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Hair Loss Alopecia

Hair Loss Alopecia

Hair Loss Alopecia

There is exciting news concerning new techniques and technology in hair restoration for the treatment of male and female pattern baldness called hair loss alopecia.

Hair loss Alopecia is a condition with different causes, but the most common form is male and female pattern hair loss alopecia. This occurs when the scalp follicles are exposed to certain hormones such as dihydroxytestosterone, also known as DHT. If you are genetically programmed to undergo alopecia, at a certain age, your scalp follicles in certain areas of your scalp will atrophy or deteriorate resulting in hair loss.

There are many treatments for hair loss alopecia such as hair transplantation, wigs, weaves, Propecia, Rogaine, LASER light treatment, and topical solutions. The gold standard for male and female pattern alopecia is hair transplantation. Compared to hair transplantation, all other forms of hair restoration are much less effective, at least as expensive and much more time consuming. Once the hair transplantation process is completed, patients never have to think about or treat hair loss again. Compared to other surgical procedures, hair transplantation is relatively safe.

The transplanted follicles, sweat glands and oil glands are living tissue. If hair is pulled out, new hair will grow in behind it. Transplanted hair grows for life and grays naturally with the rest of the hair requiring no special care. There have been many important and significant improvements in hair transplantation. If it is done properly, it will be virtually undetectable and will appear completely natural.

Follicular unit transplantation is now used by the leading hair transplant surgeons. Hair shafts exit the scalp in groups called follicular units. The number of hairs in each follicular unit ranges from 1-5 hairs.

Donor tissue from the scalp is harvested from alopecia resistant areas, from the back and sides. With the use of stereomicroscopes, the follicular units are isolated, producing ultra-fine follicular grafts about 0.5 millimeters in diameter. The older technique resulted in grafts about 1.5 millimeters in diameter. Smaller grafts appear more natural and waste less tissue. The final result of transplanted hair takes 6-12 months and is a relatively inconspicuous process compared to wigs and weaves.

Utilization of the smallest grafts is known as ultra fine follicular unit hair transplantations, which are virtually undetectable and appear completely natural. In fact, many people you see have had hair transplantations but they go completely unnoticed. I have been told many times that the hair dressers of my patients cannot tell that they have had hair transplantation even after examination.

There have been other innovations with hair transplantation.

The anesthetic process results in a nearly pain-free surgery and recovery. Five years ago, the average hair transplant session was about 700 grafts or less, but with advanced techniques and technology, sessions now average 2,000 grafts. This means that the restoration process can be accomplished with fewer sessions, many times requiring only one session.

There are many things to look for in choosing a qualified hair transplant physician. Make sure that the doctor has many years of experience. The board certified doctor should have an appealing before and after picture gallery and prior patients who are willing to talk or meet with you. It is an absolute must that the procedure is performed using experienced hair transplant technicians employing the follicular unit technique using stereomicroscopes. The physician should be a local doctor with ownership in the practice and should be available after the procedure if you have any questions or difficulties. The doctor should be present every step of the way from consultation to completion. The transplant procedure should use single hair grafts in the hairline that provide a natural and feathered appearance and multi-hair follicular units behind the hairline to provide density.

Anti-Aging and Functional Medicine meets the aforementioned criteria and utilizes the latest techniques in ultra-fine follicular unit graft hair transplantation. The result is a hair transplant that is virtually undetectable and appears completely natural. Board certified and founder, Dr. Arthur David Zacco treats patients as individuals and works with them in order to reach their unique goals. Call (919) 615-0577 for a free and confidential consultation without pressure and in the spirit of education. <<learn more hair replacement>>

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