Tests and Ancillary Services

Medical testing


Anti-Aging and Functional Medicine goes beyond being just a comprehensive medical practice. We dedicate an enormous amount of time looking at data and researching interactions beyond the traditional methods to discover root causes for your unique medical makeup.

Wellness itself is more than your age and symptoms and the tests are a means to discovery.

Here is a quick list of some of the testing we may use to support your needs:

  • Micronutrient testing
  • Blood and food sensitivity
  • Skin Allergy Testing
  • Hart Rate Variability Testing
  • Digestive Health Tests
  • Hormone Tests
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Dr Assisted Weight Loss

Doctor Assisted Weight Loss

So often patient arrive and say my doctor only says “lose weight”. What they fail to realize is that as we age our ability to shed those pounds become harder. If you lack the energy you will never get started, likewise if you diet alone you will yo-yo. At Anti-Aging and Functional Medicine is a Doctor assisted weight loss center and we take the time to understand you, we help you learn more about ways to unleash your true self and keep the weight off.

It often takes years to put the weight on.  Now lets focus on taking them off. Learn More>>

Anti Aging Ancillary Services

Ancillary Services

In today’s busy world it is inconvenient to truly get the healthcare you deserve. That is why the services of Anti-Aging and Functional Medicine were inspired by Dr. Zacco’s patients. Make no mistake this is not a Spa, and it is not traditional medicine where the right hand does not know what the left is doing. Our service are focused on integrative medicine which includes ancillary services built around you.

We look forward to working with you to develop a plan uniquely designed around your needs.  Isn’t it about time you had the healthcare you deserved. Learn More>>

Anti-Aging and Functional Medicine is commited to providing individualized care focused around your unique needs.  The benefits you achieve often come from your awareness and being a patient is about taking action. Many of our patients see extrodinary improvements in their health.

Q: Do you provide medication?

A: Generally we allow your primary care provider manage your maintenance based prescriptions.  We do provide medications as necessary to support or services.  Ultimately, we seek to help you minimize your need for ongoing maintenance medication by addressing and solving root symptoms.

Q: What other tests do you perform?

A: As a medical provider I can request any medical test necessary to help in our discovery process.  We however are not meant to be your primary physician so we generally do not provide test like strep tests or such.

Q: Do you provide medications for Weight loss?

A: As a general rule we do not, however each patient is unique and may require some form of assistance to jump start or help with metabolism. That said, we generally will always try to approach your care from a holistic point of view.

Q:  Do you provide Micronutrient testing?

A: Anti-Aging and FucFunctional Medicine provides nutrient testing as well as many other tests to support you.

Q:  Does your office accept health insurance?

A: We do accept most health insurances and will file on your behalf.

Q:  Are you in-network with health insurance companies?

A: We are not an in-network provider.  We always consult with patients on financial commitment and are willing to assist in any way feasible.