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A Discussion on Sexual Relationships for Seniors by a Respected Anti-Aging Doctor in Raleigh age better

A Discussion on Sexual Relationships for Seniors by a Respected Anti-Aging Doctor in Raleigh

Many younger people are surprised by how sexually active many senior citizens are with their spouses or other significant partner. Recent surveys have indicated that upwards of 76 percent of elders from age 65 to 80 responded with positive affirmations that their active sex life was still enjoyable. As well as an important component of their romantic relationship. Dr. Zacco, a well regarded anti-aging doctor in Raleigh, NC discusses details regarding sexual relationships and seniors.

Seniors and sex seem to go hand in hand. 

Aging Challenges & Physical Changes After Age 60 That Impact Sexual Relationships

For most, sexual intimacy does not have to end because of the aging process. Many elderly couples still experience a warm and romantic sexual relationship into their later years at age 80 or higher.

Certainly, there are some natural aging challenges and certain specific physical changes that happen after age 60 that may impact the individual’s sex life. The good news is that there are some quick and simple treatment options that can set things right. These physical changes differ between men and women.

Aging Physical Changes in Women

Women over the age of 60 may notice that their vagina doesn’t seem to be moist enough during sexual intercourse. Therefore, she may experience pain due to the rubbing friction that intercourse tends to cause. There are highly effective lubricants that can help restore the vagina’s natural moisture balance.

Other age-related physical changes in women include:

  • Dry vaginal tissue
  • Thin and less elastic vaginal area tissue
  • Low female sex hormone levels can inhibit sexual urges and enjoyment
  • Many women experience urinary incontinence issues especially during sex
  • Previous reproductive surgeries may result in less orgasms
  • Anxiety regarding poor body image or self-confidence
  • Other health conditions – diabetes, heart disease, thyroid issues & more
  • Being overweight can hinder sexual enjoyment

The above challenges and physical changes can be improved upon by use of personal vaginal lubrication ointment, hormonal therapy and/or optimization, IV nutrient therapy, relaxation measures, doctor assisted weight loss, treatment for other health conditions and changes to medications.

Aging Physical Changes in Men

Men over the age of 60, or lower, might notice problems with their prostate gland like urinary urge and urinary incontinence or unable to fully void. Another common symptom of prostate related problems includes a loss of libido or urge to have sex.

Other age-related physical changes in men that may impact their sex life include:

  • Lack of libido
  • May have difficulties getting or maintaining an erection
  • Overwhelming fatigue
  • Shorter & less intense orgasms – may take longer
  • Lowered testosterone levels
  • Symptoms of ED – erectile dysfunction
  • Other health conditions – high BP, diabetes, heart disease, thyroid imbalance etc.
  • Underlying anxiety especially with sexual performance fears
  • Obesity may hinder libido and sexual performance
  • Medication related side effects

Similarly as with women, there are several terrific anti-aging treatments that may help the above problems in men. These treatments include but certainly are not limited to hormone optimization, IV nutrient therapy, and treatment for prostate problems. Additionally, it is important to review any changes in medications and also notify the anti-aging doctor if the senior may have recently begun doctor assisted weight loss. And of course consider whether the senior may be suffering with underlying mental or emotional issues. 

Possible Mental & Emotional Barriers After Age 60+ That Likely Impact Senior’s Sexual Relationships

Undoubtedly, many seniors develop certain mental and emotional problems that can become barriers regarding sex. As soon as possible, these issues need to be addressed and resolved. Not only will these mental/emotional issues have a negative impact on the senior’s sexual relationships, but also can affect their overall health and wellbeing.

Some common mental/emotional barriers regarding sex include:

  • Fears over sexual performance
  • May feel tired or uninterested due to medications, health conditions or underlying stressors
  • Lack of positive self-esteem
  • Poor body image issues
  • Problems in the relationship
  • Financial worries or struggles
  • Loss or death of spouse
  • Untreated depression or other emotional or mental disorder
  • Pain due to arthritis or other joint stiffness or body aches

These are just a few of the possible tips for improving sex after 60 and beyond. Learn more by contacting Anti-Aging & Functional Medicine in Raleigh, NC, (919) 615-0577.

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