Anti-Aging Testosterone Injections
When you want to stop the aging process, you need to adjust your chemical or hormonal imbalance. Many men have an issue with low testosterone, but they don’t know how to correct this problem. When you start a new regimen of testosterone injections, you can keep your body youthful, regain your energy, and clear up your skin at the same time. Read more about how testosterone can change your life and make your body that much stronger.

What Do Testosterone Injections Do?

When you are going to the doctor or a medical clinic for assistance, you may be prescribed these injections because they help you clear up your skin, allow your hair to grow, speed up your metabolism, and give you the energy that you need. You may not have realized how much you were slumping over the past few months or years, but the testosterone that you are taking can quite literally change your life.

Weight Loss

You will not automatically lose weight because you started taking testosterone injections, but your body will begin to metabolize in a much more efficient manner. Because of this, you will see your body start to slim down. At the same time, you can begin to exercise and eat right. By doing this, you are giving your body the file it needs to thrive.

You can change your diet and exercise plan at the same time. You will have more energy because your body is metabolizing properly, and you will not feel sluggish like you did in the past.

Renewed Energy

You will have quite a lot of energy when your body has synthesized enough of the testosterone in your program. Your body might not have been able to sleep, and it may have been hard for you to stay awake during the day. Because of this, you did not feel as though you could function normally during the day. Now that you are much more energetic and changing your lifestyle, you can get on a routine that does not require an afternoon nap.

A Reduction In Joint Pain

Your posture will change because you will feel a reduction in joint pain. You will have a much better posture because you feel like you can stand up straight, and you will also notice that you can move a bit more quickly during the day because your joints are a bit stronger. Of course, it will take your body time to heal completely. However, it is nice to know that you can change your daily routine by using these injections.


When you are using a new hormone and chemical regimen to bring your body back to life, you will see the difference in the mirror, feel as though you are more energetic, and will have a nice appearance because your hair and nails are healthier. You can lose weight, and you can even start working out again because you are using a product that makes you feel young again.


ESTROGENS: Estrone (E1), Estradiol (E2), Estriol (E3), 16 OH Estrone, 4 OH Estrone, 2 OH Estrone

Estrogen is responsible for keeping the female and male healthy in too many ways to mention here. However, most notably, it maintains bones and muscle mass, keeps the skin and vaginal mucosa healthy, and minimizes breast sagging.

If a woman or man has a family or personal history of breast cancer, their estrogen metabolism should be evaluated and addressed if needed (16 OH Estrone). If you are having hot flashes and you are over 30 years old, chances are good that you have estrogen deficiency and you could be peri-menopausal (early menopause). Not all women have hot flashes with low estrogen.

For hormone replacement therapy, we prefer bio identical hormones BHRT over non-bio identical hormones. Be careful, plant estrogens, or phytoestrogens, and other hormones derived from plants may be considered “natural” estrogens but are NOT bio-identical. Phytoestrogens are natural but are not the same as human estrogens, so they are NOT bio-identical and should not be used for hormonal replacement.

Estrogen like Testosterone is a hormone made of cholesterol. For women and men taking cholesterol lowering medication, it should be noted that they could have an important impact on lowering estrogen levels. Estrogens should NOT be taken orally as this can result in lowering Growth Hormone (GH) among other problems.

Estrogen can be administered by daily creams and gels or by pellets inserted under the skin that last about 4 months. These pellets are inserted only by Dr. Arthur Zacco in our office in about 15-20 minutes.

Testosterone Therapy

Testosterone Therapy

All About Effective Testosterone Therapy in Raleigh, NC

Testosterone is a main male hormone that impacts a man’s ability to have sex and father a child among other male attributes connected with proper testosterone levels. This hormone is found in both males and females at different levels.

A testosterone deficit in men can result in troubling symptoms and development of adverse health conditions if not treated promptly and effectively.

How Aging Impacts a Man’s Hormone Levels

Much like women that develop hormonal shifts that accompany other signs of menopause when they reach a certain age. Males also develop various adverse health conditions if their testosterone levels become too low.

In males, the drop in hormonal levels, like low T, generally happens gradually as these males get older. This issue is expected to become even more prevalent due to older individuals from both sexes living longer these days.

General Overview of Testosterone Therapy All Males Should Know

Fortunately, there are treatments for low testosterone, or low T, termed testosterone replacement therapy or TRT. This hormone replacement treatment can significantly reverse many of the hormone deficit related issues if given by a doctor trained in hormone optimization therapy and its impact on the aging process in general.

What Does Testosterone Do In the Male Body?

Testosterone is responsible for sexual organ development in males, and this male hormone is responsible for the increased sex drive that males are more prone to have.

This hardworking hormone also regulates other typically male oriented body characteristics, feelings and tendencies such as facial hair growth, muscle strength and growth. Testosterone is known to influence male aggression, regulate libido or sex drive, increase sperm count and stimulates an erection. It also regulates mood, stimulates blood and stem cells in kidneys and bones.

Testosterone interacts with a multitude of complex body responses, organ systems and other hormones. As well it impacts the brain and memory, helps keep middle section body fat from developing, indirectly influences sleep, regulates emotions and moods and keeps heart blood vessels dilated.

Symptoms That Could Indicate Low Testosterone Levels

There are many signs of a lowered testosterone level that individuals should be on the lookout for. Including there following:

Sexual dysfunction
Lack of libido or sex drive
Inability to make or keep an erection
Increased anxiety
Daytime fatigue and/or nighttime insomnia
Memory problems
Development of muscle aches & bone/joint related pain or stiffness
Lack of energy
Increased weight especially fat stores in abdominal area
Increases risks for heart attack or stroke
Muscle wasting and spasms
Increased bruising
Body enzyme changes
Irregular heart rhythm
Prostate growth or changes
Male pattern baldness
Facial hair growth like beards or mustaches
Loss of bone density
Benefits of Undergoing Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Undoubtedly, there are a number of fantastic benefits that undergoing testosterone replacement therapy can give. For instance, an increased sex drive, improved libido, better sleep, absence of adverse mood swings, better memory and overall improved mental focus.

Testosterone at the proper levels increases lean muscle mass and strength. Not only does testosterone aid in keeping a leaner physique, it also stimulates more energy. Additionally it increases sperm count. Another excellent health benefit, it lowers bad cholesterol levels.

Diagnosing Low T & Contributing Factors

Men should keep regular appointments at their family doctor’s office to ensure that hormone levels are not showing a deficit. Because lab tests can help the doctor determine if a lowered testosterone serum level is present. And also whether or not there are any related signs and symptoms to address.

It is important for men to keep all of their doctors, specialists, pharmacist and other healthcare team members updated with a current medication list. Because many drugs cause serious side effects and/or mimic low testosterone by development of issues such as sexual dysfunction and extreme fatigue.

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