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How to Age Better & In a Healthier Manner Through the Years

How to Age Better & In a Healthier Manner Through the Years

Everyone must get older, as this is just a natural part of life in general. A respected anti-aging doctor from Raleigh offers these commonsense tips and guidelines to accomplish this healthier lifestyle to age better and aging goal no matter your current age now. Our bodies change as we become older, and our lifestyles should change also to age better and in a healthier manner throughout the midlife years and beyond.

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Get Up Earlier in the Morning

The human body is designed to operate via the natural biological clock related to aging aligned with the normal day to night biological time clock rhythms found in nature. As we age, most individuals find that they need less sleep than they did when younger. Getting up earlier can jumpstart your energy, metabolism and mental focus.

Don’t Skip Breakfast to Age Better

Part of a healthy lifestyle includes getting the proper nutrition each day through diet and possibly through some approved supplements. It is important to eat a healthy breakfast. Skipping this meal can delay that boost of energy needed to get you through the entire day. Your diet should be made up of fresh vegetables and fruits in the recommended portion sizes for your age, size and weight.

Drink More Water Every Day Rather Than High Sugar or Caffeine Beverages to Age Better

As humans age, they tend to lose that natural moisture that is retained in the inner layers of the skin. This can result in an older appearance especially in the facial region. It is better to drink more water every day while avoiding high sugar, caffeine and calorie beverages to maintain a healthier physique, flush out daily acquired body toxins and give your skin that supply of moisture to look younger and better than ever.

Get Outdoors More Often to Walk, Bike or Run to Age Better

Fall is an excellent time to get outside to enjoy the cooler breezes and fresh air. If possible, walk to work or other places to take advantage of this instant exercise setting just outside your front door. Consider getting a bike if you live in an area that is far from shops or other spots that you normally frequent.

Consider Adopting a Pet

Taking care of an animal can help people stay younger in mind and spirit. Dogs need lots of outdoor exercise, so this pet type is ideal for those who wish to get outside to play and walk their new furry friend around the block, to a nearby park or to another appropriate nature setting.

Smaller pets, like birds, hamsters and fish, can still boost a person’s sense of inner confidence, provide many hours of happiness and provide welcome companionship at the same time. It is a good idea to adopt a pet especially if you do not have the desire or experience in training your new family member.

Dress for the Weather & Wear Sunscreen When Going Outdoors to Age Better

Extremes in temperatures and too much time in the harsh sunlight can wreak havoc on your tender exposed facial and neck area skin. This is usually the first place where aging tends to be noticed. Dress appropriately for the weather by wearing the recommended level of sunscreen, a proper hat, sunglasses and the right clothing layers to protect your skin every day no matter the time of year or season.

Avoid Smoking, Too Much Alcohol & Other Risky Lifestyle Choices to Age Better

Smoking and drinking too many alcoholic drinks can negatively impact your appearance especially your skin. Avoid these vices along with staying away from other risky lifestyle choices like staying up all night partying with friends too often.

Take Care of Your Physical & Mental Health to Age Better

Keep up with your regular physical exams with your family doctor, undergo the appropriate health screenings, see your dentist regularly and seek out professional mental health services if your develop depression, anxiety or other mental health issue.

It is possible to enjoy your midlife to golden years and then some by following some of these commonsense guidelines to stay in good health. If overweight, consider doctor assisted weight loss or other anti-aging treatments to live your best years yet to come.

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