AZ Hair Restoration

AZ Hair Restoration

Dr. Arthur Zacco is founder and owner of AZ Hair Restoration, with over 20 years of experience in Hair Transplantation.

He will be with you every step of the process from consultation, pre and post procedure care, the procedure, the next day, and all follow up appointments. All of this is included with no additional cost or hidden fees. Dr. Arthur Zacco is always there to make sure you receive excellent care and reach your goal. All of our transplants are preceded by a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Arthur Zacco. The free and confidential consultation will be in the spirit of education. You will be educating us on your short and long term goals. In turn, Dr. Arthur Zacco will openly and honestly discuss with you on your individualized treatment options best to reach your personal goals. At AZ Hair Restoration we will use only the best and proven techniques in hair transplantation that produce a natural look that is virtually undetectable. Many times we will use two different hair transplant techniques for you to best achieve your goal.


• Rogaine
• Laser
• Propecia
• Wigs
• Weaves
• Shampoo & other Topicals

Non surgical treatments are options for those who are not surgical candidates or prefer a different option other than surgical.

Over time, these treatments are at least as costly as hair transplantation and none are a permanent solution to hair loss. Many are messy, inconvenient, and time consuming creating a pre-occupation with hair loss. Dr. Zacco has opted not to offer non-surgical hair restoration products.


Dr. Zacco will meet with you during a free consultation and determine if you are a candidate, and review the hair transplant procedure with you. Hair transplantation is the gold standard for hair restoration. It is the only permanent solution to hair loss that requires no additional care or cost. Hair transplantation is your own living hair that grows for life. Your transplanted hair will grow naturally and gray naturally. At AZ Hair Restoration, the natural appearance of your hair transplantation is virtually undetectable. Although the cost of hair transplantation is paid early in the process, it is usually less costly than the years of cost and devotion required of non-surgical options. Non surgical treatments are temporary so when paying is stopped, the hair is stopped. Hair transplantation is a permanent result. Transplanted hair is your own living hair that grows for life.

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