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How Your Diet Impacts You from Enjoying Optimal Health & Well-Being?

How Your Diet Impacts You from Enjoying Optimal Health & Well-Being?

It is important to monitor your daily diet in order to remain healthy through the years cautions one top anti-aging doctor from Raleigh, NC. As individuals age, their dietary needs will change too as a direct result of the normal aging process. Ask yourself: Is your diet impacts keeping you from enjoying optimal health and well-being? The answer may surprise you.

Learn how diet impacts health and well-being, and discover how anti-aging treatments, like individualized nutrient and IV therapy, can combat aging signs and symptoms. Paying attention to what, where, when and how much you eat can lead to a better overall quality of life no matter your biological age.

Are You Really What You Eat? How Diet Impacts The Quality of Life

There is an old adage that cautions people that “we are what we eat.” Many wonder if this could really be true after all. Learn why anti-aging medical specialists insist that diet matters to a person’s quality of life and overall health status.

Along with ensuring that your diet is one that is healthy with the right portion amounts and food group categories present, there are some other diet related recommendations to consider as well.

Most people eat more high calorie foods than they need, and the time that people eat can also impact health. Many older adults begin to notice that their body tends to build up stubborn fat bulges and pockets that are hard to lose even with increased exercise and a low-calorie dietary plan.

Eating too many heavy meals especially later in the day can lead to a full body experience of heaviness and lack of necessary energy. A competent anti-aging doctor will carefully assess a patient’s whole diet regime to pinpoint telltale aging symptoms like body and mental fatigue during the day, inability to lose stubborn fat stores and even difficulty falling or staying asleep at night.

Determine Your Optimal Diet Plan to Combat Aging & Feel Younger

There are many complex aging related issues that can often be directly related to a person’s past, current and future dietary regimens. Taking advantage of precise dietary guidance and expert nutritional counseling can help people determine their optimal diet impacts plan going forward. These healthy lifestyle changes can truly combat aging and help older individuals feel younger and stronger than ever.

Nutrient & IV Therapy May Be Necessary to Lose Weight & Feel Better

Our bodies are to store certain nutrients until they need it. For instance, a lack of calcium can lead to loss of bone density and other troubling conditions.

Many individuals do not get the proper amount of calcium, sunlight exposure and dietary nutrients that are needed to remain healthy. It is necessary for body systems to work cohesively together. To keep weight at a healthy number and store beneficial nutrients to be used later as body energy fuel.

Professional nutrient and IV therapy may be necessary to lose that excess weight and feel better. This minimally invasive procedure can be modified to meet each unique patient’s current nutritional needs at any given time. Afterwards, dietary elements will be monitored and reassessed regularly to ensure continued good health and inner feelings of well-being and health stability.

Common Dietary Mistakes that Mature Individuals Should Avoid

When people have the best intentions with regards to their diets and overall lifestyle choices. There are some common dietary mistakes that mature individuals should avoid. This is according to one local anti-aging specialist with a Raleigh based medical practice.

These dietary mistakes include:

  • Not eating the right sized food proportions
  • Eating too many calories & unhealthy fats
  • Eating heavy meals or high-caloric snacks later in the day
  • Too many preservatives & additives in food selections
  • Lack of the right nutrients
  • Opting to go on fad diets that don’t work & can be dangerous to health
  • Not seeking proper weight loss & nutritional treatment & guidance
  • Over use of alcohol or illegal drugs
  • Drinking or eating too much caffeine – coffee, sugary teas, chocolates etc.
  • Not drinking enough water to feel fuller
  • Avoidance of exercise on a regular basis
  • Not getting enough sleep
  • Not eating a variety of healthy food groups
  • Engaging in serious attempts to control food intake with eating disorder symptoms
  • Taking over-the-counter supplements not evaluated by FDA

Start Eating Healthier & Enjoy Fewer Aging Symptoms

Remembering that your choice of diet impacts your health and mental/emotional well-being can help change your mindset for greater success. Lastly, learn more about nutrient & IV therapy by contacting Anti-Aging & Functional Medicine at

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