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Anti-Aging Considerations for Men

A Review of Some Special Anti-Aging Considerations & Treatments for Men

Anti-Aging Considerations for Men
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A Review of Some Special Anti-Aging Considerations for Men

While there are many types of anti-aging products and treatments that are mostly directed towards mature women. Also, there are also some special anti-aging considerations for men along with several effective treatments all guys should investigate.

These anti-aging treatments targeted towards men include testosterone therapy, hair restoration remedies, doctor-assisted weight loss, and many more. One popular anti-aging doctor in Raleigh, NC, offers some wise medial advice especially for men with regards to aging.

Summer Is an Ideal Time for Men to Seek Anti-Aging Medical Treatments

As a general rule, women tend to be more worried about the impact of aging on their skin, hair, health and other lifestyle changes. Typically, married men will likely not seek medical treatment until their wives push them too. This is a shame, because there are some aging factors that men should be thinking about and effective anti-aging treatments and lifestyle changes that truly work especially when started earlier. Summer is an ideal time for men to seek out professional anti-aging medical advice and treatments.

Men Need to Wear Proper Sunscreen & Sunglasses When In the Sun

Women of a certain age usually remember to wear sunscreen on their exposed faces, necks and other body areas. Often, ladies wear makeup or moisturizers that often have a light base of sunscreen added directly into the product. Men, on the other hand, are more likely to spend a great deal more time outdoors in all sorts of weather and environmental conditions.

It is essential that men wear the proper type of sunscreen and top-quality sunglasses when out in the sun both in warmer weather and in the colder season as well. Harmful UV rays will reflect off of snow in a similar fashion as when near open bodies of water or sandy beaches.

Men Should Have a Good Anti-Aging Skincare Routine

As guys creep towards middle age, their skin may change due to decreases in certain hormones. It is common for men to develop hormonal imbalances as they get older. Also, this can cause many adverse symptoms that can be treated and even prevented with proper medical care.

Additionally, men too should have a good anti-aging skincare routine to keep those pesky wrinkles and deep creases from forming on their face. Even focusing on doing small better skincare measures can make a huge difference on a man’s overall health and feelings of well-being.

Since males tend to spend more time outside, they are at greater risk of developing skin cancers and other health issues if they are not taking the proper anti-aging and healthcare precautions.

Common Symptoms of a Hormone Imbalance in Men

Some of the more common symptoms of a hormone imbalance in men include feelings of fatigue during the daytime. Also, mental sluggishness, muscle aches, weight gain, skin changes, hair loss, dehydration, headaches, irritability, nail issues, increased infections, increased body odor, problems with urination, and/or decrease of sexual drive or libido to name just a few. All of these symptoms can often be treated effectively when the underlying conditions are treated properly.

Aging & Hormone Problems Can Cause Digestion Issues & Weight Gain

Men are quick to develop digestive issues like abdominal bloating and/or cramping, increased passing of gas. Along with that comes heartburn, constipation or irritable bowel type symptoms, nausea and others. Like women, older men often have difficulty with either weight gain or weight loss. Males will often lose significant muscle mass which will lower their overall weight and give them an old-man physique. This is often a result of hormonal imbalances that are more common later in life.

Why Endocrine Problems, Hair Loss/Changes & Skin Issues Should Be Evaluated by an Anti-Aging Doctor

When men begin to develop endocrine problems, like thyroid issues and diabetes, they could have a hidden hormone imbalance. Some men will ignore changes in skin, nails, and hair. Many think it is not a big deal or that nothing can be done about it.

Today, there are a number of safe and helpful anti-aging related treatments. These are for men, like testosterone therapy, hormone optimization, weight loss, hair restoration treatments, nutrient or IV therapy infusions, and many others. That often helps resolve other health conditions including lowering blood sugar levels, regulating thyroid issues, and balancing adrenal function.


Anti-Aging Considerations for Men – Men should make an appointment with an anti-aging doctor near Raleigh, for information on special anti-aging considerations for men. This can include hormonal optimization that may require testosterone therapy or other hormone-balancing treatments.

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