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Eat Healthy Food, Have A Healthy Life

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Eat Healthy Food, Have A Healthy Life
Healthy Food – Virginia Woolf once said, “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well if one has not dined well.” When many people think of dining well, they think of gorging themselves at buffets for comfort. Stress eating has sadly become normal for many people. A lot of us have become locked into believing that eating well is synonymous with eating high-calorie, fatty meals.

Super Foods

In truth, we’ve got to treat our bodies like more than just food chutes. The amount of food we take in and the type of food we take in can all lead to our increased health, vitality, and endurance; or the amount and type of food we consume can lead to the onset of disease earlier than we expected.

There are plenty of foods that can better your health. Fresh fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, fish high in Omega-3, raw nuts, and many other foods can be eaten regularly in order to promote health. In this article, though, I want to discuss what some people call superfoods and how if you add some of these to each of your meals, you can reap additional health benefits that many other foods don’t offer. These superfoods are loaded with antioxidants, phytochemicals, and elusive nutrients that can all improve stamina, vitality, mood, and general wellbeing and long life.

Maca usually comes in a powder and can be mixed with water or nut milk to make a shake. It actually tastes a little bit like chocolate milk. It’s a great mood elevator and can increase energy levels as well.


We’ve all heard of honey, but this byproduct of bee pollination is actually a superfood. It is loaded with minerals like calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, and silicon, and it’s also packed with other micronutrients. Sugar and nutrients in honey are easily absorbed, so it can boost energy quickly.

Another great nutrient for boosting energy is spirulina, which is a type of algae that you can consume in smoothies and shakes. It is great for immune, heart, and brain health and is also a great source of protein.


Açaí is a fruit that is packed with antioxidants for immune health. You can put this superfood in smoothies to better help your body maintain homeostasis and resist disease.


Who doesn’t like chocolate? Cocoa seeds may not be smooth, rich milk chocolate, but they are an amazing source of energy and positivity, as they elevate mood. Granted, they are more bitter than sweet, but their effects are sure to delight.


Most tea is very beneficial. Ancient cultures have been cultivating tea for thousands of years. Herbal teas and tinctures are great for a lot of ailments. Matcha tea is no different. Matcha tea can improve your lifespan, fight against cancer, and give you more energy than coffee without the jitters.


You may have heard of ginseng, which is an herbal remedy pioneered by the Chinese. Ginseng tea can help improve concentration, increase energy, and reduce overall stress.

These aren’t the only superfoods available, but this list will give you an idea of what’s available so perhaps you can start replacing some unhealthy habits with healthy ones. Blending some or all of these ingredients in a morning fruit and vegetable smoothy is a great way to start your day, not to mention a great way to add years to your life. Eating healthy food is an essential component to an anti-aging lifestyle.  

Live Longer while Looking and Feeling Younger

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Live Longer while Looking and Feeling Younger
Aging is natural and will affect all of us, but there are plenty of ways to stave off the ravages of age. Diet, exercise, and preventive practices can all work wonders to keep us all living longer. Follow these steps will have us looking younger, and feeling healthier as we age. Today, being in your fifties, sixties, and seventies doesn’t have to mean retirement. It also doesn’t mean an end of your golden years. People can stay active and have fun no matter what their age. A lot of this is due to medical advancements, but lifestyle choices can really make a big difference as well.


There are a lot of choices when it comes to exercise. Different programs are developed almost daily. Levels of intensity vary with exercise programs, and while younger people tend to gravitate towards running and other high-intensity exercises, many people–especially as they’re getting older–may want to consider low-intensity exercises such as yoga, qigong, and t’ ai chi.

All three of these programs offer low-intensity workouts that improve joint flexibility, stamina, vitality, and improvement of overall health. Yoga began in India as a religious practice, but it has since evolved into a very healthy exercise. Yoga was taught abroad in Tibet and China and eventually developed into exercises that can be seen in qigong, which is considered a traditional Chinese practice. Exercises that can be seen in qigong were eventually developed into various martial arts forms known as t’ ai chi, but eventually, the martial applications were replaced by slow-moving exercises by many people. Today, all three of these practices can be great for longevity, as they massage internal organs, loosen and relax joints, help with the brain-body connection (which releases chemicals such as dopamine and blocks others such as cortisol), and improve range of movement.


Food can help or hurt your pursuit of longevity. Sometimes, the overall diet can lead to aging, as in simply eating foods that cause problems such as illness or inflammation. An overall diet can also be healthy and beneficial. Sometimes, particular foods and drinks can reduce the symptoms of aging. Sometimes foods can cause problems that lead to advanced aging.

Tumeric, flax seeds, organic produce such as tomatoes and blueberries, specialty teas such as green or oolong, and certain nuts and legumes can have anti-inflammatory properties that reduce pain and lethargy and provide energy and vitality. Certain ingredients such as the aforementioned Tumeric and also ginger can help reduce pain and discomfort. Foods that lead to better overall feelings can allow you to feel more alive, work out more, and live a more active life. In combination, these practices will help you feel and look younger longer.

Skin Care

It’s also important to take care of your skin both internally and externally. Drinking more water and eating healthier foods can help reduce collagen loss, thus keeping skin tight and healthy. You can consult a dermatologist about external healthcare, as there are many lotions and other products that can help you have a smooth, healthy glow that lasts for decades. Of course, it’s also wise to stay out of tanning booths and the sun for too long, as these practices can age the skin quicker than normal.

Anti-aging is about feeling healthy as much as it is about looking healthy. How you feel is going to come from diet and exercise. This will also affect how you look. Both go hand-in-hand, and by following healthy practices, you’ll enjoy the benefits of a long, healthy life.

5 Anti-Aging Tips for the Summer

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5 Anti-Aging Tips for the Summer
Summertime is about enjoying life and getting out of the house. It’s the perfect time to leave work and school behind to spend more time with family and friends. It also includes focusing on your skincare regimen. You don’t want heavy skincare products to clog your pores and weigh down your skin. 

That doesn’t mean you should give up your anti-aging products. You just need to switch up your routine. It all comes down to effectively hydrating your skin and wearing more sunscreen. The following anti-aging tips will keep your skin glowing all summer long. 

1 – Don’t Forget to Wash Your Face 

Cleansing your skin is so important, especially in the summertime. The main goal of cleansing your skin to remove bacteria, dirt, debris, and excess oils. You should use a gentle cleanser that hydrates and nourishes your skin while including anti-aging ingredients. A foaming cleanser is ideal for washing impurities and provides your skin with nourishing vitamins and minerals. 

It’s important to find a cleanser that’s safe to use on all skin types. There are cleansers that contain essential oils and natural ingredients. It’s also the best type of cleanser to use for the summertime. But this is also a cleanser that you’ll want to use all year. 

2 – Moisturize Your Face Every Day

It’s also just as important to keep your skin hydrated throughout the summer. But in the summertime, you should wear a lightweight moisturizer that’s just enough to use in the spring and fall. The ideal summertime moisturizer is one that makes your skin feel cool and refreshed. Even better is using one that contains SPF. 

The best moisturizer is one that contains both anti-aging and nourishing benefits. It should contain a broad spectrum of UVA and UVB protection that’s sweat-proof and water-proof. Since most moisturizers are free from fragrances, fillers, parabens, and sulfates, it’s the perfect choice for acne-prone skin. Best of all, these formulas contain antioxidants and plant stem cells, which means you’ll add environmental protection to those anti-aging benefits. 

3 – Exfoliate Your Skin 

Exfoliation is a must for sloughing away those dead skin cells. You want your beautiful self to shine through, especially when you’re wearing less clothing in the summertime. Even when you’re wearing a lightweight moisturizer, your skin will still break out from excess oil. Exfoliation can prevent breakouts from happening and remove impurities from your pores. 

Just make sure not to overdo it. Some women are required to exfoliate twice a week, while others may have to do it less often. Your esthetician can inform you how often to exfoliate your face. Exfoliating is still ideal for renewing your skin and making it radiant. 

4 – Wear Sunglasses 

You need to protect your eyes and skin from the sun’s harmful rays. That excess sun exposure can cause serious eye problems and can cause crow’s feet to appear. You should invest in a pair of high-quality sunglasses with UV protection. You also don’t want to forget to wear eye cream or serum with SPF protection. 

5 – Drink Antioxidants,

There’s nothing like a refreshing glass of iced green tea on a hot summer day. This soothing drink is packed with anti-aging and benefits and antioxidants. Green tea also contains epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), a plant-based compound that’s known to reduce your risk of cancer and protect you from the sun. But you should always speak with your doctor before trying any new supplements or vitamins. 

These anti-aging tips can help you put your best face forward this summer. With just a few tweaks of your skincare regimen, your skin will glow all season long.

Keep Skin Healthy

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Keep Skin Healthy

Strategies for Keeping Your Skin Healthy

Some parts of aging are within your control whereas others are determined by genetics and basically out of your control. Your skin is no different from the rest of your body in that there are strategies you can adapt to slow or reverse the aging process. Other factors lie outside of your control. Eating healthier foods and avoiding the midday sun, for instance, are skin-protecting factors within your control.

Look Into Diet

Research shows a diet centered around antioxidant-rich foods like blueberries, kale, and oats can significantly reduce the signs of aging at a cellular level. Conversely, research also indicates that eating a lot of sugar and refined carbohydrates could accelerate aging in the body. 

So, you should definitely think twice about doubling down on the donuts and sugary drinks and really consider getting more vitamin C foods into your regimen. Vitamin C is essential for building new collagen and helping skin cells repair themselves. Foods high in vitamin C include kale, broccoli, and goji berries. 

Ditch Skin-damaging Habits

Smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, and spending time in tanning beds can damage your skin over time. Both smoking and drinking alcohol can dehydrate your skin. 

Smoking might be worse than alcohol in the sense that smoking hurts skin in two ways. Simply the act of scrunching up your mouth to smoke can cause wrinkles over time. Secondly, your skin will take on a wrinkled, and dull look overall if you develop a smoking habit. 

Tanning beds are another thing that makes dermatologists wince. Tanning beds are hugely popular with young women, but that doesn’t mean that these same women aren’t suffering skin damage due to the ultraviolet radiation released by these tanning beds. The FDA has recently issued warnings about tanning beds, and tanning beds have recently been shown to hurt both elastic and collagen. 

You shouldn’t panic if you’ve already been exposed or gotten a bad sunburn recently. Just up your dosage of vitamin C to ensure that your body can rebuild collagen. 

Get Moving! 

Exercising a few times a week helps to improve circulation and the functioning of the immune system. Your body also releases toxins through your sweat, especially toxins right on the surface. Exercise also has mood-boosting benefits, which will make you want to keep moving.

4 Natural Anti-Aging Methods You Need to Try

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4 Natural Anti-Aging Methods You Need to Try
The natural aging process can lead to problems later in life. How can you slow down the aging process? Here are some natural anti-aging techniques that could help. Teach your body to adapt to age rather than letting your age catch up to you. Here are 4 natural anit-aging methods.

Eat More Protein 

There’s something to be said about increasing your diet with protein. Collagen can be found in some of the most popular anti-aging products. That’s because it’s the human body’s biggest proponent of protein. This protein increases your hair, nails, and skin’s strength. 

Collagen can be found in your joints, muscles, tendons, and your bones. Not only does it support the bones and joints, but it also slows down the aging process. Unfortunately, your collagen levels decrease as you get older. That’s why most people use supplements to correct this problem. 

But one easy way to do this is to more protein. You can get protein from all kinds of foods. As an added result, protein can balance your body’s insulin levels, which can stabilize blood glucose levels. It’s also good for tissue repair, especially after an intense strength training session. Anti-Aging Methods like this are a great way to stay healthy and look great! 

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise

Anti-Aging Methods also include regular exercise contributes to your mental and physical health. It helps creates and stores energy within your body and cells. Its efficiency decreases as you age. Aerobic and cardiovascular exercise is beneficial for combatting this problem. 

You can also join a gym and take part in a strength training session. Not only will you look good, but you’ll also feel great. It helps to build muscles and tighten up the skin while maintaining a healthy weight. Strength training is great for your blood pressure, blood sugar, bones, and oxidative stress. 

Don’t have time to spend hours at the gym? Or don’t know which exercise to try? Find something that you enjoy such as going for a morning jog, gardening, or dancing to your music. It’s easy to find ways to keep your body active and moving. Regular exercise is one of the best ways to slow down the signs of aging. 

Reduce Your Sugar Intake

Not only should you exercise, but you should also eat a healthy diet that contains fruits and vegetables. Since sugar is in almost everything we eat, it can be hard to avoid. Not only does it increase blood sugar levels, but it also robs you of collagen and protein. This leads to a process called glycation, which is the aging process of the skin. Reducing your sugar intake or eliminating it altogether is a great anti-aging practice to take advantage of. 

Drink More Water 

There are health advocates who believe water will solve all of the world’s problems. But there’s something to be said about drinking plenty of water. It can help slow down the aging process. Since the human body is made up of 60% of water, it makes sense to stay hydrated.

The increased hydration leads to smooth and glowing skin, rather than dehydrated and aged skin. It also gives you a youthful appearance and prevents sagging from happening. Dehydration is the biggest reason why skin ages so soon. You should aim to drink eight glasses or two liters of water each day. 

Society places too much pressure on women to look young. But aging is a normal part of life and should be embraced more. But that means you should be aging gracefully. Try these Anti-Aging Methods that help you look and feel great.

The Anti-Aging & Functional Medicine Center

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The Anti-Aging & Functional Medicine Center

The Anti-Aging & Functional Medicine center offers a large array of anti-aging medical services. Doctor-assisted weight loss is one of the more sought out programs by patients. Also, Dr. Zacco utilizes technics customized to each patient seeking weight loss results called system optimization. This method optimizes your hormones, brain, gut, immune system, nervous system, and cardiovascular system to achieve the results you desire. , undergoing this process also offers long term solutions, even underlying issues that may encompass mental health and spiritual needs. 

Aesthetic Procedures

If you’re primarily seeking aesthetic procedures the Anti-Aging & Functional Medicine center specializes in Sclerotherapy for Spider Veins and Juvéderm & Restylane for dermal filler injections. The center uses techniques which are less painful with fewer side effects. If hair transplantation is what you’re seeking, Dr. Zacco has developed a unique approach to achieve coveted results. This procedure is customized to each patient and it will minimize the number of hair transplants you will require. Also, Dr. Zacco is in the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery and holds a great reputation as an experienced hair transplant physician. 

Aside from the aesthetic procedures, The Anti-Aging & Functional Medicine center offers a large array of testing services. The center focuses on personalized care so their testing is comprehensive. Also, some of the tests they provide are Food Sensitivity Testing, Metabolic Metabolites, Food Sensitivity Testing, Stool Testing – Digestive and Absorptive Health, Saliva Testing -Cortisol and Hormones, Blood Testing – Hormones, Lyme, Liver, Thyroid, Uncommon Pathogens, Vampire Face-Lifts with or without dermal fillers, Microneedling and much more.

The Anti Aging & Functional Medicine Center

The Anti Aging & Functional Medicine Center is not a spa. They offer integrative medicines that are personalized to each individual client. The staff cultivates a unique plan designed for you to achieve your goals. Wellness is integral to the process. Also, this goes beyond the expectation of typical medical practice. Also, You can expect to have the staff focus on your physical well-being, your mental health, and spiritual needs alongside the treatments you initially signed up for. Whether you’re seeking long-lasting weight loss or a list of aesthetic procedures, their mission is to help achieve the goals you set for yourself. 

Dr. Arthur Zacco obtained his degree in Biology and a minor in Chemistry from the University of Central Florida in 1986. Dr. Zacco is currently board certified in family medicine. He is also board certified in Anti-Aging from The American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine. Lastly, he completed his internship in 1996 from the Genesys Regional Medical Center in Flint, MI. 


Daily Habits That Fight Aging

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Daily Habits That Fight Aging
We are Aging every day. However, the habits that you have will determine how fast you age. There are several everyday habits that will fight the aging process.

Drink Tea for Breakfast

Many people cannot start their day without coffee. However, you should consider drinking tea instead of coffee. White tea is one of the best beverages that you can drink. One study showed that white tea can reduce the risk of rheumatoid arthritis and cancer. It may also fight wrinkles.

White tea has enzymes in that can prevent elastin and collagen from breaking down. These proteins help keep your skin elastic and prevent wrinkles from forming.

Increase the Number of Steps That You Take

Even if you work out every day, you are still considered sedentary if you sit down most of the day. If your job requires that you sit down a lot, then you will need to get up and walk as much as you can. Increasing the number of steps that you take will keep your joints mobile and strong.

Eat Fruits and Vegetables

Sweets are tempting. However, if you eat fruits and vegetables instead of sweets, then you can fight aging. Sweets raise your blood sugar level, which can cause you to age faster.

Become a Morning Person

It is best for you to go to bed early and get up early. You will have more willpower if you wake up early. You will also be able to get more done if you get up early.

Apply Sunscreen

Many people think that they only need sunscreen when it is hot. However, you should wear sunscreen every time that you leave the house. Ultraviolet rays can cause aging. They can also increase the risk of skin cancer. You should wear a sunscreen with a SPF of 15 with higher.

Drink Plenty of Water

You should keep a water bottle with you at all times. Dehydration can raise your blood pressure and cause dizziness. If you keep a water bottle with you, then you will be able to stay hydrated.

Get More Sleep

It is not a good idea to pull an all-nighter if you are trying to fight aging. You have to make sleep a priority if you want to feel rejuvenated and refreshed. Studies have shown that people who are sleep-deprived are more likely to have fine lines and wrinkles.

Eat More Fat

You may have been told that fat is bad. However, healthy fat can fight aging. Healthy fat, which is found in avocados and mixed nuts, can support healthy cells. They can also protect your organs. For more great information contact us today

Understanding Thyroid Disease

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Understanding Thyroid Disease
Finding an Anti-Aging and Functional Medicine Doctor to Help Your Thyroid Function
There are many different health issues that can contribute to early signs of aging. One of those issues is becoming more known today. Thyroid problems seem to push the pedal and speed up the process of aging.  However, if you’re aware that you have thyroid disease, you can take control of the problem with some anti-aging medicine before aging takes its toll.

Defining What and How Your Thyroid Works

In starting this conversation, it would be beneficial for readers to know exactly what thyroid disease is. First, people should be aware that there are two types of thyroid disease:

  • Hypothyroidism
  • Hyperthyroidism

These two types of thyroid conditions, in which someone can get, depends on how the thyroid gland is working in the body. The thyroid is a part of the endocrine system and is the butterfly-shaped organ right below Adam’s apple in the neck area. And for this organ to function in a normal way, it needs to release two main hormones. 

  • Triiodothyronine (T3)
  • Thyroxine (T4)

Now, for the thyroid gland to produce these two hormones, it is important to eat foods with iodine in order to do so. However, this is where the disease affects a person. If your thyroid, for whatever reason, stops working correctly, then somehow it is not getting enough of one or both hormones it needs, or it is getting too much of one or more of the hormones. 

Visible Signs of a Thyroid Problem

Although there is a deeper discussion to be had on your thyroid gland and how it needs to function, for this article, I want to concentrate on how it can affect the way we look. More specifically, how fast we age. Some of the ways it shows in our outer appearance are with:

  • Itchy Dry Skin
  • Brittle Nails
  • Dry Hair
  • Hair loss
  • Jaundice
  • Dark Circles Under the Eyes

Whenever you see these signs, the thyroid is not working well and is either lacking hormonal function or has too much function. Fatigue, bowel problems, and irregular periods are some of the internal issues that cause the outer appearance to look older than a person really is. 

If you show signs of any of these symptoms, it will be time to go and see your doctor to request thyroid determining tests. If it is discovered you have the disease, make sure you are seeing a doctor who is an expert in the field of anti-aging and functional medicine for these types of complex issues. 

Take Control of Your Thyroid by Visiting an Anti-Aging and Functional Medicine Professional

Finally, take these tips and know that you can find a way back to normalcy. Although it may seem like a real burden to have this disease, it does not have to be. It will help you if you take a little time to do some research and find your anti-aging and functional medicine doctor. Go ahead, take the initiative and find your solution.

The Importance Of An Effective Anti Aging Regime

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The Importance Of An Effective Anti Aging Regime

When it comes to skincare, often times people overlook the value of creating and sticking to an effective routine. If you want to lengthen your youthful glow, putting in the time to take care of your skin is crucial. It is never too early in life to take care of your skin. Being the biggest organ in the body, prioritizing the health of your skin can help promote overall health as well. Creating a daily regimen that fits your skin type will certainly pay off in the long run, and here are a few added motivations to begin. 

The Importance Of An Effective Anti Aging Regime 

Prevention is key when combatting unwanted signs of aging from appearing. Dark spots, sagging skin, wrinkles, and lack of collagen growth are just the beginning stages of aging that can worsen with time. Although nature will run its course naturally, there is nothing wrong with delaying the process. Retaining skin’s elasticity and firmness all boils down to how well you take care of it. As you age, the skin’s turnover rejuvenation rate decreases, which means the time it will take for your skin to renew its cells becomes more timely. 

Fortunately, there are countless serums, moisturizers, and skin products on the market that help stall these signs of aging. Simply using sunscreen and moisturizer every day on their own can already help fight skin damage tremendously. To better understand what products will work best for you, it’s advised to evaluate the type of skin you have. Regardless of your skin type, the goal should be to level out your face’s pH balance to never be too dry or too oily. The more natural moisture your skin has the less likely it will age. 

Best Anti Aging Tips To Incorporate 

Along with following a strong skincare regimen, it is also really important to enhance other aspects of your life as well. Incorporating a healthy diet filled with vital macro and micronutrients can greatly help your skin to glow from the inside out. It’s one thing to externally care for your skin to prevent aging and another to add on a good diet in as well. If you find the perfect balance of the two, your skin will be looking and feeling so healthy in every way possible. 

Staying hydrated is also so important when trying to maintain moisture and collagen in the skin. Anti-aging treatments and products won’t have much of an effect if you do not hydrate your body. The more water you put into your body, the more toxins and bad bacteria will be able to flush out of your system. 

Taking necessary preventative care precautions for anti-aging may seem time-consuming and slightly tedious at times, but you will surely thank yourself years down the road. When you give yourself a few hours a day to show love for your skin, the results will show and shine through. Don’t wait any longer to prevent the signs of aging from occurring, because it is never too late.

Myths About Anti-Aging

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Myths About Anti-Aging

Everyone wants to look their best. That is why many people are investing a lot of time and money in anti-aging products. However, there are a lot of anti-aging myths that will need to be debunked. 

Myth: The Pricier a Product is, the Better It Will Work 

Fact: You have probably heard that “You get what you pay for.” There is some truth to that saying. However, you may not necessarily get a better product by paying more. You will need to invest in a product that has high-quality ingredients, but you do not have to pay a fortune for it. 

Myth: Natural Products are Better for the Skin 

Fact: Many people today are trying to live a more natural lifestyle. That is why they are buying natural skincare products. However, even though a product may be labeled natural, that does not necessarily mean that it is better for your skin. It is also important to note that the Food and Drug Administration has not given a definition of what natural is. Anyone can slap the natural label on their product. 

Myth: Anti-Aging Products Always Irritate the Skin 

Fact: Many people are reluctant to use skin care products because they are afraid that their skin may become red and irritated. Most anti-aging products will exfoliate or remove a layer of the skin. That is why you can expect some peeling. However, the products will probably not irritate your skin much. 

Myth: Older People are the Only Ones Who Need Anti-Aging Treatments 

Fact: It is best for you to use an anti-aging treatment while you are young. This can prevent you from developing fine lines and wrinkles. Anti-aging treatments can also prevent acne and acne spots. 

Myth: The More Products You Use, the Better 

Fact: More is not necessarily better when it come to skin care. In fact, you can actually irritate your skin by using too many products at the same time. 

Myth: Sunscreen is not Necessary for Every Skin Type 

Fact: If you have more sensitive skin, then you will be more likely to develop a sunburn. However, everyone needs sunscreen. Sun exposure not only causes wrinkles, but it can also cause fine lines and wrinkles. 

Myth: Diet Does Not Help Your Skin 

Fact: You need to follow a healthy diet in order to keep your skin healthy. A poor diet can also lead to hair loss. That is why you will need to make sure that you get the right balance of vitamins and minerals.

Dermal Filler and Anti-Aging Advantages

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Dermal Filler and Anti-Aging Advantages
Look Young and Fresh With Anti-Aging Treatments 

Anti-aging is a subject that’s of great interest to many people all around the planet. People naturally want to look their best no matter what. No one wants to look in the mirror and see skin that’s sagging, wrinkled and damaged in general. It can be nice to have a complexion that’s firm, supple and youthful in appearance. If you’re frustrated by any adjustments in your skin, however, you have no reason to fixate on things and feel upset. Anti-Aging & Functional Medicine in Raleigh, North Carolina can give you access to all of the most effective and advanced anti-aging procedures around. People who want to take control of aging often opt for dermal fillers. Dermal fillers, in a nutshell, are injectables that can do so much for peoples’ physical appearances. They can assist people who want to decrease the severity of wrinkles. They can assist people who wish to look younger in general. People should think about getting dermal fillers for numerous big reasons. 

Physical Appearance Advantages 

Dermal fillers can help peoples’ looks significantly. If you have lips that are the opposite of juicy and pouty, then they may be able to accommodate you. People who long for full lips are often excellent dermal filler candidates. These fillers can aid individuals who have concerns that involve facial definition, deep scarring, and fine lines. If you want to make facial scars a lot less prominent, fillers may prove to be highly effective for you. 

There is a range of practical advantages that are linked to getting dermal fillers, too. There are some anti-aging treatments out there that are pretty time-consuming. Fillers, however, aren’t part of that classification at all. If you go for dermal fillers, you should be able to pick up on differences practically instantly. You shouldn’t have to deal with a dull and complex healing period at all, either. If you receive injections of fillers, you should be able to go back to your typical daily activities right away. That’s why people who have busy careers are often big dermal filler enthusiasts. 

Fillers don’t have appearances that are fake or unpleasant. If you’re wary of anti-aging treatments that lead to looks that are far from natural, then you don’t have to live in fear of dermal fillers. If you get these injections, you won’t have to think about others knowing. 

Dermal fillers, last but definitely not least, can also be amazing for people who are looking to feel better about themselves. Skin that has many wrinkles, scars, and fine lines can make people feel awful. It can make people question their looks on a daily basis, too. If you want to relish high self-esteem and a sense of liberation, then getting dermal fillers may be the smartest thing you ever do. 

Call Anti-Aging & Functional Medicine for More About Dermal Fillers 

If you want to discover more about the possibilities of dermal fillers and anti-aging procedures, call Anti-Aging & Functional Medicine in Raleigh.

Anti-Aging Services-Not Just for Looks!

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Anti-Aging Services-Not Just for Looks!

For a while now, when people thought about services in regards to anti-aging, they assumed that the process would be entirely cosmetic. While the aesthetic options offered with these types of medical services make a profound difference in the patient’s confidence, the truth is that anti-aging services benefit people on more than just a superficial level. The techniques we use at Anti Aging & Functional Medicine work for a great many clients such as people needing assistance with their hormone imbalances, nutrient deficiencies, or fatigue. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look and feel younger, but we encourage you to look into our other procedures that can greatly improve your overall wellness. 

Hormone Optimization 
Hormone imbalances affect a great number of American citizens on a daily basis. Our hormone optimization process allows us to manage your thyroid levels, estrogen, DHEA, cortisol, and progesterone levels, to name a few. Having a healthy estrogen level is essential to anyone who may have a family history of breast cancer while having a healthy thyroid can prevent a serious condition, such as a thyroid storm. Monitoring your cortisol levels can greatly decrease the occurrence of adrenal fatigue, which has been linked to insomnia, digestive problems, and depression. Maintaining a healthy balance of hormones can have great advantages for your hair and skin, but it’s also essential in averting more serious, life-threatening conditions. 

Nutrient and IV Therapy 
According to a study conducted by Calton Nutrition, over half of our population suffers from a deficiency in Calcium, Vitamin C, Potassium, and Vitamin E. Half of us experience a deficiency in Magnesium and Vitamin A. When your body is lacking in essential nutrients, you can experience low levels of stamina and a slower healing process. This makes IV Nutrient Therapy a great alternative for the average person. This process restores youthful vitality to patients that can help increase your energy levels throughout the day. This treatment also aids in speeding the healing process when recovering from some injuries. 

Chelation Therapy 
Chelation is a chemical process in which the bloodstream is injected with a synthetic solution in order to remove foreign metals and heavy minerals. This can be especially useful when combatting clogged arteries, heart attacks, and a number of other conditions that may affect the cardiovascular system. Chelation does this by regulating the amount of arterial plaque building up in the arteries, something that can eventually cause heart problems over time. 

Part of looking youthful and vibrant is displaying an upbeat, invigorated attitude. While our company is proud to offer services such as Dermal Fillers, Sclerotherapy, and Hair transplantation to clients that want to appear younger, we have committed ourselves to provide services that make patients feel younger too. Utilizing methods that promote healthy internal processes within the body is key to giving our patients that youthful glow. With the help of our staff at Anti Aging and Functional Medicine, we believe you can reverse the clock on aging and live a fulfilling life for many more years to come.

The Advantages of Dermal Fillers

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The Advantages of Dermal Fillers
Dermal Fillers and the Anti-Aging World 

Aging can be a difficult thing for most people. It can be tough to cope with the aches and the pains that are often part of the natural aging process. It can be difficult to look in the mirror and not be able to recognize the reflection that’s staring back at you, too. If you have any concerns that involve conspicuous indications of aging, however, there are options out there that can aid you. It doesn’t matter if you worry about crow’s feet, fine lines or wrinkles in general. Dermal fillers may help you get on the path to feeling fantastic about your looks again. People who long for complexions that are youthful, supple and devoid of noticeable aging indications often are big dermal filler supporters. These fillers introduce people to all sorts of potential anti-aging advantages. 

Dermal Fillers Can Help You Look a Lot Better 

Dermal fillers can be excellent for people who feel as though their looks could use some improvement. These fillers provide the skin with better foundations. Skin resilience tends to be the result of numerous fibers. Examples of these fibers are collagen and elastin. Hyaluronic acid is yet another natural substance that contributes greatly to complexion resilience. Manufacturing of these things tends to slow down as people get older and older. It usually tends to slow down once people get to around 30 years in age. Reduced levels of hyaluronic acid and fiber tend to minimize the resilience of the skin. Dermal fillers can do a lot for people who wish to replenish suppleness significantly. If you long for a complexion that appears dewy, radiant and resilient as can be, dermal fillers may just be your finest bet. 

Dermal Fillers Can Enhance Your Confidence Levels Substantially 

Wrinkles, fine lines and drooping can all wreak havoc onto your self-confidence. If you dislike the way you look, you may feel discouraged all of the time. Dermal fillers, though, can help you feel positive about your physical appearance again. Minimizing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines can help you feel terrific in your physique. It can give you a fresh and energized appearance, too. Wrinkles and fine lines sometimes make people look fatigued and dull. 

Dermal Fillers Work in Efficient Manners 

Recovery can be a big hassle for people who opt for all sorts of anti-aging treatments these days. It’s not a hassle for people who prefer dermal fillers, however. If you get dermal fillers for your complexion, you should be able to bounce back from the procedure pretty rapidly. Dermal filler sessions are often complete in less than 15 minutes total. Once you’re through with your session, you can continue with your life just like you would on any other day. If you’re someone who can’t skip work or school obligations, dermal fillers won’t interfere with your existence at all. If you want to learn more about these fillers and how they work, call Anti-Aging & Functional Medicine in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Three overall anti-aging exercises

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Three overall anti-aging exercises

Anti-aging doesn’t refer only to fillers, surgeries, and facial treatments. One of the easiest all over anti-aging treatments, exercise, can cost you nothing but about 20 minutes per day. You don’t need to join a gym or even buy a DVD. Here are a few simple exercises to get you started, a few of which won’t even seem like a workout. 


According to Prevention magazine, the minimum about of cardio you need to do per week ranges from 150 to 240 minutes. That translates to about 21 minutes of cardio per day and walking counts. So long as you have a comfortable pair of sneakers you can fit this workout into your day. It doesn’t require special effort either. You can simply walk to the corner grocery instead of drive. Stroll around the block. Park at the far end of the parking lot and walk to the mall door, then walk to each store. 

Each person needs to walk about 10,000 steps per day. Most get about 2,000 steps. You can easily encourage yourself to walk more often by using a pedometer app or a physical pedometer. The advantage of an app like NoomWalk is the encouragement from other exercises. You can create a profile and share your daily steps, plus comments about your activities in the social aspect of the app. NoomWalk lets you virtually “high five” others and leave encouraging comments. It’s not required though. You can also use the app to privately track your activity by choosing to turn off the social option. The gamification and social aspects can help you add more steps to your day giving you the easiest 20 minutes of cardio daily. 

Jump Around

Jumping rope or a jumping workout such as jumping jacks counts. Jump move workouts like “Insanity” also qualify, as does aerobics. It’s the body weight bearing moves that help, so a step workout counts, too. Essentially, you need moves that simulate at least the squashing of a bug with your foot. If you’re older, you can help yourself build bone density by doing this type of exercise. Every time you take the stairs, you’re helping strengthen your knees and hips, plus build bone density. That translates to an interior anti-aging that can help your overall health in just 15 to 20 minutes per day. 

Strength Training

While most people think of weight lifting when they read strength training, you can also use a resistance training technique called isometrics. With it, you create the resistance with your body movement or rather lack of it. You hold a pose for a specific time period. These simple poses like the squat and the prayer pose build muscle by holding it in a static position. You can lift weights if want, but that’s only necessary if you want to build bigger muscles as opposed to toning the ones you have. You can find efficient workouts that require only 15 to 20 minutes. 

The key to overall anti-aging lies in combining these activities. You need the cardio, healthy bone density and the strength training to achieve optimum health. Walk every day. Alternate days of jumping/stepping and strength training. You’ll see the years disappear as you strengthen your body.

Best Natural Ways To Combat Aging Skin

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Best Natural Ways To Combat Aging Skin
Who doesn’t want to hang onto a youthful complexion for as long as possible? Men and women alike lament their aging reflections as a combination of lifestyle experience, stress, and diet take their toll on our skin. Although there are plenty of products on the market that claim to be the next “fountain of youth”, we really don’t know what goes into making these miracle products, and the result of excess chemicals on the skin will only hasten the aging process. 

Fortunately, there are some simple things you can do right at home and in your daily routine to combat the aging process and turn back the clock once more, revealing a youthful, glowing complexion. Follow these tips for your best skin yet–naturally! 

1. Give yourself—-or get—a facial massage 
Nothing works more effectively at improving circulation and helping to drain lymph nodes than a facial massage. Whether you give yourself a massage at home or treat yourself to a relaxing spa session, you’ll see results with consistent stimulation; your skin will take on a luminous glow, and you’ll see fine lines and wrinkles plump up once more. 

2. Start taking Omega-3 fish oil 
Omega-3 is your ticket to soft, smooth, supple skin. Fatty acids present in this supplement strengthen cell membranes, making them less susceptible to environmental damage. Your skin is better able to absorb nutrients as well as slough off dead skin cells and impurities that can contribute to a duller, less vibrant complexion. Take supplements daily from 1-3 months for optimal results. 

3. Drink water, and lots of it! 
Drinking enough water can dramatically improve the look and feel of your skin, but you must drink enough of it to flush impurities from both skin and body. If you consistently drink 3 liters or more daily, you can expect to see a dramatic improvement in the tone and texture of your skin within 5 days! That’s the fastest facelift available on the market today! 

4. Use a humidifier while you sleep 
Skin that is dry is prone to sagging and wrinkles, while hydrated skin looks fresh and dewy. Simply running a humidifier while you sleep will reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles, and leave you with hydrated, plumper looking skin in no time. Use nightly on your bedside table for a fresh looking complexion each morning. 

5. Tighten and tone with egg whites 
Nature’s best mask is good old egg whites–whip up a quick mask and apply for an instant brightening facelift. 
To make your face mask, combine: 

  • 1-2 egg whites 
  • 2-4 tbsp warm water

Whisk together until the mixture is white and frothy. Apply it to your face with a cotton ball and leave it on for ten minutes, or until your skin feels tight. Rinse off with warm water and pat dry. 

6. Decrease inflammation in the body 
One of the primary causes of aging skin is inflammation in the body. Reducing inflammation is easy with this at-home tonic that you take each morning on an empty stomach: 
1/2 tsp extra virgin olive oil 
1/4 tsp turmeric powder 

Combine and ingest daily each morning for mind and body benefits that extend to your skin and beyond. 

7. Reduce water retention to enhance facial contours 
Reducing puffiness and extra water underneath the skin will bring out your best complexion and enhance the overall tone of your face. You can reduce water retention by: 

  • drinking the juice of 1/2 lemon in 1 cup warm water each morning
  • drink unsweetened cranberry juice
  • cutting down on refined foods like flour, sugar, and foods high in sodium
  • making note of foods that cause retention

Uncovering your best skin yet is easy with these tips, and they are all natural to boot! Embrace a younger, more radiant you as you move toward total health and wellness!

Anti-Aging Secrets

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Anti-Aging Secrets

Aging is something that we all must do, but we don’t have to do it quickly. What if there were ways to change the way that our bodies and faces are aging? Would you follow the secrets to see what happens? Many of us would and that is why we are ready to share with you, these anti-aging secrets. 

Sesame Oil for Anti-Aging Benefits 
There are some people who use sesame oil every day when they wake up. By rubbing it all over your skin, you can start to feel an amazing difference. Your skin soaks in the oil, which helps it to stay hydrated and soft. It will give it a healthy glow and when you go into the shower and rinse it off, your old skin cells will literally fall off to make way for the new ones! 

Drink Your Coffee 
Who said that drinking coffee is bad for you? Caffeine actually helps to wake up your skin and your mind. Rubbing coffee scrubs, lotions, and creams onto your face can help you to get rid of the dark circles and puffy spots that come up on your face in the morning. Keep the coffee around because you’re going to need it! 

Cut Out White Sugar 
White sugar has been shown to speed up aging in people. It also can connect to the collagen in your body and start to break it down. Collagen is important to our bodies and our skin because it helps to create new cells. The more collagen in your skin, the less wrinkles and fine lines you will have. If you want to eat something sweet, eat more fruit and vegetables that contain all-natural sugars. 

Take Care of Your Hands 
It is crazy to think of how much we exfoliate our faces and add wrinkle creams and lotions to them, but what happens as our hands start to age? Many people say that the first place they saw aging was in their hands. This can be reversed, just like our faces. It is important to take very good care of our hands with lotions, but also to exfoliate them and use creams that can help build up the skin cells in them as well. Our hands do so much for us, so it is time that we repaid them! 

Don’t Forget the Sunscreen 
The sun is the culprit for so much that happens to our skin. Wearing sunscreen is the best way to avoid getting those premature lines and wrinkles. Models, celebrities, and doctors all swear by the use of sunscreen and depending on what elevation you live at, you may need to apply it more than others. 

When it comes to taking care of your skin, remember, it’s the only one you’ll get! Looking after our faces and our bodies is very important when it comes to keeping your youthful glow. Be good to your skin and you will see how great you will continue to look!

Good Reasons to Get Dermal Fillers

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Good Reasons to Get Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers and a Youthful and Soft Complexion 

Aging is a totally normal process. That doesn’t mean that indications of aging are necessarily welcome, however. If you have any frustrations that involve the emergence of wrinkles and fines lines on your formerly baby-soft skin, you’re certainly not alone. If you have any worries that involve sagging and loss of firmness, there are many others who share your concerns, too. Terrific news is on hand for people who want to reverse the aging process, however. Dermal fillers are injections that can do a lot for the appearance of the skin. If you’re enthusiastic about achieving skin that’s supple, radiant and devoid of wrinkles, then these fillers may be able to provide you with the anti-aging results you desire so much. Dermal fillers bring many anti-aging perks to the table. 

Dermal Fillers Can Make You Look Youthful and Fresh 

Dermal fillers can minimize the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. That’s not all they can accomplish, either. These fillers also can give the skin enhanced volume. If you want your skin to look supple and bouncy, dermal fillers can be advantageous. These injections can aid people who have skin that has taken on a somewhat droopy look. Dermal fillers typically revolve around collagen or hyaluronic acid. Both of these substances are 100 percent natural. If you want to revitalize your looks and attain skin that’s moist and glowing, dermal filler injections can undoubtedly go a long way. 

Dermal Fillers Don’t Call for Pesky Downtime 

Downtime can be a big struggle for people who get aesthetic treatments. Healing after certain procedures can interfere with jam-packed schedules. It can stop people from being able to lead their normal lives, too. If you dislike the thought of putting your life temporarily on hold, dermal fillers may be a strong match for you. People don’t have to devote their precious time to the healing process after receiving these injections. Dermal filler sessions often last for merely 10 minutes or so. Once your session is finished, you’re ready to exit as you please. Getting dermal fillers won’t impact your career, social life or errands in any way. 

Dermal Fillers Tend to Stay Intact for Lengthy Stretches of Time 

There are some aesthetic treatments out there that honestly don’t stand the test of time. Dermal fillers are definitely not part of that classification. If you get these fillers, you may be able to keep your youthful glow for a minimum of six months. You won’t have to think about going back to get a “touchup” for quite a while. This is yet another perk for people who lack significant amounts of spare time. 

Dermal Fillers Don’t Make People Look Strange or “Fake” 

Dermal fillers don’t make people look fake or unusual in any manner. If you’re looking to energize your appearance without compromising the charms “Mother Earth” gave you, these injections can serve you nicely. If you get dermal fillers from a qualified and seasoned professional, you shouldn’t have to fret over anything. 

Dermal Fillers Can Make You Feel Terrific About Yourself 

Indications of aging can sometimes make people feel bad about themselves. It can be hard to notice the development of wrinkles and sagging. If you want to feel better about yourself, then getting these injections can work. Since they can enhance the appearance of your skin, they can also enhance the way you view yourself. Dermal fillers are designed to help people adore being in their own bodies. Contact the Anti Aging & Functional Medicine team as soon as possible to learn more about these injections.

Top 5 Anti-Aging Tips Every Woman Needs to Know

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Top 5 Anti-Aging Tips Every Woman Needs to Know
Aging is a natural process. Every single person on this planet is getting older every second of every day. It can be a daunting thought. You’re older now than you were when you began reading this just a moment ago. You’ll never that young again. Yikes.

Thankfully, in this modern age, we’re able to combat the aging process with some very inventive techniques. From the food you eat to what you use on your skin, here are the Top 5 ways to increase the longevity of your youthful features.

Top 5 Anti-Aging Tip & Tricks

  • Eating Essentials:

It’s common knowledge the foods we put into our bodies have a profound effect on our overall health. Taking into account how much more quickly we lose those vitamins and nutrients as we age, it quickly becomes clear: what we eat, and even sometimes how we eat it, plays a huge role in how much we represent our age in our physical appearance. Here are some common food items high in many nutrients which help with your anti-aging goals:

  1. Watermelon
  2. Oranges
  3. Avocado
  4. Lean Beef
  5. Salmon
  6. Grapes
  7. Greek Yogurt


  • Work-out to reduce wrinkles!

What?! How in the world can exercising possibly reduce wrinkles? The answer lies in the formation of collagen and elastin, which inhibited greatly by an inactive lifestyle. A study from the Journal of Metabolism found regular exercise routines greatly reduced the number of AGEs (advanced glycation end products- the collagen and elastin inhibitors) found in the blood.

  • Massage Your Mouth Muscles…

Okay, so not just your mouth. It’s been proven, though, massaging your face nightly, using small circular motions, promotes the skins natural elasticity and helps to prevent further tissues degeneration. For best results, try massaging your nightly products onto your face in this fashion.

  • Grandma’s Fish Oil

Our mothers and grandmothers, back and back for generations, have touted the many benefits of fish oils and other omega oils. And, they weren’t wrong! Old wives tales have their time and place, but it’s interesting to note most begin with at least a kernel of truth. We see that here, especially when you begin taking fish oil and vegetable oil supplements from a young age. There are too many potential gains to reap from these omega rich supplements to keep them on the shelf. Even applying a few drops of rosehip oil to your face as part of your nightly routine will provide visible skin-enhancing benefits.

  • Sensible Slumbering

Beauty sleep is not just a quaint and endearing way to tell someone they need rest. The term has its roots in a strong foundation of verifiable scientific research. While you sleep, your skin cells repair themselves and generate new cells to replace old, damaged ones. The growth hormone responsible for this process only functions at night, so the term ‘Beauty Rest’ is actually incredibly accurate!

Taking Control

Of course, there’s no single, surefire way to completely stop the aging process (or, better yet, reverse it). Those dreams are still reserved for books and the cinema. Still, if you educate yourself, make a plan, and follow through with everything you’ve learned, you’re sure to see an improvement!

Myths About Aging Whats Fact And Whats Not

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Myths About Aging Whats Fact And Whats Not

Aging is a natural part of life. While there are many anti-aging treatments available, your body will still change as you get older. Many people dread getting older because they hear a lot of myths about aging. That is why it is important to get the facts. 

Myth: It is too Late to Start Exercising 

Fact: It is never too late to start exercising. In fact, exercise has anti-aging benefits. You will be able to reap the same benefits by exercising in your 60s and 70s that you would if you were in your 20s or 30s. Exercise can help strengthen your heart, bones, and muscles. It can also keep your skin healthy. 

Myth: You Will get a Certain Medical Condition if it Runs in Your Family 

Fact: Genetics is one of the factors that will affect your health. However, it is not the only factor that determines whether you will get a certain condition. If you exercise, eat right and manage your stress, then you will be able to greatly reduce your risk of certain medical conditions. A healthy lifestyle is one of the keys to fighting the aging process. 

Myth: Arthritis is an Inevitable Part of Getting Older 

Fact: You lose cartilage in your joints as you get older. This causes the joints to rub against each other. However, there are things that you can do to protect against arthritis. One of the best things that you can do to prevent arthritis is to exercise. Maintaining a healthy weight can also prevent arthritis. 

Excess weight puts a strain on the joints. Additionally, including omega 3 fatty acids in your diet can prevent arthritis. Omega 3 fatty acids are found in salmon, walnuts, and flaxseeds. 

Myth: Sunscreen Does not Protect Against Aging 

Fact: Sunscreen is important for people of all ages. It is one of the best things that you can do to prevent sun damage. The ultraviolet rays can damage your skin and increase the risk of skin cancer. Additionally, sunscreen is an important part of an anti-aging regimen. 

Sun damage can cause your skin to develop wrinkles and fine lines. Keep in mind that sunscreen is not just for the spring and winter months. You need to wear it all year long. Even when it is snowing outside, the sun’s rays can still penetrate your skin. That is why the winter sun can be just as bad as the summer sun.

The Anti-Aging Diet

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The Anti-Aging Diet

Aging is a process that everyone will go through. Although you will not be able to stop this process, there are things that you can do to slow it down. An anti-aging diet can help slow down the aging process. There are a number of foods that you should include in your diet. 


It is important to include low-glycemic index foods in an anti-aging diet. Low-glycemic index foods do not cause your blood sugar to spike. High-glycemic index food can cause wrinkles and acne. Oats are a low-glycemic index food. They can also protect the skin from damage. 


Watermelon has lycopene in it. Lycopene helps your body retain moisture. Keeping your skin moist is one of the keys to preventing fine lines and wrinkles. Lycopene can also prevent cancerous cells from growing in the body. 


Oranges are filled with water. They will hydrate your cells and skin. You can get the vitamin C that you need by eating oranges. Vitamin C helps your body produce collagen. Your skin needs collagen in order to keep it supple. 


Avocado is considered to be one of the healthiest foods on the planet. It is also praised for its anti-aging benefits. Potassium, fiber and monounsaturated fat are some of the nutrients that are in an avocado. You can also use avocado to make a face mask. 

Lean Beef 

Lean beef is a great source of high-quality protein. In fact, you can provide yourself with plenty of protein by getting two servings of lean beef per week. Make sure that you flip the meat often while you are cooking it. Charring creates chemicals that can undo any anti-aging benefits. 


Salmon is one of the most abundant food sources of omega 3 fatty acids. The omega 3 fatty acids help keep the skin healthy and plump. Salmon is also high in protein. 


Grapes are high in resveratrol. This is an antioxidant that helps fight inflammation. It may help slow down the aging process. Resveratrol can also protect the skin from ultraviolet ray damage. 

Greek Yogurt 

If you are looking for a snack that will keep your skin healthy, then you should try Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt is high in calcium and vitamin D. Additionally, Greek yogurt has probiotics, which are good bacteria that keep your gut healthy. You can reap additional health benefits by topping your yogurt with berries and bananas.