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Anti Aging

At Anti Aging & Functional Medicine of Raleigh, we help individuals understand and reclaim their lost energy and vigor. Anti-Aging and Functional…


Today, more than ever before, there are aesthetic treatments to help you look youthful. Staying confident in your skin is a common outcome from …

Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation also known as hair replacement are a safe and proven approach to get back your natural hair. Those who have a full head…

Medical Testing Services

At Anti Aging & Functional Medicine we go beyond traditional health care insurance driven protocols for medical testing services….

Ancillary Medical Services

Anti Aging and Functional Medicine offers several ancillary medical services. In today’s healthcare environment, it is sometimes challenging…

Testosterone Therapy

Strip hair transplantation is a method of harvesting the donor area in the back of the scalp. This technique is used with both the MFU and FUT method…

Medical Aesthetics Clinic Raleigh NC

Our comprehensive range of services encompasses the field of Anti-Aging Aesthetics, providing individuals with tailored solutions to combat the inevitable effects of time. With our specialized Hair Transplantation Services, we offer cutting-edge techniques that restore confidence and a youthful appearance to those experiencing hair loss. To ensure utmost safety and efficacy, our team conducts rigorous Medical Testing Services, employing state-of-the-art technology and a meticulous approach for accurate diagnosis and treatment assessment. Additionally, our wide array of Ancillary Medical Services caters to diverse needs such as skin rejuvenation treatments or non-surgical facial enhancements, enabling clients to fully capitalize on their anti-aging journey. Recognizing hormonal imbalances as key contributors to aging symptoms in both men and women, we also provide Testosterone Therapy services that deliver bespoke hormone restoration plans personalized for each individual’s unique circumstances. Trust us as your partner in fighting the signs of aging by availing our impeccable range of services designed exclusively with your well-being in mind.videoGALLERY