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Understanding Adrenal Fatigue

Tired All of the Time? A Raleigh Anti-Aging Doctor Explains Symptoms & Treatments for Adrenal Fatigue

Understanding Adrenal Fatigue

Understanding Adrenal Fatigue

Tired All of the Time? A Raleigh Anti-Aging Doctor Explains Symptoms & Treatments for Adrenal Fatigue
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Since our society is stressful and tends to be fast-paced all of the time, it is not unusual for people to complain about feeling exceptionally tired all of the time. Some will simply assume that this symptom is just a natural result from hard work and life in general.

Do you continually run yourself ragged and feel tired all of the time? A Raleigh anti-aging doctor explains symptoms of and treatments for adrenal fatigue.

What Are the Adrenal Glands, & Where Are They Located?

The adrenal glands are smaller glands that sit above the kidneys. For being so small, these glands have a lot to do with feeling healthy and strong according to one local Raleigh based anti-aging doctor.

The adrenal glands are responsible for that “fight or flight” response that humans get when feeling threatened. This occurs due to this gland releasing two important hormones named adrenaline and cortisol.

This hormonal response to threats and stress is supposed to be a short-term reaction that allows the person to utilize energy stores and body strength to either fight whatever is threatening the person or give them the energy and strength to get away from the threat at hand. This common “fight or flight” hormonal response is not supposed to last long or become a chronic condition.

Why Chronic Adrenal Fatigue Is Dangerous & Can Lead to Serious Health Problems

In order to understand the risks and dangers of constantly staying in a chronic adrenal fatigue state, we must first understand how these hormones work to increase body strength and deal with the threat in a productive manner.

When adrenaline and cortisol are active due to somebody’s threat, the body automatically reverts the blood supply to pump the rich oxygen blood towards the major internal organs like the heart and the larger muscles needed to run or stay and fight.

This body response to stress is intended to be a very short-term reaction. Unfortunately, when the threat remains, the body may continue to release these hormones creating a chronic health condition that can be dangerous to a person’s overall health and well-being.

Over time, the body’s systems become unbalanced due to increased and/or ongoing stress. This can interfere with many-body system elements like endocrine disorders such as development or exacerbation of thyroid disorders or diabetes. This can become a dangerous health condition that may not be caught until the process results in permanent harm to fragile body systems and their duties.

How Is Adrenal Fatigue Diagnosed?

Most traditional medical doctors do not test for adrenal fatigue unless certain conditions are present. This means that many patients are not accurately identifying with adrenal fatigue until very late in the progressive disease process.

A leading Raleigh anti-aging physician urges patients who feel chronically ill despite attempts to get enough rest to investigate all of their treatment options. This begins with a thorough consultation appointment with a reputable anti-aging specialist.

There are some tests that the FDA is greenlighting that more anti-aging doctors are using to accurately diagnose their patients earlier in order to treat the issue before further organ damage and other adverse health conditions occur.

What Are the Symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue Anyway?

Adrenal fatigue can result in many different symptoms. This is why most medical doctors miss the true underlying condition of adrenal fatigue until harmful effects to health begin to show.

Common symptoms of adrenal fatigue include:

  • Overwhelming and/or Chronic Fatigue
  • Feeling Lightheaded
  • Tiredness During Day After Sleeping
  • Various Body Aches for No Apparent Reason
  • Low Blood Pressure
  • Weight Loss Determined Unexplained
  • Hyperpigmentation – Skin Discoloration Usually Darker
  • Body Hair Loss
  • Intense Cravings for Sugar and/or Salt
  • Nonspecific Digestive Issues
  • Feelings of Nervousness & Anxiety
  • Overall Sense of Feeling Rundown
  • Problems Falling Asleep & Waking Up – Insomnia
  • Feeling Jittery or Stress Related Nervous Tics or Tremors
  • Diarrhea
  • Stomach/Abdominal Cramps and/or Nausea
  • Loss of Hunger
  • Muscle Weakness
  • Vomiting
  • Need for Stimulants like Caffeine or Energy Drinks
  • Depression
  • Raleigh Anti-Aging Doctor Explains Treatments for Adrenal Fatigue

Most individuals are unaware that feeling constant exhaustion and other related symptoms are not normal. We need to have doctors identifying and treating to return the body’s systems back into a healthy balance again.

Thank you for reading, Understanding Adrenal Fatigue. Fortunately, there are effective treatments for adrenal fatigue. These include hormone optimization, avoiding caffeine, improving diet, getting more exercise, natural stress relief measures, and moving towards optimal overall health. Contact Anti-Aging & Functional Medicine at Understanding Adrenal Fatigue does not need to be difficult and we hope this article answers some questions.

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