Understand Leaky Gut |  Raleigh Doctor Discusses How to Treat this Elusive Issue

So many health conditions can cause a plethora of different symptoms that make it hard for healthcare providers to diagnose the specific problem. A Raleigh doctor is helping patients understand leaky gut and how to best treat this elusive health disorder by using natural based treatment remedies and a holistic approach.

Understand Leaky Gut: Exactly What is Leaky Gut Syndrome?

Leaky gut is a term used by healthcare providers that offer alternative treatments for various health conditions. Basically, leaky gut refers to a cluster of symptoms that could indicate that the lining cells throughout the gastrointestinal tract have begun to leak or separate due to a number of suspected causes. 

This then results in leakage of some of the contents in a person’s gastrointestinal tract that will seep or leak into the body. After this occurs, those digested particles that can be caught between the gut and the body are considered to be a foreign threat to the body which triggers an aggressive autoimmune response.

Some Common Symptoms of Leaky Gut

It’s particularly important to note, doctors may misdiagnose leaky gut. Missing there symptoms during a physical exam happens frequently. Leaky gut symptoms vary widely among different patients, therefore it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly what’s causing the symptoms in the first place. Also, symptoms can increase and decrease in severity making it every harder to get an accurate diagnosis and an effective treatment plan in action to help these patients begin to feel better. 

Some of the most common symptoms related to leaky gut include:

  • Overall increased gastrointestinal distress symptoms
  • Chronic or intermittent constipation and/or periods of chronic diarrhea 
  • Belly bloating and/or gas discomfort
  • Poor autoimmune responses
  • Various nutritional deficiencies
  • Overwhelming fatigue of unknown cause
  • Increased number or severity of headaches
  • Mental fog, confusion or even memory loss
  • Intense cravings for foods high in sugar or carbohydrates
  • Some patients crave salty foods as well
  • Increased skin issues like rashes, rosacea, acne or eczema
  • Arthritis and/or joint pain and related stiffness that can make mobility difficult
  • Muscle spasms, low back ache and/or abdominal area cramping
  • Development of a number of food allergies or sensitivities 

Possible Connection Between Leaky Gut & Autoimmune Disease

Many healthcare practitioners who treat patients with alternative methods have suspecians that autoimmune disorders may play a role in this syndrome. In just the past several years, traditional medical doctors are now finally seeing this phenomenon. 

Moreover, there are many doctors suggest this scenario: the gut leaks food particles and possible bacterial cells into the person’s abdominal cavity. The body then responds. It treats the leaked material as foreign objects. Thus setting off the body’s autoimmune response to send infection killing white blood cells to the abdominal cavity and elsewhere.

Symptoms of Leaky Gut Can Indicate Underlying Health Issues

While some of the available treatment methods for leaky gut are still being debated in the medical community, most doctors will concur that symptoms from possible leaky gut may indicate other underlying health conditions that can be treated. 

Scientists and medical researchers know that the intestines do play a role in keeping our body’s immune system operating normally. However, how this autoimmune organ actually does this is still up for debate among some in the healthcare community.

Leaky Gut Treatments by a Respected Raleigh Doctor

A renowned Raleigh, NC, based anti-aging medical specialist offers FDA approved diagnostic testing and effective treatment therapies to confirm leaky gut and begin the healing process for suffering patients.

Markedly, treatment for leaky gut typically involve a multi-prong approach to care. Patients presenting with symptoms of a vitamin or mineral deficit can be receive nutrient & IV therapy treatment. This treatment’s design is to restore these essential body components effectively and safely in a controlled doctor office visit. This treatment doesn’t require expensive hospital testing or harsh preparatory measures.

Other Supportive Treatment & Therapies for Leaky Gut

There are a number of other helpful supportive treatments and various medical therapies to target underlying negative health conditions. And relieving these conditions can sometimes make patients leaky gut symptom improve. Each individual experiencing leaky gut syndrome could likely have their very own unique set off circumstances causing it. One must first understand leaky gut, as well as their specific symptoms causing it, in order to conquer it.

The supportive therapies include specific hormone optimization therapy to get hormonal levels back into their proper healthy balance. Additionally, your doctor may find evidence of underlying fatigue, adrenal or thyroid problems and/or excess stress or depression. These all can be treated to restore the patient back to health.

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Raleigh, NC: Anti Aging Treatments Are Improving Hair Transplants Using Platelet Rich Plasma

In Raleigh, NC, anti aging treatments are helping to improve hair growth in individuals who have gotten hair transplant procedures. Platelet rich plasma or PRP is a very popular anti aging treatment. And now many anti aging doctors utilize this treatment when patients receive a hair transplant. They simply inject it into the scalp as a rejuvenating hair loss and thinning remedy.

Most individuals don’t stop to count their years until the day that we begin to notice visible signs of aging. Many males, and some women too, have hair loss related to heredity factors. This can be highly embarrassing and may lower someone’s fragile self-esteem and undermine inner confidence.

Is There Any Reliable Treatment for Hair Loss?

There are a lot of benefits one may associate with aging. Wisdom that comes through many years of experience living. More financial security. Retirement! Time to spend with family & loved ones. Less hustle & bustle and more time to devote to whatever each individual choses. And so much more.

However, typically one’s appearance is not always something that gets better with age. Skin elasticity is lost, and for many people sun damage begins to appear. Males and females alike can actually experience baldness, thinning hair, brittle or damaged hair and loss of too many strands. Fortunately, there are reliable anti aging treatments for hair loss. Dr. Zacco has offices in both Raleigh, NC as well as Apex, NC. Anti Aging & Functional Medicine and also AZ Hair Restoration both offer a plethora of anti aging treatments. Amongst these treatments, hair transplants as well as injections of platelet rich plasma. PRP could likely be the key to help many people with their signs of aging. Yield healthier, thicker hair, and possibly even stimulate new hair growth! Bald patches may begin to fill back in with hair upon receiving anti aging treatments such as PRP.

The Use & Effectiveness of PRP to Stimulate Hair Growth

There is a new trend in hair restoration treatments that relies on tried and true PRP therapy also known as platelet rich plasma. This hair loss solution is safe and effective, and the use of PRP for certain arthritis joint issues and some other common aging problems has been around for decades.

Where Does the Platelet Rich Plasma Come From?

To obtain the platelet rich plasma to be used as a treatment to improve hair growth and halt hair loss and male or female pattern baldness, the patient’s blood will be drawn and spun down with a special lab machine that can separate the components that makeup human blood. So the PRP is safe for use in healthy adults, because it comes from the patient’s own body and should not be rejected.

How Is This Hair Loss Treatment & Restoration Done?

Patients who undergo a hair transplant and/or other hair loss treatments, like scalp injection with platelet rich plasma, often wonder how it is done. This is a minimally invasive anti aging hair loss treatment that can be done in a doctor’s office setting.

Doctors simply inject PRP with a small needle directly into the scalp in the areas where hair loss is occurring. This treatment typically doesn’t require much preparation or downtime before or after the session. However, to avoid site irritation it’s very important patients prepare for their procedure with the following instructions in mind.

Common Patient Instructions Regarding PRP for Hair Loss

Prior to PRP treatment for hair loss, doctors suggest patients should wash their hair with warm, steamy water. This can help stimulate the blood flow to the scalp area. Most treatments take 2 hours or less depending on extent of area being treated.

Patients generally can drive themselves home after the treatment session. Most post-treatment patient instructions will state that patients avoid washing their hair for 48 hours after the session.

In order to achieve the best possible result from PRP treatment follow your doctors instructions.

Why Does PRP Therapy Work for Hair Loss?

The platelets that are usually found in human blood contain properties that promote healing. This is part of what happens when parts of blood cells are released by the body and sent to a specific area of injury or sickness to help fight off infection and promote healing.

This is the theory behind the effectiveness of this anti aging hair loss treatment, and scientists have confirmed that many patients experience a significant increase in hair growth at the area of the scalp that is treated with PRP.

Can PRP Be Used Instead of or Concurrent with Hair Transplant?

Yes, PRP therapy is often used in place of a hair transplant procedure for patients who have minimal hair loss or damage noted. It is also used in conjunction with a hair transplant to increase the beneficial results.

There are a number of effective and safe hair transplant procedure options. Prospective patients should consult with an anti aging doctor regarding the best treatments for hair loss for each unique person.

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How To Effectively Lose Weight & Keep It Off by Undergoing Anti-Aging Treatments

Obesity statistics show that excessive weight gain resulting in obesity is becoming more prevalent in the United States with each year. Some are calling obesity a national public health crisis that is impacting over 100 million people in this country from all age groups.

Learn how to develop a strategic and individualized weight loss plan to finally lose excess weight and keep it off by undergoing effective anti-aging treatments from a qualified anti-aging specialist in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Common Symptoms & Causes of Obesity Everyone Should Know

It is important to understand the causes and symptoms of obesity in order to treat it effectively according to a top anti-aging doctor from Raleigh, N.C. Obesity should not be thought of as just a cosmetic type of physical issue, because there are many factors that come into play that make this health condition a true medical condition as well.

Everyone should read these common signs of obesity that include:

  • BMI – body mass index of 30 or higher
  • Increased fat pockets in certain body areas like abdomen, upper arms, thighs, hips and back for instance
  • Inability to lose weight despite diet changes and more exercise
  • Development of other serious health conditions – diabetes, thyroid disease, heart problems and more
  • Scale weight over the limits for age and height
  • Common Causes of Obesity

Obesity can occur due to genetic disposition, and overweight individuals can often see the family prevalence of this health problem down through the generations.

Most medical specialists that treat obesity caution that there are usually a combination of obesity causes that should be addressed to get adequate weight loss results that will remain with proper lifestyle adjustments.

Obesity Connected To High Caloric Count & Not Enough Exercise

Often, obesity occurs when a person takes in too many calories not worked off by daily activities or normal exercise routines. This overload of calories causes the body to store the nutrients by turning it into fat layers that are hard to get rid of in certain circumstances.

How Genetics & Family Influences Impact Obesity Rates

Most medical specialists agree that there seems to be a genetic link to the development of obesity. However, this is not the only cause in most cases. Family influences do not have to be genetic in nature. Family members are more prone to share similar diets, lifestyles and other factors that can all contribute to obesity rates.

Other Socioeconomic Factors That Impact Weight Gain

A person’s lifestyle choices are key in preventing obesity despite the hereditary factors. These lifestyle factors include:

  • Unhealthy diet – high in calories, sugar and fat content
  • Inactivity – sedentary lifestyles trigger more fat and weight gain
  • Drinking sugary drinks
  • Too much alcohol or use of drugs can increase obesity rates
  • How Age Can Impact Chances of Developing Obesity

As humans age, our hormones also adjust. This hormone imbalance can lead to increased weight gain in many individuals. A common symptom of a hormonal imbalance brought on by aging includes loss of muscle mass. As the body tries to remedy the problem, the person’s metabolism is likely to change. Thus making it much harder for the person to lose weight on their own.

Reliable Anti-Aging Treatments To Target Weight Loss

There are effective anti-aging treatments available that can help obese individuals lose their excess weight. And also keep the weight off long term.

A leading anti-aging medical specialist in the Raleigh area urges individuals having difficulty losing weight to consider reliable anti-aging therapies that target weight loss bodily functions in a whole body or holistic manner.

These therapies include system optimization measures designed to treat the underlying possible reasons for weight loss. This differs drastically from the strict dieting and high impact exercise strategies that may not work in older individuals.

Doctor Assisted Natural Weight Loss Options

Those with hormonal imbalances and other obesity risk factors are encouraged to seriously consider a better lifestyle health and wellness program. One that is completely personalized to benefit each unique patient.

This method differs from traditional fad diets and exercise routines. Many that suggest patients drop weight fast by drastically reducing the necessary calorie count each day. Strict food rationing usually causes the body to stress out. Which then leaves the person exhausted, agitated and struggling with intense sugar cravings. Cravings that are almost impossible to resist.

Patients can safely undergo hormone optimization, gentle nutrient & IV therapy to replace essential vitamins and minerals. Additionally, patients may opt for chalation therapy to flush the body systems from possible toxic heavy metal poisoning.

Along with these strategic anti-aging treatments, patients will create a workable plan with their doctor. A plan that is totally custom because each and every patient has their very own particular health issues.

Benefits of Undergoing Sclerotherapy for Spider Vein Treatment in Raleigh

Many individuals develop issues with their circulation at some point in their lives. This can include large or small varicose veins and/or smaller spider veins that typically develop on the lower legs particularly around the ankle/foot region. Many people with this issue choose to undergo sclerotherapy for spider vein treatment at a Raleigh, NC, based anti-aging medical practice.

These visible veins can also cause discomfort due to the swelling within the vessel and the accumulation of pooled blood that can’t get back to the heart due to insufficient vein function.

What Causes Spider Veins to Develop?

Spider veins can develop in both men and women, and there are a number of causes for this circulatory issue. These smaller blood vessels return non-oxygenated blood back to the heart from the lower calves, ankle and foot regions.

The causes of spider vein development can be due to the normal aging process, or it could be an indicator of a developing circulatory problem like peripheral vascular disease, chronic vein insufficiency and a number of others.

What Do Spider Veins Look Like?

Individuals often begin to notice small bluish webbed veins that are often located near and around the ankle region and can move up the calves. These are typically more visible in individuals who have lighter skin, and they are common in people who must stand or sit for long hours in one position.

Are There Treatments to Resolve Spider Veins?

There are various medical treatments that can help resolve spider veins and relieve any discomfort that occurs because of this circulatory issue. Sclerotherapy for spider veins are a popular option that anti-aging doctors and others can perform in their Raleigh, North Carolina, medical facilities.

Sclerotherapy for spider vein treatment should not be confused with laser light therapy or vein stripping that requires a surgical procedure or the use of a specialized laser.

How does the Sclerotherapy Procedure for Spider Vein Treatment Take Place?

Sclerotherapy is a minimally invasive medical procedure that can be done by a qualified doctor as an office or as an out-patient treatment option. A specialized sclerosing agent is injected via a small needle directly into the problematic and/or visible veins.

This sclerosing agent works by causing more irritation to the targeted vein’s interior walls.  Which then causes the vein to become non-functioning due to the sclerosing action.

Does Sclerotherapy Get Rid of Embarrassing Spider Veins?

After a sclerotherapy treatment, you should notice that the treated spider veins will become less prominent and visible. Removal of this vessel does not occur, only made to be non-functioning. Over time, your body will find alternate blood vessel routes to use near the treated and now non-functioning spider vein.

As the pooled blood inside of a treated spider vein is forced out of the vessel, any discomfort and swelling of the treated vessel area should also subside.

Additionally, the bluish lines that are indicators of spider veins will become less noticeable. Because the venous blood flow reroutes itself to deeper and larger veins near the treated area.

How Many Sclerotherapy Treatments Are Necessary?

In most cases, targeted sclerotherapy for spider vein treatment will take several sessions to resolve the issue. This depends on how large the treated vein is, the health and age of the patient and other factors.

Are Sclerotherapy Treatments for Spider Veins Painful?

There are several sclerosing agent possibilities for use when performing sclerotherapy treatment. But Glycerin is typically the preferred agent by many anti-aging specialists for a number of reasons.

Glycerin has less side effects, and the solution is less painful for most patients. This spider vein treatment does not require surgery, long recovery down time periods or other possible drawbacks.

Other Benefits of Undergoing Sclerotherapy For Spider Vein Treatment

This simple and convenient spider vein treatment is actually a short and sweet office visit. A qualified doctor familiar and trained in this type of cosmetic and medical treatment technique performs this quick procedure.

The veins simply collapse inward becoming less visible on the skin surface, and the injection shouldn’t leave any scars.

Usually, individuals do not feel much discomfort due to their spider veins. However, some do develop lower leg/ankle/foot area tenderness, swelling, & occasionally leg fatigue. Additionally, patients have occasionally reported heaviness of lower extremities. Also, skin related adverse symptoms like itching, rash, oozing of venous blood and other uncomfortable symptoms.

Most patients who undergo sclerotherapy for spider vein treatment report relief from the above possible symptoms. Patients are also generally happy with the their less noticeable vein bulges and discolorations after this innovative treatment.

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The Benefits of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

There are many medical professionals who realize the benefits associated with testosterone replacement therapy. This type of hormone can be put inside the body in the form of an injection, a gel, as well as testosterone pellets. How it is placed in the body will be determined on an individual basis.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy Via Testosterone Pellets

Unquestionably, testosterone pellets are an effective type of testosterone replacement therapy. Each pellet is small and approximately the size of a piece of rice. Additionally they each contain crystallized testosterone. As well, all pellets provide a low dose of the hormone testosterone.

Testosterone Pellets Are Implanted

Testosterone replacement therapy utilizing testosterone pellets, require implantation. It is a procedure that is quick and in your physician’s office.

First, your physician will  clean the area on the body where you intend to place your testosterone pellets. Secondly administration of a local anesthetic will take place. Then, your physician will make a small incision in the skin. In reality, this will usually take place near a person’s buttocks or hip. And approximately ten testosterone pellets will be inserted. Once they have been implanted, they will release steady amounts of the hormone for several months.

Uses Of Testosterone Pellets For Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Surely there are a variety of situations where this type of Testosterone Replacement Therapy is beneficial.

These are some of the most common conditions:

*Various situations resulting in testicular failure
*Delayed male puberty
*Injury from radiation, tumors, trauma and more.
*Significant decrease in muscle mass
*Decreased libido and struggling to maintain arousal
*Hair loss
*Depression or low energy

Side Effects of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Many medical professionals believe there are significant benefits to this type of therapy, but it may also come with side effects. These could increase the chance of a person developing certain health issues such as:

*Swelling of the prostate as well as breast tissue could occur
*Red blood cell production could increase
*Sleep apnea could develop or become worse
*Retention of fluid could occur
*Men could experience a reduction in their sperm count
*A person could develop acne
*The size of a man’s testicles could decrease
*A person could develop extra oily skin
*An increased need for urination could occur
*A person’s urine stream could decrease

FDA Approval

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approves testosterone pellets as an effective testosterone replacement therapy. It advises physicians and other healthcare professionals only use this type of treatment in cases of specific medical need. These situations should be verified by the administration of appropriate laboratory tests.


This procedure has resulted in individuals claiming they feel an immediate increase in their sex drive as well as energy. To emphasize, an average 70 percent of those who use this type of therapy are happy with the results. Over 63 percent of people who chose to use pellets claimed to have favored them over other versions of the therapy. The primary reason, ease of use. Men’s hormone levels frequently remain the same even when they cease using testosterone pellets. 

In conclusion, this type of hormone therapy was first approved in 1972. Its use continued to grow in popularity and became popular between 1972 and 2008. This is when the formulation of testosterone pellets as an acceptable method of testosterone replacement therapy was able to address most issues with the least amount of side effects. This type of therapy has grown in use to become a multibillion-dollar product in the pharmaceutical industry.

Don’t Suffer from Chronic Fatigue Silently. Seek Effective Fatigue Treatments

As individuals become progressively older, some will experience higher occurrences of constant and chronic fatigue. Even though fatigue is often noticed more by elderly people, feeling tired on a regular basis should not be written off as just a normal part of the natural aging process.

It’s important to realize there is no need to suffer from ongoing fatigue silently alone. Rather fight this debilitating condition head on by undergoing effective treatments proven to really work.

See a Raleigh Doctor to Determine the Underlying Cause of Your Chronic Fatigue

Without doubt, ongoing fatigue for no apparent reason is not typically associated just from being older. Rather, there are usually one or more underlying causes of the fatigue symptoms.

Therefore, anyone who is experiencing chronic feelings of daytime tiredness, nighttime insomnia and overwhelming feelings of exhaustion should make an appointment with their family physician. Hence they can have a complete checkup to determine the hidden causes if there are any.

Common Hidden Causes of Chronic Fatigue

Before a person can get the right treatment able to make them well, he/she must first identify any possible hidden health conditions that may be the underlying reason for the ongoing tiredness and related symptoms.

These underlying fatigue causes include:

Thyroid issue
Autoimmune disorders
Various health conditions
Lack of essential vitamins and minerals
Heart related diseases
Brain chemical imbalances
Hormone fluctuations or imbalances
Anxiety and/or depression
Poor nutrition
Medicine interactions or side effects
Pain of some kind especially chronic
High stress levels
Anemia or other blood disorders
Pregnancy or recent childbirth
Sleep apnea or other breathing or sleep issue
Too much stimulation before bedtime

Overall, these are just some of the many possible reasons for ongoing fatigue and exhaustion without an apparent reason.

Innovative Treatments for Chronic Fatigue Symptoms

Unquestionably, a number of innovative treatments has been known to effectively treat fatigue. In particular, to treat the root cause or causes of chronic fatigue symptoms.  This can include nutrient & IV therapy given at a Raleigh, North Carolina doctor’s office and consisting of a custom-blend of vitamins, minerals and other necessary nutrients that the person may be lacking.

All in all, many people are surprised to find out that their body may be lacking essential nutrients. The essential nutrients to give them the necessary energy and system fuel to feel healthy and live their normal lives. However, this nutrient deficiency is not necessarily common in the United States today and other western civilizations. This type of nutrient deficiency is better known to affect people living in third world countries.

Poor Dietary Habits & Constant Stress Can Lead to Fatigue

Doctors understand today that individuals may not be getting the essential nutrients in their normal dietary routine. In this age of fast foods that are laden with sugar and fats has indirectly caused more nutrient deficient health problems.

Some of these health problems can include constant headaches, mental health issues, irritability, body aches and pains, mental fogginess. As well as lack of proper rest and ongoing tiredness that feels overwhelming to the patient.  IV and nutrient therapy can replace the necessary energy fuel and nutrients necessary for living a healthy lifestyle.

Learning Mindfulness & Relaxation Skills Can Help

By and large today, many physicians are looking towards the past to treat their patients today exhibiting chronic fatigue and its usual other symptoms. Patients can learn mindfulness techniques and relaxation skills to decrease the amount of stress in their lives and control their natural reactions to the constant stress of life.

Many patients feel empowered and better health-wise when they incorporate simple relaxation measures into their daily routines. These can include meditation, prayer, biofeedback, yoga and other methods.

Getting to the Bottom of Sleep Problems

Americans are said to be the only people group in the world who lead such busy and stressful lives. Without the necessary down times and periods of rest, our bodies will not get the rejuvenating results that proper sleep and stress reduction measures can bring.

Over time, the person often develops serious health problems that can include heart palpitations, a feeling of doom or overwhelming emotions, sleep disturbances and increased body pain.

Rule Out Sleep Apnea & Untreated Health Conditions

Many patients who present with sleep issues are unaware that they may be suffering from health conditions. It is important to rule out dangerous health conditions like sleep apnea, underlying hormonal imbalances, vitamin deficiencies and underlying disease development to treat the fatigue effectively.

A compassionate doctor located in the Raleigh, NC region can help with chronic fatigue. Read more regarding fatigue treatment here.