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Anti-Aging Doctor Discusses How To Stay Healthy & Balanced In a Topsy-Turvy World

Anti-Aging Doctor Discusses How To Stay Healthy & Balanced In a Topsy-Turvy World

Despite all of our good intentions, the natural aging process still continues onward. However, there are things that we can do to stay healthy and balanced no matter our biological age, our gender or even our background. One local anti-aging doctor from the Greater Triangle area of Raleigh, NC, discusses how we can stay balanced with BHRT and other innovative anti-aging strategies that work.

How Today’s Uncertainty About Tomorrow Can Accelerate Negative Aging Symptoms

Stress is really our biggest challenge to overcome when it comes to experiencing those negative aging symptoms. Many a parent claim that they first began to count gray hairs shortly after a major life crisis or other exceptionally difficult and troubled times.

According to many anti-aging specialists, stress itself is not to be something that humans continue with day after day. Chronic stress can negatively impact our bodies disrupting its normal methods of operation.

This is why it is so important to take the time and energy to develop healthier lifestyles to maintain our good health, keep our delicate body systems in balance and buffer the typical aging reactions.

What Is BRHT & How Does It Work to Lesson Aging Symptoms?

Just the ordinary aging process can disrupt our body’s normal systems creating challenges that must be overcome quickly to ward off those prolonged chronic stress-related annoyances like development of insomnia, loss of libido, lack of mental clarity and focus and feelings of sluggishness, depression and anxieties.

The term BRHT is an abbreviation for bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, and anti-aging doctors use the bioidentical hormones that are extracted from plants. These hormones are chemically identical to those hormones that are produce within our own bodies every day. This makes BRHT safe, effective and relatively simple without adverse side effects that various harsh chemicals have been known to cause in some people.

BRHT is a natural method to reduce some of the visible and internally noticed bad aging symptoms that nobody wants to undergo ever. An experienced anti-aging doctor will perform a thorough assessment including certain tests to determine a personalized plan of action to correct any hormonal imbalances found. The doctor will then replace the hormones in order to balance the system again. This is necessary to look and feel younger, stronger and terrific.

Some Common Signs That May Indicate a Hormonal Imbalance

Since everyone tends to lead busy lives with little time to relax, catch up on sleep or enjoy hobbies or getting together with friends for a night out. When a person is under chronic stress and/or experiences certain age related symptoms, there will be some common signs and symptoms that usually reveal some sort of hormonal deficit or imbalance.

Common hormonal imbalance symptoms include:

  • Feeling of fatigue during the day
  • Increased irritability or mood swings
  • Loss of mental focus or clarity
  • Feelings of depression, anxiety or hopelessness
  • Insomnia or other sleep issues
  • Increased aches and pains
  • Headaches due to stress
  • Lack of appetite or increased comfort eating
  • Changes in skin integrity – excess dryness, wrinkles & age spots among others

Women Lose Estrogen During Menopause That May Cause Skin Issues

Estrogen is commonly lost as a woman goes through menopause. As a result, a woman will often begin to notice certain skin problems common during aging. These skin issues include feeling dry and flaky. Loss of skin tone, loss of facial fat stores, development of wrinkles around the mouth and eyes. Also, increased risk of skin cuts and infections.

Some anti-aging doctors will recommend that women going through menopause should consider undergoing hormonal optimization. Estrogen will replace, to help combat these problems.

Common symptoms of estrogen deficit include:

  • May interfere with sex or delay/stunt sexual organ development and function
  • Might put women at increased risk for obesity
  • Could increase risks of cardiac ailments
  • May increase risks of osteoporosis – can lead to broken bones due to loss of bone density following a fall
  • Could cause hair loss or other problem

Note: Men can have some of the same symptoms due to a lack of the male hormone testosterone. Testosterone is an option in a hormone optimization plan.

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