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Understanding the Advantages of Undergoing Doctor Assisted Weight Loss

Understanding the Advantages of Undergoing Doctor Assisted Weight Loss

Obesity is one of the top precursors to other serious health conditions. There are some individuals who will benefit greatly from undergoing an effective and safe doctor assisted weight loss program a compassionate doctor in Raleigh offers. Doing so can help increase a person’s chances of finally shedding those lingering stubborn fat stores and improve their overall health status in the process.

Why Dieting Alone Won’t Keep the Weight Off Long-Term

Many overweight individuals try to eat right and exercise in the hopes of losing their extra weight. Unfortunately, there are underlying factors that predispose someone to gaining extra fat stores that often evade diagnosis.

These issues must be addressed before beginning a weight loss regimen. Additionally, these underlying mental, emotional and physical problems often keep the person from achieving their weight loss and better health goals.

Hidden Health Factors that May Deter Weight Loss Efforts

Health experts know that there are hidden health factors that often deter any weight loss efforts. If we think of our body as a well running machine, small unknown component problems can result in machine dysfunction. It will eventually breakdown if not addressed early enough.

Some of the most common underlying factors known to deter weight loss in susceptible people include:

  • Endocrine diseases – diabetes, thyroid problems, adrenal malfunction & others
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Heart disease
  • Brain function issues
  • GI disturbances
  • Auto immune conditions – lupus, MS, rheumatoid arthritis among others
  • Depression, anxiety & other mental/emotional health issues
  • Systemic infections

Above are just a few of  many variables that may cause the body to increase or retain its fat stores. These patients are good candidates for an in-depth doctor assisted weight loss plan. It will address these hidden obstacles before the patient undergoes any weight loss regimen.

The Limitations of Intense Dieting & Exercise Routines

Fad diets, strenuous exercise regiments and various over-the-counter diet pills are usually first tried when someone desires to lose weight. All of these weight loss methods have serious limitations and can even be dangerous to the person’s health. This is why doctor assisted weight loss is recommended.

While following a strict diet and increasing your exercise sessions can work to lose excess weight in a short period of time, the individual usually fails to keep that weight off long-term for a number of reasons.

Dangers of Unsupervised Fad Diets on Overall Health

Anyone who is considering starting one of these fast weight loss diets should be aware of the potential dangers beforehand.

Most diets like this are extremely hard on the body and its various system functions. Typically, the dieter will lose muscle tissue rather than the fat tissue. And this then causes the body to crave foods high in fats, sugars and carbohydrates.

A high protein diet can be effective in losing weight fast. But the person dieting will usually cave-in to the resulting food cravings these diets generally trigger. This causes the lost weight to come back swiftly often even greater than before.

Adverse Risks of Using Over-the-Counter Diet Pills

Usually, obesity and society’s tendency to shame individuals who are not the ideal body shape or size leads many to taking unregulated diet pills and supplements. These over-the-counter medications are potentially dangerous. This is because of the increase in dehydration as body fluid is expelled due to the medication action.

Another scary risk of taking non-prescription diet aids is that there are few regulations and quality control measures that keep the public safe. Some diet drinks and/or pills contain high quantities of caffeine that can overwork the heart as it furiously tries to keep up with the fast flowing blood demands.

Often, unregulated nutritional supplements and dietary aids contain filler ingredients that may be harmful to health. Even without adding fillers, the dosage of the pill ingredients could differ in strength drastically from one batch lot to another.

Pharmacists and other healthcare providers warn that even natural ingredients can cause life threatening interactions when mixed with other drugs or substances.

How System & Hormonal Optimization Work in Weight Loss

Any unknown health condition can prevent a successful weight loss program. However, individuals desiring to lose weight can find a knowledgeable physician practice, in the Raleigh, NC region. A doctor that delivers both system and hormonal imbalances before the patient begins a safe, doctor assisted weight loss regimen.

Treating the underlying health conditions can go a long way in getting back to a healthy weight that is more likely to be maintained with leading a healthier lifestyle.

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