of the body can convert T4 to T3 making available the active form of thyroid.  However, some people with Hypothyroidism are not good at converting T4 to T3 and thus report that they feel much better taking T3.  Interestingly normally the pig thyroid produces a much higher ratio of T3/T4.  Dessicated pig thyroid (Armour) has been available for many years and sometimes people with Hypothyroidism feel better taking this higher ratio of T3/T4 compared to the usual human ratio.

Usually, traditional medicine doesn’t provide T3 and often overlooks or never address nutrients needed for proper function.  We routinely do so.  When the patient has thyroid antibodies that can detrimentally affect the proper function;  these antibodies many times originate in the gut especially when Leaky Gut Syndrome is present.  Therefore, we feel it is helpful to optimize the gut.  At Anti Aging & Functional Medicine, we can check for 38 different nutrients to evaluate nutritional support.

Often Ignored Nutritional Deficiency


What many people don’t realize is that we can experience a variety of symptoms that can indicate a vitamin/mineral nutritional deficiency. Symptoms may include: hair loss, fatigue, depression, dry skin, dry hair, headaches, muscle weakness, exercise fatigue, and more. There are some tests that are conducted in order to find out if you have a vitamin/mineral deficiency. Anti-Aging & Functional Medicine offers a specialized test in order for Dr. Zacco to determine if you have a vitamin/mineral deficiency. Together, Dr. Zacco and you will determine which form of treatment is best for you; oral supplementation, IV nutritional supplementation, or a combination of both.

IV therapy can be more effective than taking supplements orally. The IV method bypasses the digestive system, which sometimes poorly absorbs nutrients due to Leaky Gut Syndrome, food allergies, and decreased efficiency from the aging process. IV administration is very safe and also very effective, as it could bypass the problem of bowel intolerance.

IV Nutritional  deficiency therapy is used to support the following conditions: Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Chronic Pain, PMS, Infections, Migraines, Vitamin Deficiencies, and so much more. IV Nutritional Therapy has been used by many athletes to aid in faster recovery and longer endurance.

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