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Debunking Some Common Myths Regarding Hair Loss & the Treatments for Hair Restoration

There have been some ongoing hair loss myths and treatments for hair restoration that still have many believers. This is sad, according to Dr. Arthur Zacco in Raleigh, NC, because many of these so-called truths about these myths are nothing but fallacies. This means that many people who suffer from emotional turmoil and other impacts about hair loss do not always seek treatment for problems like beneficial hair restoration treatments that could really work for them.

Debunking Some Common Myths Regarding Hair Loss

It is amazing how many myths start on unproven facts rather than scientific proof. Even still, people are prone to believe them for one reason or another. Let’s cut to the chase and debunk some of the more common hair issues, myths & rumors floating around.

#1 Only Men Suffer from True Hair Loss

This myth is definitely false. Although more men tend to develop certain hereditary hair conditions like male pattern baldness, women too can suffer from hair loss for a number of reasons that should be investigated. Today, hair loss in women can be caused by hormonal imbalances much like their male counterparts. This could be due to pregnancy, eating disorders, dietary deficiencies, and other reasons. Fortunately, there is a reputable treatment in the form of hormone optimization therapy and more.

#2 The Use of Shampoo Causes Hair Loss Problems

Again, this commonly believed myth is debunked by most hair restoration experts and anti-aging specialists. Unless the shampoo contains a caustic chemical solution like hair removal ingredients found in many topical hair loss agents, shampooing can actually be good for hair growth, as the vigorous scrubbing of the scalp can help stimulate more blood circulation in that area.

The type of hair shampoo should be determined before use to ensure that your hair type matches the product. Otherwise, the hair could be left oilier, dryer than their normal hair textures, and so forth.

#3 Men Will Be Bald Before Age 50 No Matter What

This myth usually refers to men who have a significant known family history of male pattern baldness. They often believe that there are no effective treatments so why bother? Today, new methods of hair treatments, like effective hair transplant surgeries and other helpful treatments, are being discovered all of the time. The facts are that early treatment can delay and even reverse some of this loss in certain patients.

#4 Men that Wear Hats Will Lose Their Hair

Men are more prone to wearing hats in general as a fashion statement. However, that does not mean that all or any male baldness has anything to do with wearing a hat. Sometimes, men who are going bald will wear a hat to cover sparse hairs, but the hat is not the causative factor.

#5 Vitamins and Diet Have Nothing To Do with Hair Loss

This is obviously a fallacy that has still managed to stick around for generations. While not every expensive vitamin supplement meant for hair growth will necessarily work diet and, in specific, a person’s vitamin and mineral levels can impact hair growth especially if the condition persists for a longer length of time. Anti-aging doctors often use effective dietary changes and IV vitamin/mineral infusions that can correct some types of hair loss.

#6 Brushing Hair 100 Times Each Day Makes It Healthier

Although brushing hair with a natural brush with bristles that won’t tear hair shafts can boost scalp stimulation that releases natural scalp oils, brushing this many strokes is not necessary and may damage thin and fragile hair strands.

#7 Cutting Hair Ensures Faster Growth

Again, this is untrue. Cutting hair does help make it look better. This is because trims decrease chances for broken hair ends to fray further. However, cutting the hair doesn’t make it grow any faster.

Do Anti-Aging Treatments Like Hair Transplants Work?

There are many terrific anti-aging treatments known to work effectively against common aging ailments when performed by a qualified doctor. A thorough hair and health consultation is first necessary to determine what is causing the hair loss to begin with before treatment should be started.

In recent years, the anti-aging field has become more mainstream. Once considered more as an alternative type of medicine, more doctors are seeing the benefits of some of these amazing therapies and treatments.

Learn more about other myths regarding hair loss. Schedule a consultation to find out more on effective hair restoration treatments like hair transplant surgeries and PRP Therapy, or Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy, for scalp hair loss treatment. Contact Dr. Arthur Zacco at Anti-Aging & Functional Medicine in Raleigh, North Carolina, via online for more informative details.

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