Hair Transplantation

Anti Aging & Functional Medicine consolidated with AZ Hair Restoration in 2009.  The name was changed to Anti Aging & Functional Medicine to reflect the added services made available to our patients.  Our goal continues to be providing you with the best results in North Carolina since 1997.

Our success is based on treating you like a VIP with individual needs. After our free consultation, Dr. Zacco and you will outline an individualized hair restoration plan specifically to meet your goal.

hair transplantation

We provide only the latest and proven techniques in hair transplantation employing the best technique or a mixture of different techniques to suit your specific needs.  As with any skin procedure, there is some degree of discomfort. We make every effort to minimize the level of discomfort. We use our Ouchless Injection Technique and Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas). Almost all patients inform us afterward that they experienced much less discomfort than they had anticipated. After the procedure, there will be minimal discomfort.

Founder and owner since 1996, Dr. Arthur Zacco is present every step of the way from the free consultation to the completion of your hair restoration process. Dr. Zacco is an experienced hair transplant physician and is Board Certified. He is in good standing with the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS), The American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine (A4M), The American Association of Integrative Medicine, and the North Carolina Medical Society.

Types of Hair Transplantation Procedures

One size does not fit all!!!  We have created a unique approach to minimizing the number of hair transplantation’s that you will require to reach your goal.  We now perform Linear Multiple Follicular Unit (Linear MFU) grafting combined with Follicular Unit (FU) grafting to give you both the density and the natural appearance as to prevent needless excessive hair transplantation sessions.  At Anti Aging & Functional Medicine, we no longer perform exclusively FU and single hair grafting due to our great success and patient satisfaction.  Utilization of our Linear MFU, in addition to FU and single hair grafting, each hair transplantation results in better density and less follicular transection.  This results in less tissue wasting due to less follicular transsection, thus preserving your donor area.  This ultimately results in fewer days away from work and less expense to you.  This technique of combining Linear MFU’s with FU’s is especially helpful to those with limited donor area or large areas of hair loss.

FUE method is another method made available at Anti Aging & Functional Medicine.  It definitely has significant advantages and disadvantages listed below.  It’s the biggest advantage is that one can wear hair cut very short (about a #2 clipper) or longer without the scars being noticeable, such as military personnel.  However, the big disadvantage of the FUE method firstly is that there is more hair follicle transsection than with any other method.  This translates into more wasted/destroyed tissue.  Secondly, unfortunately, hair transplant technicians are performing his procedure instead of physicians.  The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery has written a position statement regarding and against this:  Non Physicians Performing FUE Procedures.  Dr. Zacco performs and directly oversees all FUE procedures performed at Anti Aging & Functional Medicine.

Our patients benefit from Anti Aging & Functional Medicine offering different techniques; Linear MFU, FU, and FUE, thus providing you with the highest quality hair transplantation.  Dr. Zacco is the only hair transplant surgeon in North Carolina that provides you all options at one facility.  During your free consultation, Dr. Zacco will meet with you and outline an individualized hair restoration plan for you.

Least best method to produce transplanted hair densityGood method for producing transplanted hair densityBest method to produce transplanted hair density
The scarring is less noticeable once healed, and the hair can be worn shorter but no shorter than #2 clippers. There is no lineal scar. However, with a shaved scalp, the scar will look more unusual than the linear scar.Linear scar. Hair needs to be worn longer in the sides and back to conceal the scar. No shorter than a #3 clippers in the back and sidesSame as Strip
No suture is requiredSutures or staples are required for the donor area onlySame as Strip
Optimal if relatively small number of grafts are requiredOptimal if a large number of grafts are required.Optimal of large number of grafts are required and much density is desired and donor tissue preservation is required. Best for density.
This is one of the latest additions to the field of hair transplantation since the early 2000’sThis is a tried and proven technique in hair transplantation since the 1990’sSame as Strip
Patients with very curly hair are usually not a good candidate for FUECan accommodate any hair type.Same as Strip
Overall, FUE is about twice the costOverall, about ½ the cost of FUESame as Strip
More transected follicles than Strip MethodLess transected follicles transplanted compared to FUE methodLeast transected of all methods which means more hair growth per cm2 of tissue harvested.

We have very affordable financing where your payments can be as low as $76 per month. Our talented staff is dedicated to your satisfaction and comfort during the entire process. We are dedicated to providing the latest technology in hair restoration and the best hair transplantation possible.

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What is alopecia?

Alopecia is the process of hair loss. Hair loss can occur for different reasons, which can be discussed during your free consultation. The most common form is male and female pattern alopecia which is still poorly understood. It is important to realize that the hair on the sides and back of the scalp of even severe cases of alopecia are somewhat immune to this process. This is precisely the area that hair is harvested during hair transplantation. Alopecia can be due to metabolic anomalies that can be evaluated by Dr. Zacco during a scheduled treatment appointment.

What is a hair transplantation?

Even significantly balding men and women will have relatively thick hair on the sides and back of the scalp. This is because the follicles in this region are genetically programmed to resist the usual cause of hair loss. Hair transplantation is a process in which the hair follicles and its surrounding tissue, a graft, is surgically removed from the back and/or sides of the scalp and transplanted where it is needed. The transplanted follicles usually survive for life and therefore the process is usually permanent. The transplanted tissue, or graft, is living tissue we obtain from you that continues to grow hair for life requiring regular haircuts and will gray naturally. It is your living and growing hair, surgically moved. At Anti Aging & Functional Medicine, we employ a combination of proven techniques. We don’t believe that one method of hair transplantation fits all. We utilize several different methods to best fit the individual patient. Sometimes we will use two different techniques on the same patient. This requires more effort, experience, and training. At Anti Aging & Functional Medicine, we feel our patients deserve the best.

What can be done if airline transportation is required?

If you live at a distance that requires airline transportation and hotel, we will make every attempt to create an experience that is worry-free.

What is the cost of hair transplantation?

The total surface area and severity of alopecia is different from person to person. During your free consultation, Dr. Arthur Zacco will openly and honestly outline the cost and individualized plan for you. There will be no hidden costs. Financing is available for those who qualify.

How successful is hair transplantation?

Very successful. The vast majority of transplanted grafts survive and Anti Aging & Functional Medicine is known for producing natural-appearing transplantation that is virtually undetectable. If requested, we have previous patients available from all walks of life that have graciously made themselves available to talk or meet with you. Dr. Zacco has been performing HT surgery in Wake County since 1997.

Can anything be done about large noticeable plugs I have as a result of a hair transplant at another facility?

Dr. Arthur Zacco has been performing corrective hair transplantation from other clinics for years and finds it personally and professionally rewarding. If the grafts are very large in the hairline, part of them can be moved to another area to make the plugs smaller. Also, smaller grafts can be performed around of preexisting large plugs providing the patient with a more natural-appearing hairline.

Can anything be done about the scar in my mustache from a cleft palate surgery?

Scars in hair-bearing areas can be camouflaged by transplanting your own living and growing hair directly into the scar. This is useful with scars of the scalp, mustache (scar from surgery to repair cleft palate), beard, eyebrow, and pubic region (caused by burns, surgery, or trauma).

Will I have much pain?

As with any skin procedure, there is some degree of discomfort. We make every effort to minimize the level of discomfort. We use our Ouchless Injection Technique and Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas). Almost all patients inform us afterward that they experienced much less discomfort than they had anticipated. After the procedure, there will be minimal discomfort.

There are so many different hair transplant techniques -Which one is the best?

Performing hair transplants in Wake County since 1997, Dr. Arthur Zacco has mastered all hair transplant techniques; FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction), Strip FU (Follicular Unit), Strip Linear MFU (Multi Follicular Unit), eyebrow hair transplantation and even the metabolic workup for alopecia. Dr. Zacco can use one or more techniques in single hair transplantation to assure the best possible results for your unique situation.

How do I go about scheduling a free consultation? Take the first step by calling (919) 615-0577 or (800) 762-HAIR (4247)

We pride ourselves on minimizing discomfort. We incorporate many different techniques to make your experience as enjoyable and rewarding as possible. We employ our Ouchless Injection Technique to greatly minimize discomfort.

People respond very differently to discomfort, and our hair restoration procedures have relatively little discomfort. The vast majority of our patients tell us that there was much less discomfort than anticipated. You will be napping or watching movies of your choosing most of the procedure and break for a delicious lunch provided by us. Many patients comment that the experience feels like a relaxing day off.

If you wish, nitrous oxide (laughing gas) is available at no additional cost. The unique techniques we employ allow the patient to have a very relaxed session, while they watch movies or listen to their favorite music, or simply sleep. Many patients nap through much of the procedure. There are only a few minutes during scalp injections where minimal discomfort may be experienced. However, we simultaneously incorporate the Ouchless Injection Technique to greatly minimize discomfort.

On the day after the procedure, the patient will return to Anti Aging & Functional Medicine. The dressing will be removed and your hair washed. Dr. Zacco will personally check your incision and grafts to make sure all is well. Pain medication is usually not needed after one or two days following the hair transplantation. Most folks can easily return to their usual routine within 2-3 days after the procedure. However it is recommended that you refrain from exercise or strenuous physical activity for 72 hours.