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Benefits of Undergoing Sclerotherapy Treatment for Spider Veins in Raleigh Spider Vein Treatment

Benefits of Undergoing Sclerotherapy for Spider Vein Treatment in Raleigh

Benefits of Undergoing Sclerotherapy Treatment for Spider Veins in Raleigh Spider Vein Treatment

Many individuals develop issues with their circulation at some point in their lives. This can include large or small varicose veins and/or smaller spider veins that typically develop on the lower legs particularly around the ankle/foot region. Many people with this issue choose to undergo sclerotherapy for spider vein treatment at a Raleigh, NC, based anti-aging medical practice.

These visible veins can also cause discomfort due to the swelling within the vessel and the accumulation of pooled blood that can’t get back to the heart due to insufficient vein function.

What Causes Spider Veins to Develop?

Spider veins can develop in both men and women, and there are a number of causes for this circulatory issue. These smaller blood vessels return non-oxygenated blood back to the heart from the lower calves, ankle and foot regions.

The causes of spider vein development can be due to the normal aging process, or it could be an indicator of a developing circulatory problem like peripheral vascular disease, chronic vein insufficiency and a number of others.

What Do Spider Veins Look Like?

Individuals often begin to notice small bluish webbed veins that are often located near and around the ankle region and can move up the calves. These are typically more visible in individuals who have lighter skin, and they are common in people who must stand or sit for long hours in one position.

Are There Treatments to Resolve Spider Veins?

There are various medical treatments that can help resolve spider veins and relieve any discomfort that occurs because of this circulatory issue. Sclerotherapy for spider veins are a popular option that anti-aging doctors and others can perform in their Raleigh, North Carolina, medical facilities.

Sclerotherapy for spider vein treatment should not be confused with laser light therapy or vein stripping that requires a surgical procedure or the use of a specialized laser.

How does the Sclerotherapy Procedure for Spider Vein Treatment Take Place?

Sclerotherapy is a minimally invasive medical procedure that can be done by a qualified doctor as an office or as an out-patient treatment option. A specialized sclerosing agent is injected via a small needle directly into the problematic and/or visible veins.

This sclerosing agent works by causing more irritation to the targeted vein’s interior walls.  Which then causes the vein to become non-functioning due to the sclerosing action.

Does Sclerotherapy Get Rid of Embarrassing Spider Veins?

After a sclerotherapy treatment, you should notice that the treated spider veins will become less prominent and visible. Removal of this vessel does not occur, only made to be non-functioning. Over time, your body will find alternate blood vessel routes to use near the treated and now non-functioning spider vein.

As the pooled blood inside of a treated spider vein is forced out of the vessel, any discomfort and swelling of the treated vessel area should also subside.

Additionally, the bluish lines that are indicators of spider veins will become less noticeable. Because the venous blood flow reroutes itself to deeper and larger veins near the treated area.

How Many Sclerotherapy Treatments Are Necessary?

In most cases, targeted sclerotherapy for spider vein treatment will take several sessions to resolve the issue. This depends on how large the treated vein is, the health and age of the patient and other factors.

Are Sclerotherapy Treatments for Spider Veins Painful?

There are several sclerosing agent possibilities for use when performing sclerotherapy treatment. But Glycerin is typically the preferred agent by many anti-aging specialists for a number of reasons.

Glycerin has less side effects, and the solution is less painful for most patients. This spider vein treatment does not require surgery, long recovery down time periods or other possible drawbacks.

Other Benefits of Undergoing Sclerotherapy For Spider Vein Treatment

This simple and convenient spider vein treatment is actually a short and sweet office visit. A qualified doctor familiar and trained in this type of cosmetic and medical treatment technique performs this quick procedure.

The veins simply collapse inward becoming less visible on the skin surface, and the injection shouldn’t leave any scars.

Usually, individuals do not feel much discomfort due to their spider veins. However, some do develop lower leg/ankle/foot area tenderness, swelling, & occasionally leg fatigue. Additionally, patients have occasionally reported heaviness of lower extremities. Also, skin related adverse symptoms like itching, rash, oozing of venous blood and other uncomfortable symptoms.

Most patients who undergo sclerotherapy for spider vein treatment report relief from the above possible symptoms. Patients are also generally happy with the their less noticeable vein bulges and discolorations after this innovative treatment.

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